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  2. all_rock

    What are the best google ads tips for app install?

    Hello, I have a global app. I want increase download with google ad but cpi is high. Are there any tips to recude cpi for 2022? How do you find ads keyword for app? Is to copy campaign helpful? If you share some tips i will be happy. I can't take downloads with low cpi.
  3. DanTe_0101

    Do you collect sms data of your customers? We can help you make more money from it.

    Hello, Do you have your own product or landing pages where you collect customer info which contains mobile ph? We can help you monetize and extract every last penny from such data. I am looking for such sms data in nutra, sweeps, etc sites or products but not limited to it, we can work with...
  4. Z

    Reach Firebase/Flutter and other low code Customers

    Hello everyone, First post here :) I am doing lead generation and online media marketing. My customer wants to focus on getting low code platform clients who want to leave the platform behind, eg too expensive, fed up with it or just has to scale its business. I was thinking PPC and auto...
  5. S

    So...I did a thing... I cracked the pick 3 lottery in my state and 24 others...

    It has to be about 10 or 11 years since I've posted on this site. I miss it. Anyway, for the last two years, in my free time, I was working on an algorithm to spot patterns within the 3 digit lottery system. I know it sounds really technical, but ...picture somebody's mom sitting on the floor...
  6. Bianca-TrafficCompany

    Traffic Company joins BHW!

    Big hello from the Netherlands! Today I'll indulge in all magnificent stuff you've been posting :)
  7. Chakiry

    how much time till New app(Game) is indexed in Google Play ?

    Hi Guys , i published a new Game on play store and it got over 1000+ installs in 7 days , but when i search for it in play store using the titel and Package name i can't find it ? is that weird or does it need sometime to be indexed ?
  8. Chakiry

    Is buying installs for games still worth it ?

    Is buying installs for games still worth it ? if yes what's the best service for getting installs ?
  9. Danutis

    Are my competitors trying to get me banned from the App Store?

    I've noticed a strange thing, my app started getting a lot of 1 star ratings on the Play Store, more than usual. Then one day, after the 12th of October, 80 of 1* ratings turned into 5* ratings. Over a couple of next days, 30 more. I fear that my competitors could be trying to make it look...
  10. Lukmat

    Your Android App - My Methods - I will blackhatize your app

    Do you have Android app but poor results? It's because you have: -only white hat ads -IAP, what people are not interested to -small DAU (daily active users), who are opening your app (good example is wallpaper app) I will: -add blackhat methods for monetization to your apps -increase your...
  11. R

    App Download and Revenue!

    Hello, I have small starter android app. Looking for more app download and increase more ...any good way to improve it? anyone tried which seem to be working... any tips and suggestion would be help full. Thanks!
  12. lebphant0mx

    Where To Get SMS USA Data?

    Im looking into SMS marketing and i have a very solid platform (cant share source on this forum) I was wondering if anyone knew how i can buy a bulk amount of SMS data ? I know that theres data brokers that can provide this but i was wondering if anyone can recommend a company. Im looking to...
  13. Zwielicht

    [RULES] Mobile Marketing Section

    Welcome to the new mobile marketing section! With the rise in popularity of phone apps and mobile marketing in general, the tactics and techniques of mobile marketing have changed a lot since this section was first created. Many of you may have noticed that we've been moving more threads into...
  14. App Promotion

    ★★★ Promote Your Mobile App - Increase Installs, Reviews, Ratings ★★★

  15. Lukmat

    Your big app in Google Play - My Monetization

    This is multiple Joint Venture, places to cooperation are unlimited, so I will cooperate with anybody. You are not happy with earnings in your app? You have hundreds of thousands users and just few dollar / month? I can change it. Requirement: your app have minimum 50 000 active users GEO...
  16. Aegon

    [Journey] Road To 2,000€/Month Making Android Apps

    Hello, Inspired by @vinku & @xaillos, I decided to start this journey, making android apps as a living. I'm a Junior Android Developer & Web Designer, this year I finally finished my Bachelor degree, I was never a job type of person so I decided to devote my time & effort into succeeding...
  17. Z

    I have a lot of inapp traffic, any interesting offers/affiliates I can try to promote?

    Hello guys, Any interesting affiliates/offers I can promote for my inapp traffic/users? Please only legit/brand safe ones. Thank you
  18. Prooosma

    BlackHat ASO

    Hello guys! with no further talk, I've seen this app in the google play store for a while now and I kept wondering how he tricked google play and passed an illegal keyword in the title and description and an illegal Icon... the app called: Tutuapp, google it in google play store and you'll find...
  19. noxiop

    Can I Talk To Some Mobile App Publishers?!

    Hey guys. I have a marketing idea that I believe could really be beneficial for app publishers/developers. I want to see if there is a want for it in the market, so here I am. Would any people who are making money with mobile apps want to discuss a marketing tactic? I do not want to discuss...
  20. zuhrul

    Low Budget Mobile App Promoting

    Hello i am new on mobile app, i have some question , im using admob for monetize my apps. 1. Promoting with website i use blogger its effective ? and i put my app link i create clone website with same primary website content its can effect of app store ? 2. Now im using facbook to promote my...
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