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May 3, 2014
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Ubisoft are FRAUDERS just like NVIDIA. Secreet ageement to make a huge profit. We all know what Activision LIE about 6 gb minimum for COD Ghost 64 bit game,but ic actually using ONLY 2GB at MAX settings and 1080p.shame on you frauders!!!! After ram FIX you had been forced to give 4GB patch!!! Secreet agrements to force customers with optimziation fraud!!! Watch Dogs can easily work on High settings with 4 GB ram and you dont allow that.We have example in COD Ghost.People see my incredible performance with only one GTS 450 card after my driver modifications at FULL HD people gaming,and EXCLUSSIVE NVidia LETTER letter and CLASSIFIED CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN ME AND THEIR REPRESENTATIVE.NVIDIA FRAUD 2014. I have nev videos. For all of you who wants to see all data go to the Dailymotion site and copy this word in search tab dzonihacker90 and click enter and you will see a Nikola Radjen videos and thats it. So peeps prepare for my incredible videos,new informations that has been hiden from all us. Please comment,share and subscribe. Greetings
People dont attack me without reason. This is incredible performance for GTS 450 card at high resolutions. This is very poor GPU,other people play at low 1080p almost all games. See Nvidia letter and gmail data. They are thiefs,and criminals who has humiliated to beg me 2 months for driver modifications.
If some of you are blind to not see letter and gmail data,and unique performance in latest games than you need a doctor. Everybody can check my documented games,nobody playing this at 1080p and these settings. Not even with GTS 450 SLI. So dont talking nonsense here,everything can be checked!
Watch Dogs 6 GB ram just to start game.Thats ridiculous. And they had give 4 GB RAM minimum information,and changed. Just like COD Ghost. Only use 2 gb at max,and after ram fix they had forced to give 4gb patch. Secreet agreements with hardware manyfacturers.Fraud is in every aspect of PC gaming. They in purposely making poor optimization. Because thats profitable. So everyone who dont realise what corporations doing they need a doctor.
Loclhero you are idiot.

Its easy to try to insult someone in lack of arguments. Corporations are very rich because of brainwashed gamers.
Corporations are very rich because of brainwashed gamers.

Next time I enjoy playing a game I will try to remember that the game is rubbish, but I have been brainwashed into thinking it is fun.
So if you people are stupid to dont realise that GPU.CPU and RAM optimization is in purposely bad,thats your problem. We had see that in Asassins Creed 4 barely using my 2 cpu core,and 2 core are free to make bigger load to GPU thay had admit that. They are lazy to optimize,because idiots will buy new card. Thats secreet agreements to push selling hardware. We all know about 6 GB fraud in COD Ghost. So i dont need a doctor,but brainwashed enthiasts need.
I dont even know what to say about this... other then laugh at it.. these conspiracy theories keep getting funnier.

You obviously have no education in software, or hardware for that matter...
this guy again why he keep making the same shitty post
about a graphics card from 2010 whoopie do
i got a gtx 770 oc that runs almost like a titan
so what. now go away
So what you trying to accomplish with that photos? Do you realise that you are idiot? You are probably some enthusiast idiot who has wasted thousands euros for rig.And people playing same details and other
So what you trying to accomplish with that photos? Do you realise that you are idiot? You are probably some enthusiast idiot who has wasted thousands euros for rig.And people playing same details and other

Yeah, Local Hero, change you moniker to Enthusiast Idiot!
hackersrb you are probably right about specifications and all, but insulting people who are not in the game mode and does not waste (too much) time on games but on making money is not the best way to get the truth out.
Some gamers forums and blogs with a bunch of 12-19 yrs olds are probably better audience.
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