Penguin 3.0?

All my parasite sites have been f*cked. Still hoping it's a temporary thing, and they will return, but this sux.
No I didn?t ?Just join to write that?. You are completely missing the point, obviously because you are so stuck in SEO from 2 years ago that you refuse to see what you need to be doing now.

I didn't miss your point at all. In actuality I was proving that your initial post was wrong, which it is. It's isn't unusual for you SEO purist types to have reading comprehension problems though.

Good luck when Penguin hits! I look forward to your angry posts when you?ve been hit.

Been at this a long time brother. I learned a long time ago not to depend on SEO as a revenue stream. Any income derived from SEO is an added bonus for me. I am well diversified, therefor when iterations like Penguin hit, I don't get angry. I don't have to. It doesn't have that much of an effect on my income. Either way it's mostly green arrows on this side of town. Hmmm...dem paid links.
Pretty sure penguin is coming out this week. Many blogs are hinting at it. Nick Patel pointed out to anchor text.. lets see what are the after effects.
A couple of my rankings have came back today
All of my sites are totally normal. Nothing out of the ordinary.
I've defiantly had some movement and so have some of my clients interestingly sites that use PBN links are fine but some GSA sites with higher anchor text ratios have been hit.
I had some interesting findings on last wees "major/minor" updates. I did a few searches on other niches and saw similar results. Few sites I have been tracking as my competitors were also hit. I have narrowed down my findings. Now I am not a guru, so don't take my words for granted. According to my findings, the update might have targeted sites that had high exact match anchor texts. Sites that had mostly more than 20% exact anchor texts. Sites that had 20% exact anchor texts dropped from 1st to bottom of 1st page or 2nd page. Sites that had higher exact match anchor texts were put even lower pages. I had a site that had anchor text of 22% get dropped to bottom of 1st page from position #1. I also have a site that has 15% exact anchor texts still on #1. I also had a site more than 35% exact anchor texts get moved from page 2 to nowhere. Other people might have different results. Anyone had similar findings?
Update in progress I guess, Many members reporting massive hit on ranking. Hope for the best.
No big changes here, There are a lot of websites with a terrible backlink profile which are bouncing through every page in Google.. Definitely a big update coming, a lot of people say Friday, but it is always guessing.
Well my money keywords have dropped from #1 to 2-3. One site (who used to rank number 1) has a backlink profile made up from foreign sites with viagra as over 20% of their anchor text.... nice work google
I've actually had an increase for 75% of my sites...Let's wait and see how it all shakes out.
So, mr. Cutts has officially anounced Panda 4.0.
And looks like it's not really that terrible as many of us had feared
OK, now 4 of them moved up to top 3, they were 5-7 before, I was a little worried. It seems like Google did an update on their backlink database, because I've built links 2 weeks ago to these sites, and haven't seen any movement till now.
I have done a small analyse and here is the result:

Take look at the anchors on domains level. not linked page anchor, I talk about linked domain anchor.
If the site was linked with the raw url the most -> site stayed.
If the site was linked with the raw url 2nd. place and keyword first -> page lost ranking

And additional this is not a domain wide penalty. even if some inner pages or the root domain went down, inner pages can rank, too.

can you confirm?

I am seeing this on a couple of my sites that were hit.
i did a small analysis.. i used two of my sites and ranked purely with GSA and 10 articles scraped and smashed one was used. it got hit.

for my one another site i used 5 unique articles, spun with wordai, smashed as 1 articles with GSA.. it got hit but only 4-9 position drops.. not like first one..

so its getting clear that its penguin 3.0

Is this affected because of Panda 4.0 which focus on content and Penguin focusing on links
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