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    sad.jpg sad2.jpg

    sad3.png = LOGO

    Hello all BHW members, This user made me laugh and he seem to be a very sad (annoying) person. The most annoying person i have met here on BHW atleast.

    What paypalvba think about his website ilovegig(dot)com:
    1. It's unique
    2. His Logo took 1 week to create for him and his design team.
    3. In his own words "My site is drawing people on its own becuz my site is unique and distinctive, unique and brilliant logo" (Made me laugh)
    4. He says he have 10k Daily visits to his site. But if you check his visitor script so can you see he have approx 5 users on 1 hour. (Including myself)
    5. he paid 500$ for his website + licene. Witch is a rip off, since i bought my script for 100$.

    What I think about paypalvba and his website:

    1. It's a VERY unique website, MUST HAVE IT!!!
    2. Best LOGO ever, If he had a whole team to create his logo and it took 1 week. It must take me 1 month to recreate his logo.
    3. YES I clearly Stated that it was 1000 website like his, I clearly stated how my own website was so special and unique
    4. Yes sir, I know my website is "Ugly as fuck and clrealy not as creative as your".
    5. You advice about killing myself becuase my website is so unique and special. I'll higly concider that kind thought of yours.

    TOP5 Comments of paypalvba:
    1. "LOL u thought your website was 'special' lol lol u crank me up today.
    2. Well my logo took my designing team 1 week to designed on a portfolio and produce it, its unique
    3. If I were you, I would just give up, kill myself and shame on me. LOL. If you consider ugly and fuckin stupid logo plus purple background is 'unique', go ahead LOL. Your website is for kids...
    4. LOL. I would advice you to kill yourself, and just give up. Your website worth shit to anybody.
    5. Your website is seriously ugly as fuck, ur website is also not as creative as mine XD"

    So to end this.. My Advice to paypalvba:
    1. Fuck off
    2. Your website is not unique
    3. Your logo suck, i can do that in 5 minutes.
    4. Learn to READ correctly.
    5. I feel sorry for those who ever thanked you in a post.
    6. I wish all the best to you and your fine looking unique website and logo :)

    And to the rest of this Community, Thank you, now i have wasted to much time on this guy already. But i thought I share this with your all, just for the fun of it :)