Paypal: What is my best option?

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    A brief history: I was using paypal with all genuine details (except DOB as was 17 when set it up), was fully verified and used it for selling on ebay for 2 or 3 years as well as my own business. I ended up moving house and among other things it ended up that 3 cases were taken out against me and before I had time to defend my case I got my paypal account suspended with some money left over in it and they were asking for documents which at the time I did not have. Long story short I got banned from paypal around 3 years ago.

    Since then: I have been using my friends paypal account to conduct business (& some personal transactions) and then he has been withdrawing the money and giving it to me. I have since getting banned 1. Moved house 2. Got a new debit card (However still for the same account as my banned PP is with) 3. Opened a business account which has a debit card

    My problem:
    I do not mind using my friends paypal account however I would prefer to either use my own account if I can get one or link my business account to his account and withdraw the money that way. Obviously having my own account would be better for me however I do not want to risk getting suspended again when I could just open a new personal account or something which would mean I can open my own account and slowly activate it (Small transaction then building up etc..).

    Do I,

    1: Just link the business account to my friends paypal and withdraw the money that way? - What would be the risks of them linking it to me?

    2: Set up a new paypal account in my own name (or business name) and start to use it for my business transactions by linking my business account with it? - Have I changed enough to avoid paypal figuring out it is me?

    If I am not clear in what my issue is or I have missed anything out then please let me know.

    Thanks For All The Help! :D
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    Have you sent some documents to paypal to verify that acc that got banned?
    If you havent, feel free to open a new one...
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    if ya dont get past it start fresh!