Paypal Resolution... 3 options?


Apr 3, 2010
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My account is under Resolution because I have received over 1,200 pounds in it (New paypal account) ....

Well now it says I must do

-Confirm Your Bank Account
-Confirm Your Credit Card
-Validate Your Account Information

Well the thing is , I'm underage so I am using my brothers paypal.... it's registered in the UK (goes to university there) and he is in Libya right now.

Well I have 2 questions..

1) Do I have to do all 3.... or if I do 1..... will I be able to FULLY use my Paypal again? Or I have to do all 3...

2) I am almost done confirming my bank account.. they just need to send me the 2 ammounts... will be 2-3 days... but For the phone verification... my brother is in Libya and he cannot validate that.... I am about to start a PTC.... 70% ready.... will be 100% in 2-3 days....

So is there anyone to fix this issue?
I am about to start a PTC.... 70% ready.... will be 100% in 2-3 days....

shit i hate this stuff. what a joke business. hey man why you dont just go flipping...
lol I was actually going to flip 1 site ;D 2morrow.
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