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    Hello everyone,

    How I came to BHW
    This is my first post ever to BHW, but I want to tell you I have been looking through a lot of posts for the past 4 years and I learned a lot. I've tried over 50 different websites with all different kinds of traffic and all different products and business models. Untill this year I thought Internet Marketing is nothing for me! I have created a Youtube channel which promotes some kind of Meditation Adult Beats. These beats are combined with several audio files. I use the audio of amateur porn videos inside the beats. This attracts mass visistors cause ofcourse on Youtube porn is not allowed. Whenever my Youtube channel gets above 5K subscribers I am getting banned. This happened for 5 of my accounts. I've tried to gain traffic to my website from other sources like Instagram, Soundcloud and also Twitter Facebook. But for all the time Youtube attracts the best visitors.

    My Business
    It is a failry simple idea. I create a 5 minute video about some kind of Adult Meditational Beat. And offer them a free download of 15 minutes on my website. Ofcourse they have to give me their email for downloading. When they enter my site they see I have all kinds of beats for sale. This triggers a lot of people to buy a 30 minute beat. The ones that do download the Free beat but never return I send them a sneaky 40% off discount. This I can do because I have almost zero costs for this entire process. Everything I get from selling a beat is pure profit right now.

    The Problem
    The only thing that really bothers me with this Business Model is that I use porno audio from other websites. I would love to make my company legal, pay taxes and everything but everytime I hit the 1500,- limit on Paypal my account gets frozen. And because I am using other people's audio files it scares me to make it an official business. Imagine I get hit with copyright issues.

    My Question
    My question to all of you people on BHW, what would you advice me to do?

    This is what I have been thinking about.

    1 : Search for a way to create the entire beat by myself so im not stuck on copyright?
    2 : Buy Paypal account and keep it BlackHat?
    3 : Sell my entire website to someone who is willing to make the beats themself?
    4 : Any other advice?

    I hope anyone can help me cause right at this moment I am still earning money but my paypal is Frozen and I am a little bit afraid of taxes and other kinds of things I did not experience yet. (copyright)

    Kind regards,

    A new member of the BHW