Paranoid Android's Simple Email Server Setups - Your Servers Geared Up for High Volume Emailing

Paranoid Android

Jun 20, 2010
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Paranoid Android's Simple Email Server Setups
Your servers geared up for high volume emailing
I had been running a Marketplace thread that offered email server set up in which I sourced the IPs and the servers for clients and geared them up for high volume emailing. The thread was doing great and there are several positive reviews in there and 0 negative reviews as I have always maintained high standards of service for all clients. A few reviews are posted below.

I received interest from clients who wanted their own servers to be set up for mailing for several reasons, a few of them being having root access to the server, making sure their server and data are secure at all times, managing their own billing, etc., and that has made me put up this thread.

Who is this for?

  • People who get locked out of the popular go-to services for having one too many bounces in their list
  • If you have single opt-in or co-reg lists
  • If the vertical you are in is not accepted by the major players
  • if you find having your own server is more economical than using the major players
  • If you have 'Bulletproof' servers that you would like to use your lists with
  • and so on...
In short, You bring the server and I'll set it up into a Mailing Server. Simple. I'll impose no limitations or restrictions from my side. As long as your data center is OK with what you're sending out, you're good to send whatever you like.

How do we do it?

  • You place the order.
  • We chat on Telegram about your campaign.
  • If you have a server already, please ensure that it doesn't have a port 25 block or that it is not from a place that is sensitive to emails. Then you wipe it and reinstall it with Centos 7. I can give you an estimation on the throughput based on the configuration. You will need a domain too. I highly recommend that you don't use one that has your website on. Any look-alike domain that you may have lying around can be used, or a new one can be registered.
  • If you don't have a server already, I can recommend configuration of the server based on the volumes and other factors, and possible data centers that you could get them from.
  • You mail us the logins to the servers and the domain and we'll set it up for you in 48 hours, and give you a warmup schedule.

What is included in the setup?

  • IP and Domain tests (for blacklists etc)
  • We install Exim or Postfix as MTA based on the volumes you wish to send out.
  • Setup the basic DNS records such as SPF, DKIM, Domain Keys.
  • DKIM Signing, and IP rotation if required.
  • rDNS needs to be set up by the datacentre, I'll help you communicate it with them.
  • Postfix/Exim tweaks needed for stable operation while sending out large volumes.
  • Other DB optimizations and resource management tweaks
  • A few well-camouflaged proprietary shell scripts (the secret sauce)
  • Interspire Email Marketer (found right here in the downloads section of BHW), or MailWizz (bring your own license or rent one of mine)

What does this cost?
Includes 1 month of support
This is a setup charge, does not include a server

Order Now
(Secure payment on Stripe)​

Please read through the FAQs below before placing your order. If you have other questions, please ask below or chat with me. All communications containing server logins etc would be done on the email address provided at the time of ordering.

I'm available on Telegram


and Skype


Additional support $50 per month (you will rarely need it)
IP Warmup
Data Sourcing
Campaign consulting
IP Monitoring


  • I have a VPS running a website. Can you set up a mail server on it for me? Yes, but I'd recommend a clean installed VPS that you could use as a stand-alone mailing server.
  • Can I use a desktop mailer or am I limited to the scripts installed on the server? If you wish to use a desktop mailer we'll give you the SMTP information of the server, and if you still need the scripts like IEM to be installed on the server for you to try out or have as a backup, we could do that too.
  • Can I send UNLIMITED emails from a VPS I have with 512 MB RAM and a 1 Mbps Uplink? NO! Period! There is no such thing called Unlimited Emails from any server. The number of emails is defined by the resources of the server. To send Unlimited emails you need a farm of servers with unlimited resources. So tell me the volumes you wish to mail out and I'll recommend the hardware.
  • How long would the servers last for once setup? If you maintain good list hygiene the servers should last forever. But if you hit a spam trap or have too many bounces in your list, the IP reputation is going to go down and that is going to affect deliveries, at which time you may need to swap your IPs or consider getting a new server.
  • Can you guarantee a 100% inbox rate? It is something that even the major players don't guarantee. This is something that nobody can guarantee. It is like asking a car company or a driving instructor for a guarantee that the car/driver would never crash. When we talk we'll definitely discuss good list hygiene and message formats that don't trigger spam filters. Good warm-up always does good to your IP reputation. But a 100% inboxing rate is something I definitely cannot guarantee.
  • How long does the setup take? I commit 48 hours but have been able to deliver within 24 hours in most cases. There was a flood in my area many years ago, and for a week around that time, the deliveries took about 72 hours because of power and internet outages.
  • Should I get a VPS or Dedicated? VPS should be enough if your volumes are going to be small and infrequent. But if you're going to be pushing out steady volumes almost every day I would recommend a dedicated server as it is always good to have dedicated resources for constant loads than having shared resources.
  • I like fancy Linux distros, can you set up a mail server on Linux mint or the likes? No, Centos 7 64b is what I'd like to work with.
  • Can you help me with sourcing servers and IPs? I can point you in the right direction, recommend a few data centers I've worked with in the past that you can order from. I am not affiliated with any of them so I won't be misleading you for kickbacks :)
  • And the domains? I do know a few places other than godaddy where you can get the domains from as well
  • Do you have restrictions on the types of campaigns that I can run? Well, I don't support spam or anything else that is not compliant with the can-spam act or GDPR. But when you bring the server it is between you and the data center, and it won't be me putting up those restrictions. If you have a specific campaign, and need help with finding a compliant data center, I'll do my best to help you find one.
  • What if my IP gets blacklisted? You talk to your data center to have them replaced. I charge $25 per instance of IP swap. Please note that you would need to warm up your new IPs again.
  • Would I have root access to the server? Of course you would, it is your server. My techs put in a few scripts in there for optimizations which I've called proprietary so far and I continue to do so. They will be well camouflaged on the server, but if you do find them, please don't compete with me. At least not here on BHW :)
  • What is Warmup? When you have new IPs tied to a domain you can't start mailing in full throttle. You need to slowly build up IP reputation and start mailing in low numbers and jack up the numbers in steps over a few days before you reach max volume. You can do it within a week or you can stretch it up to a month depending on how long you wish to keep the server for. I'll give you the schedule based on the server you get and the theoretical volume it can handle.
  • Do I need a control panel license? No, we'll install a trial Plesk license for Postfix or cPanel for Interspire. Each lasts for 15 days which is long enough for all necessary tweaks post setup. But if you need a control panel for longer than that, you can certainly get one from the data center or from other sources.
  • Can I use my main domain on the mailing server? I'd recommend getting a different domain for mailing so that if there is a blacklist or a block, your website doesn't get affected.
  • How long do you offer support? The critical time of any mailing server is the warmup period which lasts for no more than 15 days. I offer you support for 30 days included in what you pay and post this if you stick to good hygiene you won't need any support at all. I can do minor checks for no additional charge, but if you need on-call support, it is priced as listed under Addons above.
  • And Refunds? No refunds for change of mind. Please make the payment only if you're willing to get the server and run a campaign on it following my detailed recommendations. You're welcome to having a brief discussion on Telegram chat with me to see if this would work for you before you order. The only scenario in which I could issue a refund is when you place an order and give me a server that I am unable to set up and deliver for over 10 days due to any reason. I have been able to deliver servers within 24 hours in the past no matter how big the queues have been. Though I commit to 48 hours, I should be able to deliver within 24 hours. So 10 days is a lot of time. We do extensive testing before delivering the server, and we make sure nothing goes wrong. There may be situations when the data center suddenly blocks port 25 and block emailing completely, which is quite rare. If this happens it is on the client to resolve it and I or one of my techs can do our best to help you resolve it, but this won't be a reason for refunds.

Reviews from the previous thread


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The Oracle

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Jan 13, 2007
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Check my join date to understand who I am and where I come from.

I can seriously vouch for Paranoid Android’s services and capabilities. If you really want to send a high volume of emails (and have a good chunk of them be delivered)- then this is your guy. Think millions or 10s of millions per day.

It’s very humble of him to accept orders for 1 or 2 servers. I too started like that 18 months ago with a single Interspire server from him to test the waters too see if he really came through. It was a very refreshing experience to find someone who could actually mail- after wasting my time and several thousand dollars with idiots who lacked the proper understanding and skills. Freelancers from Fiverr, Upwork, gmail accounts- you name it I had tried it all and failed- until I found Paranoid Android.

The traffic and $$$ speak for themselves. Mailing is not plug and play, there is indeed a learning curve- but Paranoid Android is the closest to a “one stop shop” solution that I have found. He ensures that the actual mailing part of things is done flawlessly. If your list is shit, you will fail (but he’ll advice you on what to scrub if you show it to him). If your campaign is weak or untested, that’s on you. If your website goes down that’s your problem. But by God he keeps those mails flowing.

I now order 25-50 server cloud setups from him every other week. His skillset is indispensable. If you have a vision to send any real volume and make any real big money- this is your man.

If you are a chickenshit small fry who is going to complain about a $100 server for “being expensive” or not inboxing 100% of 50000 people of a shit scraped list- then maybe not for you.

I wish I could hire him and keep him for myself full time- but the man is too smart, brain the size of a planet…

Extremely talented, professional, very quick to respond on chat and I’ll go so far as to say that he’s become a mentor figure for me in these past 18 months. In all likelihood I would still be spinning my wheels and wasting my time “trying to” mail had I not found him when I did. Pay the price. Shut up and give him your money!


Nov 3, 2021
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Quick reply, excellent communication, and clearly in a class of his own when it comes to bulk email. I've been messing around having VAs do my sending. PA answered all of my many questions with detail, learning from him is worth more than the service he offers. Very professional and great support, looking forward to doing business for a long time. If you're on the fence, just reach out to him and he'll give you an honest consult.


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Apr 3, 2015
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My company has begun buying third party data to email, so I wanted to buy a server to keep this completely separate from everything else that we do. I wasn't sure where to start, so I found this thread and contacted PA. Of the people I contacted on Fiverr, from here, etc, he was by the far the best communicator and laid out what I needed very clearly. I bought his service and had a working server and clear instructions on how to warm it up within about 10 hours. Very happy.


Sep 15, 2014
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Out of all those who claim to know about mailing, PA actually knows. I have used various "experts" over the years but PA surpasses them all and actually gets you in the inbox. Don't take any shortcuts and follow his lead. He is very professional and answers all questions and really wants you to succeed. He is the secret sauce to any successful campaign.


May 20, 2010
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We have also worked with Paranoid for years. He always has been the mail set up expert to go to. We referred many of our clients to him without necessarily him knowing. He is also highly reliable and trustworthy.
Overall these years, he has been a real pleasure to collaborate with.

Paranoid Android

Jun 20, 2010
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Out of all those who claim to know about mailing, PA actually knows. I have used various "experts" over the years but PA surpasses them all and actually gets you in the inbox. Don't take any shortcuts and follow his lead. He is very professional and answers all questions and really wants you to succeed. He is the secret sauce to any successful campaign.
Thanks my man, been a pleasure working with you

We have also worked with Paranoid for years. He always has been the mail set up expert to go to. We referred many of our clients to him without necessarily him knowing. He is also highly reliable and trustworthy.
Overall these years, he has been a real pleasure to collaborate with.

Thanks for all the referrals my man, we've been working together for almost 9 years and it has been a great experience watching your growth too