Shitlist Rules and Procedure

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Jun 10, 2010
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UPDATE: The Shit List rules and procedures have been updated. The new rule thread for Shit Lists can be found here:

Shitlist Section Rules

All new threads in this section must be approved by a staff member before going live.

1. Threads in this section may only pertain to business conducted through this forum. This includes the BST, WTB, HAF sections, and PM's.

2. You must attempt all reasonable forms of resolution before posting a thread in this section. This includes diligently exhausting all forms of contact, waiting for 72 hours at a minimum, and informing the other party of your intention to shitlist them.

3. You must state your case as clearly as you can in your first post. Include all the evidence you can; logs of conversations, screenshots, links to the accused members profile, links to any posts related to the dispute, and the resolution you are looking for.

4. If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread.

5. You may not post any personal information in the thread. This includes physical addresses, phone numbers, real names, unrelated internet properties, pictures of the accused, and social media accounts.

6. Blackhatworld Ownership, Management, and staff members are not liable for your losses. Your business decisions are your responsibility, due diligence should be a vital component to any transactions. While we are not responsible for your losses, we will do our best to prevent, respond, and mediate applicable situations.

Failure to adhere to the rules of this section may result in you receiving infractions or being banned from the forum. Posting invalid shitlist threads, shitlist threads without the required details, or generally ignoring the rules of this section will not be tolerated.
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Shitlist Process

This is a brief explanation of how the shitlist process usually works for those unfamiliar with it. There are always exceptions, as each staff member has their own way of handling situations, and we often have more details about peoples behavior than the general public.

After posting your shitlist thread, in compliance with the above rules, please wait for up to 48 hours for your thread to be approved. If you do not see your thread approved, and you are sure it falls within the rules, contact a staff member and politely request they take a look at it for you. Invalid shitlist threads will not be approved, but may be moved to the Lounge if they hold some value to the community. They may also result in administrative action if you ignore the rules, so make sure your complaints are valid.

If your thread is approved, the staff member who approved your thread will contact the accused member and notify them of your complaint. Typically the accused will be given a deadline by which time they must respond to the complaint and participate in a resolution. If the accused does not respond, appropriate action will be taken by the staff, and usually the thread will remain open.

If an amicable resolution is reached between the parties, the shitlist thread will usually be deleted. In most other cases, the thread will remain publicly visible, and potentially open for further updates. If a positive resolution can not be reached, the offending party will be punished and the thread will remain public and open in hopes of helping others avoid being ripped off.

Remember, being as detailed and as clear as possible not only potentially helps you resolve a conflict, it also serves to protect the other members in the community. The more warning signs you're alerted to, the less likely you are to fall victim to a scam.
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