Paid Traffic Source 2016 ? ANY

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    Paid Traffic Source 2016 ? ANY
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    The best traffic source I can recommend is Facebook's paid ad system.
    The secret to that system is not the actual ad itself.

    The secret is its ad retargeting system.

    You see, when people go to your website, you can retarget them so that when they return to Facebook, they would only see ads for your website.

    If they see enough of your ads, some of them click back and remember where they were and some actually convert.

    The secret here is to use a highly-engaging content to filter people.

    People who would click on ads that highlight your content are not one of the male Facebook users.

    These people are not curiosity seekers.

    These people are somewhat interested.

    Now if you how many internal links on your content pages and they keep clicking through, you may be able to filter buyers from random readers.

    This is especially true if they click through to your actual sales landing page.

    I would suggest planting a cookie on your sales landing page and retargeting Facebook users who landed on that page.

    This increases your likelihood of conversion.