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    Here is my situation. I'm participating in an internal affiliate program for a company that also has an affiliate program on CeeJay. I get credit for sales when customers use a special code in the shopping cart. However, if there is a CeeJay cookie set, I will lose credit for that sale. The company uses a CeeJay pixel in the shopping cart to credit sales.

    So, without a code or script to overwrite the CeeJay cookie, a customer could click on my link and use my code but I won't get credit because the CeeJay cookie is still set. I am already generating nearly $50 per day in commissions just from a simple blogger blog and a couple postings of my code in the right spots. However, I'm losing quite a bit of revenue to CeeJay. I'm sure my daily earnings could hit 4 figures if things go well this Holiday season.

    Is it possible? I don't have the expertise to set this up from scratch. I would prefer it is kept hidden from view so maybe some PHP code is best? I would also like to integrate this into Blogger, Squidoo, Social Networks, etc. as they will be part of my strategy to dominate page 1 of Google for certain keywords. Can someone give me some advice on the best way to go about this?