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Over 1.2k lost, scammed by beastboy85

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by Tim Roth, May 8, 2017.

  1. Tim Roth

    Tim Roth Junior Member

    Mar 30, 2010
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    I lost about 1.2k$

    Skype: live:beastnetwork85

    name: Ajay Patel

    his friend: giganticseosolutions


    They say they have Adwords accounts, then they keep overselling you because they're having "problems". The scheme is "we had a problem, you need to add 0.1 BTC and it'll be fine but you need to do it now because you'll loose everything and refund is hard".

    I still didn't get a penny back. I want all my money back and I dispute here

    [29/04/17, 14:53:51] Mario: Hi how are you?

    [29/04/17, 14:54:11] Beast NW: Hey

    [29/04/17, 14:54:13] Beast NW: I am doing great

    [29/04/17, 14:54:15] Beast NW: how are you?

    [29/04/17, 14:54:25] Mario: I’m doing good thank you for asking

    [29/04/17, 14:54:51] Mario: I’m reaching out to you because my partner Simone told me you’ve UK accounts with 5k threshold which can spend up to 2.5 or 5k day, can I get more information about those?

    [29/04/17, 14:55:13] Beast NW: yeah definetly, just a moment

    [29/04/17, 14:57:38] Beast NW: So the accounts which i do provide these are threshold limit accounts

    [29/04/17, 14:57:44] Beast NW: That means they do have threshold on accounts

    [29/04/17, 14:57:50] Beast NW: so you can spend upto that threshold limit

    [29/04/17, 14:57:52] Beast NW: and then google will bill

    [29/04/17, 14:58:03] Beast NW: so usually people spend blackhat way like burn on the accounts and leave them

    [29/04/17, 14:58:04] Mario: So after the 5k they’re gone?

    [29/04/17, 14:58:07] Beast NW: since they dont have any of the billing

    [29/04/17, 14:58:12] Beast NW: yeah unless you pay the bill

    [29/04/17, 14:58:15] Beast NW: the account will be stopped

    [29/04/17, 14:58:39] Mario: Do they have old spend?

    [29/04/17, 14:58:44] Beast NW: yes

    [29/04/17, 14:58:49] Beast NW: that is how they get higher threshold

    [29/04/17, 14:58:55] Beast NW: and they are business accounts

    [29/04/17, 14:59:17] Beast NW: they are very old accounts with previous spend before months and also they are ready to go and that is how they get higher spend limit

    [29/04/17, 14:59:23] Mario: Why do you sell them and how did you get them?

    [29/04/17, 14:59:30] Beast NW: adwords-uk.PNG

    [29/04/17, 14:59:36] Beast NW: this is one of the them, i believe simone may given

    [29/04/17, 14:59:46] Mario: I had accounts spending thousands a day per months, and they all were at 500/day threshold, sometimes they charge you 1 or 2k

    [29/04/17, 14:59:49] Beast NW: at moment, i am selling them, because i do not have campaigns, and moreover i am reselling them for some profit

    [29/04/17, 14:59:58] Beast NW: at the same time, once i made some enough money, will start working on own

    [29/04/17, 15:00:11] Beast NW: I am not selling for longterm

    [29/04/17, 15:00:26] Beast NW: I do get them from my sources

    [29/04/17, 15:00:34] Mario: Got it, I still don’t get how you get this high threshold and how old are they?

    [29/04/17, 15:00:49] Beast NW: see, like i said, if you know how to contact support and how to get increased

    [29/04/17, 15:00:53] Mario: I’m asking because I want to see how much I can spend on them per day from the beginning

    [29/04/17, 15:00:53] Beast NW: you wont be asking this question

    [29/04/17, 15:01:21] Beast NW: well like i said they do have spend from the start, and these are 3 year old accounts

    [29/04/17, 15:01:27] Beast NW: let me ask you one question

    [29/04/17, 15:01:35] Beast NW: do you think google gives max spend limit for new account?

    [29/04/17, 15:02:27] Beast NW: Contact us to increase your threshold.

    You can also contact us to request an increase for your payment threshold. If your account meets our requirements for spending, we might be able to do this for you. We'll contact you after our finance team reviews your application, which can take one week to process. If you're approved, you'll be billed 30 days after your last automatic charge or when your costs reach your new payment threshold, whichever comes first.

    [29/04/17, 15:02:36] Beast NW: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1722025?hl=en

    [29/04/17, 15:02:50] Beast NW: these are approved from google

    [29/04/17, 15:04:02] Beast NW: You can spend right away 1k-2k even budget

    [29/04/17, 15:04:05] Beast NW: from day 1

    [29/04/17, 15:04:29] Mario: Got it, have you already sold some?

    [29/04/17, 15:04:48] Beast NW: yeah

    [29/04/17, 15:05:02] Beast NW: and its going good

    [29/04/17, 15:05:07] Beast NW: the problem is that i do resell them

    [29/04/17, 15:05:09] Beast NW: i dont make them

    [29/04/17, 15:05:15] Beast NW: so the reason i sell is i do make profit on it

    [29/04/17, 15:05:18] Beast NW: at the same time

    [29/04/17, 15:05:26] Beast NW: that helps in future in business relationship

    [29/04/17, 15:06:23] Beast NW: The only benefit from this type of accounts is that you can spend in large budgets

    [29/04/17, 15:06:32] Beast NW: and pay bills and continue running accounts

    [29/04/17, 15:08:00] Mario: Got it, I think we’ll continue paying

    [29/04/17, 15:08:11] Mario: Where’s the IP country / account from ?

    [29/04/17, 15:08:14] Beast NW: That would be best for you, because you can run in longterm

    [29/04/17, 15:08:16] Mario: And how will we access them?

    [29/04/17, 15:08:26] Beast NW: united kingdom and usa, both ones are there

    [29/04/17, 15:08:27] Beast NW: and you get vps

    [29/04/17, 15:08:38] Beast NW: so you have to login into vps

    [29/04/17, 15:10:39] Beast NW: Are you aware of remote desktop connection?

    [29/04/17, 15:11:51] Mario: sure

    [29/04/17, 15:12:28] Mario: Do you also have the passwords of the Gmails in case we need access?

    [29/04/17, 15:12:37] Beast NW: yes, you get full access

    [29/04/17, 15:12:44] Beast NW: along with the email servers

    [29/04/17, 15:12:57] Beast NW: and if you need them, you will also get it

    [29/04/17, 15:13:00] Mario: My wonder is, adding a new payment method make it goes into review as the new payment method is not trusted. Any experience with it?

    [29/04/17, 15:13:15] Beast NW: there are several factors which comes for that

    [29/04/17, 15:13:19] Beast NW: First, is your card new card?

    [29/04/17, 15:13:23] Mario: I mean the account should be trusted, and when I did it on other accounts, no issues. But it was smaller scale, not instantly 2k/day

    [29/04/17, 15:13:28] Beast NW: or is it already used in google?

    [29/04/17, 15:13:31] Mario: We use bank accounts

    [29/04/17, 15:13:37] Beast NW: Then it wont be issue

    [29/04/17, 15:13:42] Mario: Don’t worry, we have a farming of Adwords so we know what we do :)

    [29/04/17, 15:13:55] Beast NW: If you know what you do, you know what you should do with this accounts :)

    [29/04/17, 15:14:26] Mario: Haha I do, last question: can we change passwords and everything or will you need to still get access to them after we buy them?

    [29/04/17, 15:14:28] Beast NW: These accounts work 100% for sure

    [29/04/17, 15:14:37] Beast NW: No, you can change all

    [29/04/17, 15:14:43] Beast NW: including email passwords and adwords

    [29/04/17, 15:14:59] Beast NW: you can even change email and add new email

    [29/04/17, 15:15:49] Mario: So VPS password also?

    [29/04/17, 15:15:56] Beast NW: yes ofcourse

    [29/04/17, 15:16:13] Beast NW: you can change vps access, you just need to go to control panel and change password

    [29/04/17, 15:16:19] Beast NW: and no one can change it back

    [29/04/17, 15:16:42] Mario: Ok, what’s the price and how many have you got and any particular condition?

    [29/04/17, 15:17:35] Beast NW: 5, and price as told earlier $385 for 2.5k spend limit and $600 for 5k spend limit

    [29/04/17, 15:17:47] Beast NW: well once bought you are the owner

    [29/04/17, 15:17:50] Beast NW: and if accounts get any issue

    [29/04/17, 15:17:53] Beast NW: you get replacement

    [29/04/17, 15:17:57] Beast NW: so you have 15 days support

    [29/04/17, 15:18:00] Mario: $385 for 2.5k spend limit and $600 for 5k spend limit

    This is the threshold you mean?

    [29/04/17, 15:19:00] Beast NW: yes

    [29/04/17, 15:19:03] Beast NW: threshold limit

    [29/04/17, 15:20:13] Mario: Cool, we can start with one at 2.5k spend, can I get a sharing screen or similar to see it before buying?

    [29/04/17, 15:20:43] Beast NW: well yeah, however i can screenshare you the billing page

    [29/04/17, 15:20:55] Beast NW: because the partner who will share screen

    [29/04/17, 15:21:03] Beast NW: i can just ask to show threshold limit

    [29/04/17, 15:21:09] Beast NW: so you can see threshold limit, that should be fine i guess

    [29/04/17, 15:21:31] Beast NW: or if you want screenshot along with chat

    [29/04/17, 15:21:35] Beast NW: i can get that

    [29/04/17, 15:21:54] Mario: The video is more to see if the account is real to not get scammed that’s it

    [29/04/17, 15:22:13] Beast NW: cool, no issue, that is why i am happy to share screen, so can show the billing page

    [29/04/17, 15:22:20] Beast NW: see, regarding scam

    [29/04/17, 15:22:27] Beast NW: i already told to simone

    [29/04/17, 15:22:32] Beast NW: the level of transactions i do

    [29/04/17, 15:22:35] Beast NW: before i show the account

    [29/04/17, 15:22:39] Beast NW: i also will show that in first case

    [29/04/17, 15:23:19] Beast NW: should i screenshare here?

    [29/04/17, 15:23:27] Beast NW: on skype?

    [29/04/17, 15:24:35] Mario: Sure, got time now?

    [29/04/17, 15:24:39] Beast NW: definetly.

    [29/04/17, 15:24:45] Beast NW: Chiamata iniziata

    [29/04/17, 15:24:51] Beast NW: one moment

    [29/04/17, 15:24:59] Mario: no worries, just share when you’re ready

    [29/04/17, 15:25:38] Mario: Chiamata terminata 54 secondi

    [29/04/17, 15:25:42] Beast NW: one moment

    [29/04/17, 15:25:48] Beast NW: Chiamata iniziata

    [29/04/17, 15:26:30] Beast NW: one doesnt get simply an gold vip for nothing

    [29/04/17, 15:26:38] Beast NW: i use few neteller cards on google

    [29/04/17, 15:26:47] Beast NW: transact-level.PNG

    [29/04/17, 15:26:47] Beast NW: this explains more

    [29/04/17, 15:28:22] Beast NW: Chiamata - senza risposta

    [29/04/17, 15:28:29] Mario: my laptop died

    [29/04/17, 15:33:07] Mario: Chiamata 4 minuti 25 secondi

    [29/04/17, 15:35:05] Beast NW: Chiamata iniziata

    [29/04/17, 15:35:14] Beast NW: here is the threshold one

    [29/04/17, 15:35:47] Mario: Chiamata terminata 43 secondi

    [29/04/17, 15:35:49] Mario: Can you show me past spent?

    [29/04/17, 15:35:54] Beast NW: i will explain once again

    [29/04/17, 15:36:04] Beast NW: that is what it makes sense

    [29/04/17, 15:36:14] Beast NW: let me be clear, every sub account dont have the past spent

    [29/04/17, 15:36:18] Beast NW: otherwise

    [29/04/17, 15:36:23] Beast NW: an account with 2.5k limit spent

    [29/04/17, 15:36:27] Beast NW: with past history in each account

    [29/04/17, 15:36:29] Beast NW: would be worth in thousands

    [29/04/17, 15:36:34] Beast NW: no one will sell at cheapest cost

    [29/04/17, 15:36:56] Beast NW: And moreover this is postpay

    [29/04/17, 15:37:06] Beast NW: so firstly you will be not adding any of your payment method

    [29/04/17, 15:37:12] Beast NW: until the threshold limit reaches

    [29/04/17, 15:37:18] Beast NW: is that correct?

    [29/04/17, 15:43:13] Mario: So they’re part of a main account, and they get trashed away at 2.5k and the. Main account stay alive without paying thousands in bills?

    [29/04/17, 15:43:53] Beast NW: Well, depends upon how the person goes blackhat or whitehat way

    [29/04/17, 15:44:03] Beast NW: main account do get issues if sub accounts get issues

    [29/04/17, 15:44:22] Beast NW: That is why if going through blackhat way, selling one type of account

    [29/04/17, 15:44:40] Beast NW: however at the end, if you do not pay bill and just get some kind of problem, the only sub account gets suspended

    [29/04/17, 15:44:43] Beast NW: and waiting for payment

    [29/04/17, 15:44:49] Beast NW: but main account wont be permanently suspended

    [29/04/17, 15:45:45] Beast NW: Suppose lets say you buy an sub account

    [29/04/17, 15:45:59] Beast NW: so the partner they just remove the access from main account and give as an different account

    [29/04/17, 16:08:18] Beast NW: are you still there?

    [29/04/17, 19:35:58] Mario: Hey, yes

    [29/04/17, 19:36:17] Mario: We may try one, what payment do you accept?

    [29/04/17, 21:53:35] Beast NW: ok

    [30/04/17, 04:38:25] Beast NW: I do accept skrill, neteller and bitcoins

    [30/04/17, 04:38:31] Beast NW: sure you can try out one

    [30/04/17, 04:38:49] Beast NW: if you feel its good for you, you can go on more accounts

    [30/04/17, 04:40:39] Beast NW: Let me know when you are there

    [30/04/17, 19:22:18] Beast NW: Hey

    [30/04/17, 20:58:49] Mario: What's your bhw username?

    [01/05/17, 01:22:02] Beast NW: https://www.blackhatworld.com/members/beastboy85.1064946/

    [01/05/17, 02:49:34] Mario: Ok, I’ll make a group with Simone and we’ll arrange a payment

    [01/05/17, 02:49:47] Beast NW: ok sounds good

    [01/05/17, 02:50:08] Mario: Are you up to use an Escrow?

    [01/05/17, 02:50:49] Beast NW: well, i have already told you i do resell these accounts, and already shown proof of accounts. if i want to just here for deceiving money, cant i use escrow and provide account and pull back?

    [01/05/17, 02:51:28] Mario: so that’s a no? ha

    [01/05/17, 02:51:36] Beast NW: yeah

    [01/05/17, 02:51:45] Mario: ok no worries we’ll try with one

    [01/05/17, 02:51:51] Mario: Mario generato una conferenza “una conversazione di gruppo” da questo dialogo

    [01/05/17, 03:05:43] Beast NW: ok

    [02/05/17, 14:27:13] Beast NW: Hey

    [05/05/17, 11:58:27] Beast NW: Hey

    [05/05/17, 12:37:41] Mario: Hey

    [05/05/17, 12:37:48] Mario: Sorry I’m super busy + got flu

    [05/05/17, 12:37:53] Beast NW: ok carry on

    [05/05/17, 12:38:02] Mario: what’s up

    [05/05/17, 12:38:18] Beast NW: Nothing much, i told you about other agency, the one gigantic solutions

    [05/05/17, 12:38:56] Beast NW: But i cant make you things on hurry, whenever you are free, let me know

    [05/05/17, 12:39:11] Beast NW: Either we get started or i find an way to get you refund, so it will be done.

    [05/05/17, 12:46:07] Mario: sure, we’re having problems with the campaign we wanted to scale on that account so we’re on hold

    [05/05/17, 12:46:20] Mario: Same thing Neteller verification is on hold

    [05/05/17, 12:46:25] Beast NW: alright no problem

    [05/05/17, 12:46:31] Mario: if you’re up to send BTC it’s better

    [05/05/17, 12:46:35] Beast NW: i will be available on monday

    [05/05/17, 12:46:41] Beast NW: btc, its hard because all of my money

    [05/05/17, 12:46:43] Beast NW: uploaded

    [05/05/17, 12:46:48] Beast NW: but on monday i will figure out then

    [05/05/17, 12:46:56] Beast NW: well the accounts which gigantic solutions are more worth

    [05/05/17, 12:47:01] Beast NW: so i thought we will be doing

    [05/05/17, 15:12:45] Mario: I see, I just want the BTC back as I’m doing BTC trading as well and I’d like to have some more

    [05/05/17, 15:13:18] Mario: Neteller was fine but verification seems a pain

    [06/05/17, 15:42:14] Beast NW: Hey Mario, are you available?

    [06/05/17, 15:42:25] Mario: Hey Ajay, yes I am

    [06/05/17, 15:42:28] Mario: How are you?

    [06/05/17, 15:42:32] Beast NW: I am fine, how are you?

    [06/05/17, 15:48:05] Beast NW: So here is the thing, neteller has made an issue to my account, I will send you proof shortly, and here is the only two options I do have, I can get you account again whenever the accounts are available with the agency, or if you can help me 0.1 BTC, I can finish selling them for an client, and I get btc in an hour and I will refund you total amount without any fee. In this way you wont loose any fee, otherwise for refund, you also need to wait, and moreover you will loose around 5% fee. Neteller became a pain for me, and they have locked in funds.

    [06/05/17, 15:48:45] Mario: I prefer to have the BTC back, we’re having issues with campaigns so we won’t need the account quickly

    [06/05/17, 15:49:33] Mario: Send them back here (hiddenBTCAddress)

    [06/05/17, 15:49:47] Beast NW: okay I understand, however I don't have much options left, yesterday I tried to withdraw neteller, and now they put me into trouble, they locked my account and asking for more documents and this is making too pain.

    [06/05/17, 15:49:53] Beast NW: so now I have to wait until they resolve

    [06/05/17, 15:49:59] Beast NW: i don't have any option left as of now.

    [06/05/17, 15:49:59] Mario: Don’t worry, just send BTC to (hiddenBTCAddress)

    [06/05/17, 15:50:26] Beast NW: ok yes, whenever i get the issue resolved, i will do that.

    [06/05/17, 15:50:30] Beast NW: also make note that

    [06/05/17, 15:50:36] Beast NW: you get 5% low than market rate

    [06/05/17, 15:50:39] Beast NW: as it goes to fees

    [06/05/17, 15:50:43] Beast NW: nothing i do charge though

    [06/05/17, 15:50:49] Beast NW: so will keep you updated.

    [06/05/17, 15:50:53] Mario: Cool, no worries about the 5%

    [06/05/17, 15:50:57] Beast NW: alright.

    [06/05/17, 15:51:28] Beast NW: and i will let you know in couple of days, once done.

    [06/05/17, 16:28:01] Mario: I'm talking with Gigantic

    [06/05/17, 16:28:21] Mario: We can manage to use that amount I sent you for an account so there would be no refunds

    [06/05/17, 16:28:27] Mario: I'll update you

    [06/05/17, 16:29:18] Beast NW: Ok, fine.

    [06/05/17, 16:29:31] Beast NW: Update me, i am on travel, so update me and i will be online

    [06/05/17, 16:34:10] Mario: Wrote in the group

    [07/05/17, 11:04:40] Mario: Ajay what's happening?

    [08/05/17, 10:18:25] Mario: Hi

    [08/05/17, 10:18:53] Mario: Can you do the refund please?

    [08/05/17, 10:22:13] Mario: Ok I paid you and kept paying you for days as always problem arised. You made me lose both my time, patience and money. I want a refund now

    [01/05/17, 10:01:57] Mario: Hi Beast just send us your Bitcoin address

    [01/05/17, 10:02:09] Beast NW: ok sending here now

    [01/05/17, 10:02:48] Beast NW: 12WKNUycsSfGnhgXjCM7ZJYKbWx84K5s22

    [01/05/17, 10:41:18] Beast NW: How long it would take Mario just for confirmation?

    [01/05/17, 10:51:10] Mario: I'm waiting to get more btc so it's up to the exchange

    [01/05/17, 12:13:05] Mario: So 0,28 BTC?

    [01/05/17, 13:01:55] Beast NW: yes

    [01/05/17, 13:45:58] Beast NW: are you still there?

    [01/05/17, 13:50:13] Mario: Just sent

    [01/05/17, 13:50:32] Mario: sent a few dollars more to cover expenses and fluctuations

    [01/05/17, 13:52:04] Beast NW: i thought you sent more

    [01/05/17, 13:52:10] Beast NW: but it was around 0.27 which you sent

    [01/05/17, 13:52:52] Mario: I sent 0,275

    [01/05/17, 13:52:55] Mario: 1493639574.png

    [01/05/17, 13:53:00] Beast NW: yeah fine

    [01/05/17, 13:53:05] Beast NW: i thought you told 0.28 before

    [01/05/17, 13:53:07] Beast NW: so was confused

    [01/05/17, 13:53:09] Beast NW: sorry for that

    [01/05/17, 13:53:19] Mario: ah yeah the exchange was lower before

    [01/05/17, 13:53:35] Mario: are you into trading crypto btw?

    [01/05/17, 13:54:12] Beast NW: yeah, thats right

    [01/05/17, 13:54:18] Beast NW: i make good profit in crypto

    [01/05/17, 13:54:30] Beast NW: but there used to be time when i used to get backup

    [01/05/17, 13:54:35] Beast NW: used to make like 10% profit per day

    [01/05/17, 13:54:43] Mario: Backup?

    [01/05/17, 13:55:31] Beast NW: i mean used to have someone who used to invest, and i used to convert from one currency to another and another to main

    [01/05/17, 13:55:36] Beast NW: so used to make profit on fees

    [01/05/17, 13:55:46] Mario: ahh got it

    [01/05/17, 13:56:08] Mario: Anyway, when do you think you can send us the accounts so we can take a look?

    [01/05/17, 13:56:47] Beast NW: yeah, i am just sending money to partner, it will take some time, since confirmations and conversion, as i told you before, i do get accoutns from partner

    [01/05/17, 13:56:54] Beast NW: should i send the data over here?

    [01/05/17, 13:57:31] Mario: Yes it’s fine, we’ll change passwords immediately

    [01/05/17, 13:57:45] Beast NW: no issue, once i sent the details, you own it

    [01/05/17, 13:57:48] Beast NW: so you can change

    [01/05/17, 13:59:11] Mario: cool we’ll test at 1k day

    [01/05/17, 13:59:28] Mario: How many other people do you’ve using these accounts and how do they use them?

    [01/05/17, 13:59:29] Beast NW: alright, and you will be paying bill and be continuing right?

    [01/05/17, 13:59:36] Beast NW: only 3 of them, and using vps

    [01/05/17, 13:59:50] Beast NW: and they already change pass and use on own

    [01/05/17, 13:59:55] Beast NW: usually i get this from partner

    [01/05/17, 13:59:59] Beast NW: i told you on the call

    [01/05/17, 14:00:02] Mario: how much’re they spending from day 1?

    [01/05/17, 14:00:03] Beast NW: so sold to other one as well

    [01/05/17, 14:00:06] Beast NW: $800-$1k

    [01/05/17, 14:00:14] Mario: And they keep paying after?

    [01/05/17, 14:00:41] Mario: the bills

    [01/05/17, 14:02:03] Beast NW: yes, thats right

    [01/05/17, 14:02:08] Beast NW: they are paying and using for longterm

    [01/05/17, 14:02:49] Mario: how much are theirs lasting in terms of spent?

    [01/05/17, 14:02:58] Beast NW: what do you mean?

    [01/05/17, 14:03:03] Beast NW: around 7k-10k

    [01/05/17, 14:03:08] Beast NW: their cloakers are weak

    [01/05/17, 14:03:24] Mario: They run tech support ? lol

    [01/05/17, 14:03:49] Beast NW: dont know

    [01/05/17, 14:03:51] Beast NW: never asked them

    [01/05/17, 14:04:05] Mario: and how many have you sold so far?

    [01/05/17, 14:04:28] Beast NW: only 4

    [01/05/17, 14:04:31] Beast NW: i dont get too many

    [01/05/17, 14:04:38] Beast NW: whenver i get them, i dont get clients

    [01/05/17, 14:04:41] Beast NW: whenever they are available

    [01/05/17, 14:04:53] Beast NW: i dont get clients ready

    [01/05/17, 14:05:00] Mario: Haha happens also with girls right haha

    [01/05/17, 14:05:09] Mario: anyway how many do you think you can maximize?

    [01/05/17, 14:05:09] Beast NW: hahaha

    [01/05/17, 14:05:17] Beast NW: what you mean?

    [01/05/17, 14:05:26] Mario: Like how many can you provide us in a week

    [01/05/17, 14:05:47] Beast NW: not much only 1-2

    [01/05/17, 14:06:09] Mario: and if we keep paying I think there’s no much difference for us from 2.5k to 5k ones right?

    [01/05/17, 14:06:32] Beast NW: yeah, the only advantage with 5k is different

    [01/05/17, 14:06:40] Beast NW: getting limit raised from 2.5k to 5k is different

    [01/05/17, 14:12:16] Mario: Is there any advantage if we keep paying bills in the 5k one compared to the 2.5k?

    [01/05/17, 14:12:29] Beast NW: there is advantage

    [01/05/17, 14:12:31] Beast NW: for 5k account

    [01/05/17, 14:12:40] Beast NW: because you get at low cost, and also you dont get much reviews

    [01/05/17, 14:17:32] Mario: What do you get at low cost?

    [01/05/17, 14:17:45] Beast NW: cpc

    [01/05/17, 14:17:47] Beast NW: you get at low cost

    [01/05/17, 14:18:00] Mario: Wait are these under a main agency acc?

    [01/05/17, 14:18:07] Beast NW: these are sub accounts

    [01/05/17, 14:18:37] Mario: right, but do you know if the main acc is of a invoiced agency?

    [01/05/17, 14:18:52] Beast NW: i never asked

    [01/05/17, 14:18:54] Beast NW: but i will ask for you

    [01/05/17, 14:26:22] Mario: Thank you

    [01/05/17, 14:26:40] Mario: Ok, just ping us here when the account is ready

    [01/05/17, 14:36:58] Beast NW: sure

    [01/05/17, 16:45:15] Beast NW: Hey, are you there?

    [01/05/17, 16:51:18] Mario: yes

    [01/05/17, 16:53:03] Beast NW: hey Mario, just got update from partner, as i told you before, he got only 5 accounts, however he sold 2.5k ones already, and currently he has only 5k ones available itseems, and he also suggested since they are using outside from uk, and using bank accounts, 5k account will be worth to go with, because they wont have much reviews, and they are agency based accounts. and he has only 2 of them of 5k, so if you want refund, i can buy bitcoins again and refund to you, if you want to wait till month ending.

    [01/05/17, 16:54:32] Mario: How much were the 5k ones?

    [01/05/17, 16:55:35] Beast NW: after conversion from inr to btc, i see it is $720 for 5k ones, after taking out $385, it is $335

    [01/05/17, 16:55:51] Mario: It was 600$ yesterday now 120$ more?

    [01/05/17, 16:56:09] Beast NW: it was $680 actually

    [01/05/17, 16:56:20] Mario: [29/04/17, 15:17:35] Beast NW: 5, and price as told earlier $385 for 2.5k spend limit and $600 for 5k spend limit

    [29/04/17, 15:17:47] Beast NW: well once bought you are the owner

    [01/05/17, 16:57:18] Beast NW: well actually thats the rate they offer, the rates are not really constant, however i believe i said it was $680, my mistake of $600

    [01/05/17, 16:57:55] Beast NW: i forget to say

    [01/05/17, 16:57:57] Beast NW: there is an balance

    [01/05/17, 17:00:17] Beast NW: chat-simon.PNG

    [01/05/17, 17:00:22] Mario: Man sorry but I don’t really understand what you’re proposing:

    First you say that the 2.5k accounts are available but then they’re not after we pay

    Then you say an account at 5k is 600$

    Few hours after is at 720$

    Then it becomes 680$ ?

    [01/05/17, 17:00:49] Mario: And now here is 650$, what’s the price?

    [01/05/17, 17:01:19] Beast NW: the problem is that i am getting in indian rupee, so each time, there is fee involved, however, lets make it clear, i have also told simon earlier the fee is 650$

    [01/05/17, 17:01:25] Beast NW: you can confirm it the first chat we had

    [01/05/17, 17:01:32] Beast NW: so lets make at that price, removing my comission

    [01/05/17, 17:01:48] Beast NW: next time let me be clear

    [01/05/17, 17:01:51] Beast NW: the price is not always same

    [01/05/17, 17:02:00] Beast NW: so if i say an price, that price remains for that particular day

    [01/05/17, 17:02:26] Beast NW: and particular week, each time, whenever you order, you need to confirm price

    [01/05/17, 17:03:30] Mario: ok clear

    [01/05/17, 17:03:43] Beast NW: so if i say an price, and if you are ordering after few days, please confirm again

    [01/05/17, 17:03:51] Beast NW: the price will never be same, is it clear?

    [01/05/17, 17:03:56] Beast NW: just so we dont have any confusion

    [01/05/17, 17:04:16] Mario: I think we need to confirm a price together, and you should also check availability

    [01/05/17, 17:04:40] Mario: Anyway I also made reselling in my early stages so I know the ventures no worries :)

    [01/05/17, 17:05:08] Mario: So at 650$ what are the refund conditions and at how much we can start at?

    [01/05/17, 17:07:34] Beast NW: haha, so you know that stuff how hard to handle? :)

    [01/05/17, 17:07:53] Beast NW: refund will be same, if it does get any issue

    [01/05/17, 17:08:03] Beast NW: there will be replacement

    [01/05/17, 17:08:08] Beast NW: and you can start right away with 2k

    [01/05/17, 17:08:26] Beast NW: however i would request that add an amount of 30$ extra, because i do get charged from btc to inr

    [01/05/17, 17:08:35] Beast NW: and btc is going too high

    [01/05/17, 17:08:44] Beast NW: and regarding startup you can start right away with 2k

    [01/05/17, 17:08:48] Beast NW: or whatever budget less than that

    [01/05/17, 17:09:19] Mario: just keep btc for life ;)

    [01/05/17, 17:09:26] Beast NW: hahaha, true

    [01/05/17, 17:09:31] Mario: I won’t send you 30$ extra, we can do 10$

    [01/05/17, 17:09:32] Beast NW: i think when it goes $5k for 1 btc :p

    [01/05/17, 17:09:37] Beast NW: ok fine

    [01/05/17, 17:13:05] Mario: so 275 at same address?

    [01/05/17, 17:13:10] Beast NW: yes, same address

    [01/05/17, 17:14:14] Mario: Fine buddy, I hope this is legit

    [01/05/17, 17:14:18] Beast NW: definetly

    [01/05/17, 17:15:35] Mario: sent

    [01/05/17, 17:15:45] Mario: Please just deliver the account this time ;)

    [01/05/17, 17:15:48] Beast NW: ok, as soon as it is received and confirmed, will do it quick :)

    [01/05/17, 17:15:52] Beast NW: this time it will be delivery

    [01/05/17, 17:16:00] Beast NW: not just word. :)

    [01/05/17, 17:16:07] Beast NW: but you have to give me time to convert just :)

    [01/05/17, 17:16:10] Beast NW: but it will be delivery

    [01/05/17, 17:16:47] Mario: fine, if this work we’ll take many many more I assure you

    [01/05/17, 17:16:58] Mario: I mean, possibly all you can get lol

    [01/05/17, 17:17:01] Beast NW: great, also i will push up to get more accounts

    [01/05/17, 17:17:01] Beast NW: :)

    [01/05/17, 17:17:06] Beast NW: after one works great

    [01/05/17, 17:17:38] Beast NW: btc-rate.PNG

    [01/05/17, 17:17:39] Beast NW: :(

    [01/05/17, 17:18:03] Beast NW: even after supposed that i have to exchange and it charges little fee, moreover top it was less

    [01/05/17, 17:18:05] Mario: I don’t know which exchange you’re using but they’re scrubbing you hard

    [01/05/17, 17:18:13] Beast NW: blockchain

    [01/05/17, 17:18:16] Beast NW: which one are you using?

    [01/05/17, 17:18:19] Beast NW: www.preev.com

    [01/05/17, 17:18:29] Beast NW: preev combines all market i believe

    [01/05/17, 17:18:37] Mario: I use preev

    [01/05/17, 17:18:47] Beast NW: they combine from different markets

    [01/05/17, 17:18:49] Mario: I just input it USD + few dollars more

    [01/05/17, 17:19:22] Beast NW: its okay

    [01/05/17, 18:29:35] Mario: When do you think we can test this? And what’s your name btw?

    [01/05/17, 18:50:29] Beast NW: My name is Ajay

    [01/05/17, 18:50:35] Beast NW: actually i am resolving that thing only

    [01/05/17, 19:10:24] Beast NW: ok Mario, i have just very one last request, i am just short of 0.07 after total conversion in inr, i did had some fee, however i request you to have trust on me, and as soon as 0.07 is added, within 1 hour, i get it delivered and along with it, you can trust on me Mario, i have converted everything into inr, and in india it is really expensive, and as of now, in next order, i will get you discount and even on next order, i will get it deducted. As of now, everything is confirmed, i just need to pay 0.07 more and its done, and in 1 hour the access will be sent in notepad here, and you can right away create campaigns. I really apologize Mario, in case if this cause you any problem. You can fully trust me that i am legit guy, and this 0.07 has nothing to do with me. I really ask you to trust me at this time, and i confirm here after there will be no fee, and the account will be completely yours.

    [01/05/17, 21:51:28] Mario: come on man I think you have to solve this

    [02/05/17, 00:23:16] Beast NW: Honestly man, the advantage for you is completely different

    [02/05/17, 00:23:35] Beast NW: overall even when you add 0.07 and when i sell the account, i dont make any profit, because i never added my fee in first place

    [02/05/17, 00:24:32] Beast NW: i just assure you, that as soon as this is done, in 1 hour the account will deliver

    [02/05/17, 00:24:35] Beast NW: i have full confirmation

    [02/05/17, 00:24:49] Beast NW: and however i get you this 0.07 refunded for sure, you have my word on it

    [02/05/17, 01:24:06] Mario: buddy it’s almost 1AM

    [02/05/17, 01:29:31] Mario: you made a series of mistakes and if you’re serious about it you anticipate that 0.7, you’re just keep asking me money It’s something truly unprofessional that I never experienced

    [02/05/17, 03:39:52] Beast NW: iam really sorry about that

    [02/05/17, 03:39:54] Beast NW: Mario

    [02/05/17, 03:40:05] Beast NW: buddy rest asssured it is not mistake

    [02/05/17, 03:40:30] Beast NW: and within 1 hour i can ensure the deliver gets to you

    [02/05/17, 03:40:36] Beast NW: and i said you already

    [02/05/17, 03:40:40] Beast NW: there wont be any more cost

    [02/05/17, 03:40:49] Beast NW: and moreover i/ will explain you the total

    [02/05/17, 03:40:53] Beast NW: why it costed 0.07

    [02/05/17, 03:41:22] Beast NW: i have nothing to take with 0.07, when someone trusted me 0.7, i have no reason to keep asking 0.07 which doesnt make anything

    [02/05/17, 03:41:39] Beast NW: But let me tell you honestly, as soon as it is added, within 1 hour i get you delivered

    [02/05/17, 03:41:44] Beast NW: btc confirmation taking too much time

    [02/05/17, 03:41:57] Beast NW: but as of now, there wont be any fee after this unless you buy new account

    [02/05/17, 03:42:30] Mario: Buddy, it’s 3.40AM here and yeah rest assured it is your mistake because you’re telling me to pay 10$ more, I put them for some strange fees you get the exact amount not the 10$ more

    But now you want 100$ more, it sounds like you’re short of rent of something and anybody reasonable would’ve already lost his patience. Do you realize that?

    [02/05/17, 03:43:21] Mario: deliver the account and I’ll pay them, this is a joke I can’t give you everything you ask for

    [02/05/17, 03:43:47] Beast NW: buddy, i dont know what else i can say, but like i said, i know you have lost patience

    [02/05/17, 03:43:50] Beast NW: but see in my sense

    [02/05/17, 03:43:58] Mario: You made a mistake or miscalculation (a second time) and I won’t be the one paying again

    [02/05/17, 03:44:08] Beast NW: it is not an mistake at all

    [02/05/17, 03:44:15] Mario: dude

    [02/05/17, 03:44:26] Mario: If I go into a shop a buy a TV for 1000$, pay, they say they deliver

    [02/05/17, 03:44:42] Mario: it is not surely my mistake, and they should be able to deliver the TV even at a loss after we mutually agreed on the price

    [02/05/17, 03:45:24] Beast NW: lets say you have a relative, and you want to order tv from other country, you pay them in usd

    [02/05/17, 03:45:33] Beast NW: however after they have converted total money in their currency

    [02/05/17, 03:45:39] Beast NW: if they are short of money to buy the tv

    [02/05/17, 03:46:02] Beast NW: what would you do? would you say "hey i just paid in usd", i cant get it more

    [02/05/17, 03:46:34] Mario: Buddy, you’re not a relative you’re a person providing a service. If we agree on a price you should be able to deliver, not ask for more (twice)

    [02/05/17, 03:47:18] Mario: so I end up paying this 750$ instead of the 385$ we planned to risk initially

    [02/05/17, 03:48:32] Mario: I’m the one sucking in, not sure if you understand how your “client” perceive this sale you’re making

    [02/05/17, 03:49:02] Beast NW: account-balance1.PNG

    [02/05/17, 03:49:13] Beast NW: buddy the cost is $49800/-

    [02/05/17, 03:49:22] Beast NW: when i said you the btc rate was different

    [02/05/17, 03:49:40] Beast NW: this btc rate was not really same

    [02/05/17, 03:50:13] Beast NW: the total cost for account which i have to pay is Rs. 49800/-

    [02/05/17, 03:50:28] Beast NW: That is for 5k account with balance

    [02/05/17, 03:50:29] Beast NW: and vps

    [02/05/17, 03:50:32] Beast NW: and guarantee

    [02/05/17, 03:51:11] Beast NW: couple of days before it is $1340 for the btc rate

    [02/05/17, 03:51:18] Beast NW: it increased huge of all sudden

    [02/05/17, 03:51:28] Beast NW: after conversion that is what i got

    [02/05/17, 03:52:00] Mario: Ajay, buddy, please refund the bitcoins minus the fees

    [02/05/17, 03:52:12] Mario: We’ll take one at 2.5k when you have it and agree on a price

    [02/05/17, 03:52:21] Beast NW: again if i have to buy the bitcoins, it will be like 5% fee here

    [02/05/17, 03:52:23] Beast NW: to buy

    [02/05/17, 03:52:29] Beast NW: i have to convert from rupees to btc

    [02/05/17, 03:52:31] Beast NW: again

    [02/05/17, 03:52:38] Beast NW: that is why i showed you balance in bank

    [02/05/17, 03:52:44] Beast NW: i have no problem to refund

    [02/05/17, 03:53:43] Mario: (hiddenBTCAddress)

    [02/05/17, 03:54:14] Beast NW: buddy, if i have to buy again that will end up 5% more, that will be also same

    [02/05/17, 03:54:14] Mario: I trusted you twice, you can’t ask me something like that another time

    [02/05/17, 03:54:21] Beast NW: ok alright buddy

    [02/05/17, 03:54:28] Beast NW: i will do then

    [02/05/17, 03:54:41] Beast NW: after getting whatever after conversion from inr to btc, i will refund entire

    [02/05/17, 03:54:53] Mario: Thanks. Just let me know when you’ve a 2.5k one and we’ll take one, even at slighy higher price

    [02/05/17, 03:55:20] Beast NW: buddy, honestly no, why would you even trust at that time, buddy if you can trust this time, honestly instead of 5k, i will get you 10k one

    [02/05/17, 03:55:54] Beast NW: However if you agree to pay 10% on campaign spend

    [02/05/17, 03:55:57] Beast NW: but nevermind

    [02/05/17, 03:57:02] Mario: Ajay honestly I think you’re a good guy and honest, but from somebody that buys from you this is just a total mess

    [02/05/17, 03:57:16] Beast NW: i will say you Mario, something clear

    [02/05/17, 03:57:22] Beast NW: the one whom i do buy has nothing to do with this

    [02/05/17, 03:57:29] Beast NW: i will explain where it got mess

    [02/05/17, 03:57:42] Beast NW: The person whom i do get account, he clearly told the cost is Rs. 49800/-

    [02/05/17, 03:57:45] Beast NW: that ends the matter with him

    [02/05/17, 03:57:53] Beast NW: but the exchanger where i do got, that is all the issue happened

    [02/05/17, 03:58:04] Beast NW: after converting total money, it showed Rs. 42100/-

    [02/05/17, 03:58:05] Beast NW: something

    [02/05/17, 03:58:06] Mario: I advise you not to accept BTC next time

    [02/05/17, 03:58:15] Beast NW: yeah we have to figure alternate way

    [02/05/17, 03:58:20] Beast NW: i cant rely on btc anymore

    [02/05/17, 03:58:41] Beast NW: however for this time, i just wanted to get complete, because if i do cancel it still get us around 70-80$ low

    [02/05/17, 03:58:48] Beast NW: if we proceed and somewhat do it, i can get you 10k one

    [02/05/17, 03:58:55] Beast NW: instead of 5k, and 10% on campaign spend

    [02/05/17, 03:59:10] Beast NW: i have that capability

    [02/05/17, 03:59:33] Mario: I appreciate the effort but it can’t be done

    [02/05/17, 03:59:43] Mario: We’re not even interested in a 5k one, just an account to spend

    [02/05/17, 03:59:49] Mario: Good from day1

    [02/05/17, 03:59:54] Beast NW: the problem is that i already convert to fiat, i have to convert to btc again, that takes time and fees.

    [02/05/17, 04:00:01] Beast NW: But yes, if you cant afford 100$ more, i do understand

    [02/05/17, 04:00:05] Beast NW: yeah i understand

    [02/05/17, 04:00:07] Mario: if you suck it up half I’ll do it

    [02/05/17, 04:00:42] Beast NW: so make it 0.04 for you then, fair enough

    [02/05/17, 04:00:43] Mario: But never ever come say to me telling me it’s not your fault and stuff. I lost money the same way doing this thing as I told you early, but never told anything to the client

    [02/05/17, 04:00:45] Beast NW: that will be half

    [02/05/17, 04:00:53] Beast NW: i am really sorry about that

    [02/05/17, 04:01:05] Beast NW: yeah, next time onwards i will make sure we do not get issues/

    [02/05/17, 04:01:32] Mario: And man, promise this is the last request you’re making

    [02/05/17, 04:01:39] Beast NW: i promise to god

    [02/05/17, 04:01:42] Beast NW: this is the last request

    [02/05/17, 04:02:05] Mario: ok then we’ll talk tomorrow

    [02/05/17, 04:02:07] Mario: It’s late here

    [02/05/17, 04:02:26] Beast NW: Il messaggio è stato rimosso.

    [02/05/17, 04:02:30] Beast NW: Il messaggio è stato rimosso.

    [02/05/17, 04:02:35] Beast NW: Il messaggio è stato rimosso.

    [02/05/17, 04:02:53] Beast NW: Il messaggio è stato rimosso.

    [02/05/17, 10:54:00] Beast NW: Hey Mario, are you available

    [02/05/17, 11:52:15] Beast NW: are you there?

    [02/05/17, 13:49:59] Beast NW: ?

    [02/05/17, 15:18:13] Mario: Hey, why did you remove the messages?

    [02/05/17, 15:18:56] Beast NW: i just removed it because i sent message which is "hey couldnt you able to do it now"

    [02/05/17, 15:18:59] Beast NW: and so on

    [02/05/17, 15:19:03] Beast NW: but i found out you were away

    [02/05/17, 15:19:42] Beast NW: and i removed it as i feel its not good to message like that

    [02/05/17, 15:29:39] Mario: Ok so the price of BTC skyrocketed

    [02/05/17, 15:29:49] Mario: How much should I send using preev.com ?

    [02/05/17, 15:30:07] Beast NW: it did not increased much, but however it changed, so 0.038

    [02/05/17, 15:30:33] Beast NW: i think it increased like 8-10% overall per btc i believe

    [02/05/17, 15:38:32] Mario: sent

    [02/05/17, 15:40:46] Beast NW: alright, received, today its gonna be delivery by end of day, and i will inform here

    [02/05/17, 15:40:49] Beast NW: thanks for trusting again.

    [02/05/17, 15:41:13] Mario: ok

    [02/05/17, 18:19:40] Mario: hi man, any news?

    [02/05/17, 18:22:06] Beast NW: hi i am ou

    [02/05/17, 18:22:08] Beast NW: out

    [02/05/17, 18:22:12] Beast NW: will let you know in two hours

    [02/05/17, 18:22:22] Mario: ok

    [02/05/17, 23:20:40] Mario: Hi, got news?

    [03/05/17, 01:16:26] Beast NW: Hi, yes. I will be completing by today, just it was delayed converting to inr, its done just now

    [03/05/17, 01:16:30] Beast NW: now I will pay it

    [03/05/17, 01:16:34] Beast NW: and will get it done today

    [03/05/17, 01:16:45] Beast NW: we have huge time difference actually, so whenever you sent, it is after banking hours

    [03/05/17, 01:16:57] Beast NW: rest assured, its done from my side

    [03/05/17, 01:17:04] Beast NW: as soon as I get account details, will send to you

    [03/05/17, 01:17:14] Beast NW: you can test from tomorrow using one of the campaigns

    [03/05/17, 01:20:19] Mario: ok we will wait for you Ajay

    [03/05/17, 01:20:24] Beast NW: thanks

    [03/05/17, 13:22:54] Mario: Hi, got news?

    [03/05/17, 13:46:22] Beast NW: neteller-balance.PNG

    [03/05/17, 13:46:31] Beast NW: Hi, i dont want to really stress you and make more disappointment, just give me neteller email id, i will refund total amount right now

    [03/05/17, 13:46:45] Beast NW: if you want bitcoins back, give me wallet address, will buy bitcoins and send you right away, and add 5% fee to cover up

    [03/05/17, 13:47:36] Mario: Sure one sec and I’ll send you Neteller

    [03/05/17, 13:47:47] Beast NW: fine

    [03/05/17, 13:48:52] Mario: it’s [email protected]

    [03/05/17, 13:50:31] Beast NW: is the neteller account verified?

    [03/05/17, 13:51:33] Mario: why?

    [03/05/17, 13:52:30] Beast NW: because otherwise, it wont allow me to send, instead give me bitcoin address, i will buy bitcoins and send

    [03/05/17, 13:54:54] Mario: I’m verifying it, I prefer Neteller

    [03/05/17, 13:54:58] Beast NW: ok fine

    [03/05/17, 13:55:01] Beast NW: once verified, let me know

    [03/05/17, 13:58:26] Beast NW: really sorry to disappoint you, i dont want to get it elapsed more and more, rather than the account is ready, and i have got someone in local, so i can visit and do, that looks more better for me, each time some or other problem. Once verified, just let me know, thanks.

    [03/05/17, 14:02:39] Mario: they’re verifying the neteller i’ll send you once it is

    [03/05/17, 14:02:51] Mario: No worries, I’m sure there will be another occasion to do business together

    [03/05/17, 14:03:08] Mario: actually Neteller is even better so I can keep these money here if you need future payments

    [03/05/17, 14:03:14] Beast NW: yeah, no problem

    [03/05/17, 14:03:22] Beast NW: in future i will be more clear, and no more split payments or anything

    [03/05/17, 14:03:29] Beast NW: i just found alternate source and had contact with agency

    [03/05/17, 14:03:31] Beast NW: the problem is that

    [03/05/17, 14:03:34] Beast NW: you are paying through bank account

    [03/05/17, 14:03:37] Beast NW: if you are paying through cards

    [03/05/17, 14:03:40] Beast NW: i can get right away any accounts

    [03/05/17, 14:04:41] Beast NW: That is why i am getting accounts only which works paying with bank account

    [03/05/17, 14:04:44] Beast NW: This is why all the delays

    [03/05/17, 14:12:42] Beast NW: adwords.PNG

    [03/05/17, 14:12:45] Beast NW: if you change your payment method

    [03/05/17, 14:12:48] Beast NW: i can get you accounts easily

    [03/05/17, 14:12:54] Beast NW: i mean to pay in adwords

    [03/05/17, 14:14:35] Mario: we’re not having cards now but we may get them in the future, at least some If we need them

    [03/05/17, 14:14:51] Beast NW: i have an alternate idea, which does not require you cards

    [03/05/17, 14:14:55] Mario: But that’s not something we’ focused on right now

    [03/05/17, 14:15:36] Beast NW: well the alternate way is to spend on accounts and whatever bill, pay by wire

    [03/05/17, 14:15:39] Beast NW: to the agency here

    [03/05/17, 14:15:59] Beast NW: but its upto you

    [03/05/17, 14:16:09] Mario: indian agency?

    [03/05/17, 14:16:20] Beast NW: yes, the agency who pays those bills using their payment methods

    [03/05/17, 14:16:32] Beast NW: so you get bill, after you spent the threshold, pay that to agency

    [03/05/17, 14:16:35] Beast NW: instead of google

    [03/05/17, 14:16:42] Beast NW: and once its going good, they give more limit

    [03/05/17, 14:17:06] Mario: Yeah we had one of those in Vietnam

    [03/05/17, 14:17:17] Beast NW: this is the best idea

    [03/05/17, 14:17:19] Mario: Are they the same accounts?

    [03/05/17, 14:17:23] Beast NW: so they wont have issues with billing

    [03/05/17, 14:17:25] Beast NW: no they are not

    [03/05/17, 14:17:33] Beast NW: until now i only planned to get you accounts which work with bank accounts

    [03/05/17, 14:17:39] Beast NW: because you say you will fund with bank accounts

    [03/05/17, 14:17:46] Beast NW: so i only tried for those accounts which will work that way

    [03/05/17, 14:20:55] Mario: Anyway for you to accept paxum?

    [03/05/17, 14:21:08] Beast NW: paxum in regards with?

    [03/05/17, 14:23:11] Mario: your fees

    [03/05/17, 14:23:36] Beast NW: you mean for the adwords fee?

    [03/05/17, 14:24:01] Mario: for your accounts

    [03/05/17, 14:24:07] Mario: Like your fees

    [03/05/17, 14:24:12] Beast NW: well, no. because that is very hard

    [03/05/17, 14:24:19] Beast NW: for me to convert

    [03/05/17, 14:24:22] Mario: in india?

    [03/05/17, 14:24:25] Beast NW: yeah

    [03/05/17, 14:24:28] Mario: Ah, you can attach your bank account

    [03/05/17, 14:24:48] Beast NW: but still banking issues

    [03/05/17, 14:24:49] Beast NW: they ask transactions and all

    [03/05/17, 14:24:58] Beast NW: in india, its always very hard

    [03/05/17, 14:25:01] Beast NW: to run business

    [03/05/17, 14:25:03] Mario: not sure what do you mean?

    [03/05/17, 14:25:14] Beast NW: like if we do more transactions or transactions from outside

    [03/05/17, 14:25:15] Mario: it should be even harder in BTC

    [03/05/17, 14:25:20] Beast NW: no

    [03/05/17, 14:25:22] Beast NW: btc is very easier

    [03/05/17, 14:25:26] Beast NW: with btc, i go to exchanger

    [03/05/17, 14:25:27] Beast NW: convert to inr

    [03/05/17, 14:25:36] Beast NW: it will be inside transaction

    [03/05/17, 14:25:40] Beast NW: and it will be from india to india

    [03/05/17, 14:25:46] Mario: Yeah but they come from Exchanger

    [03/05/17, 14:25:59] Mario: Paxum is accepted, EFT Transfer

    [03/05/17, 14:26:14] Mario: Anyway don’t wanna influence, maybe you should try that

    [03/05/17, 14:26:30] Beast NW: bitcoins is very easy, because from paxum, i have experienced issues

    [03/05/17, 14:26:49] Mario: Got it

    [03/05/17, 14:26:57] Beast NW: in future

    [03/05/17, 14:26:59] Beast NW: we can use neteller

    [03/05/17, 14:27:00] Mario: How’s the agency thing will work? Do you have a screen of the access?

    [03/05/17, 14:27:03] Beast NW: it is very low fee

    [03/05/17, 14:28:00] Beast NW: well i just showed you screenshot already

    [03/05/17, 14:28:04] Beast NW: those accounts and they have billing

    [03/05/17, 14:28:08] Beast NW: and they accept only credit cards

    [03/05/17, 14:28:10] Mario: ah same acc then

    [03/05/17, 14:28:25] Beast NW: it is different one, just check the account customer id

    [03/05/17, 14:28:29] Beast NW: it is same type of account

    [03/05/17, 14:28:33] Beast NW: but it is completely individual account

    [03/05/17, 14:28:50] Beast NW: it doesnt work with bank account

    [03/05/17, 14:29:09] Beast NW: so in this accounts, you just need to work on campaigns and when time of billing

    [03/05/17, 14:29:12] Beast NW: need to pay billing

    [03/05/17, 14:30:06] Beast NW: none of your billing/cards need to be added

    [03/05/17, 14:59:51] Beast NW: I have someone whom i can hook you up with, the agency person

    [03/05/17, 15:00:00] Beast NW: so if you want i can arrange an group conversation

    [03/05/17, 15:00:04] Beast NW: so you can discuss with them directly

    [03/05/17, 15:00:14] Beast NW: but those accounts wont work with your bank accounts

    [03/05/17, 15:02:10] Mario: Interesting, yeah a group chat would be good

    [03/05/17, 15:09:50] Beast NW: ok i will add to group, but few things

    [03/05/17, 15:09:57] Beast NW: please do not talk like you are buying from me

    [03/05/17, 15:10:26] Beast NW: and moreover there is another risk, if you do not pay the bill, they will be after me, so i am taking the risk, please make ensure that its worth the risk, so i get an fee on every spend

    [03/05/17, 15:11:30] Mario: Ok no worries buddy. And rest assured if it works and we can spend we have all the reasons to maintain the relationship and keep spending

    [03/05/17, 15:11:47] Beast NW: There is no reason that it wont work

    [03/05/17, 15:11:51] Beast NW: because it is complete their stuff

    [03/05/17, 15:11:59] Beast NW: all you need is to ensure is you got working campaigns

    [03/05/17, 15:12:01] Beast NW: and good cloaker

    [03/05/17, 15:12:05] Beast NW: thats all needed

    [03/05/17, 15:12:36] Mario: we got all sorted

    [03/05/17, 15:13:02] Beast NW: sounds good, their billing works perfectly, they never had issues with billing

    [03/05/17, 15:13:07] Beast NW: because, they are approved by google only

    [03/05/17, 15:14:08] Beast NW: they never make problems with accounts in terms of billing, because it is entire their cards and billing

    [03/05/17, 15:14:25] Beast NW: and however if you don't pay the bills, that will be the biggest issue, so its high risk, but without risk, there is no business

    [03/05/17, 15:15:07] Mario: I know, we worked with another agency before

    [03/05/17, 15:15:18] Mario: They had 1 main acc, and these sub accounts associated to the same billing

    [03/05/17, 15:15:33] Mario: what they do is top up each sub account from time to time

    [03/05/17, 15:15:37] Beast NW: oh, so you know everything

    [03/05/17, 15:15:38] Beast NW: that's good

    [03/05/17, 15:15:48] Beast NW: and see, the risk is you should not run too high risk campaigns

    [03/05/17, 15:16:00] Beast NW: if you know about what I mean

    [03/05/17, 15:16:15] Beast NW: so these guys run an big network, and their campaigns are all legit

    [03/05/17, 15:16:31] Beast NW: and they provide sub accounts with high spend, and you can get an individual, so you own everything

    [03/05/17, 15:16:41] Beast NW: and their card is associated in billing

    [03/05/17, 15:16:45] Beast NW: so it bills to their card

    [03/05/17, 17:51:45] Beast NW: are you still there?

    [04/05/17, 10:30:22] Mario: Hey sorry I'm traveling

    [04/05/17, 10:32:03] Beast NW: Hey, ok

    [04/05/17, 11:29:08] Beast NW: Ok, so when will you be available?

    [04/05/17, 12:57:21] Simone Oliva: Hey, Mario will land in about 1 or 2 hours.

    [04/05/17, 13:00:06] Beast NW: okay, fine.

    [04/05/17, 15:25:16] Beast NW: Hey, are you back yet?

    [04/05/17, 15:32:36] Mario: no

    [04/05/17, 15:35:25] Mario: I’ll be back tonight

    [03/05/17, 15:12:25] Beast NW: Hey sir, meet my friend mario, he is interested in adwords account

    [03/05/17, 15:12:51] mario: Hi there how is it going?

    [03/05/17, 15:13:32] Gigantic Solutions: Hez! Wazzup?

    [03/05/17, 15:15:53] mario: All good thanks

    [03/05/17, 15:16:56] mario: Ajay was telling me you can provide sub-agency accounts?

    We already had experience with those, how much can we spend on those and can you send some more info?

    [03/05/17, 15:17:28] Gigantic Solutions: Okie, Will lighten you up with some more information.

    [03/05/17, 15:18:35] Gigantic Solutions: In an sub agency account, you can spend an max budget of 2k per day without getting reviewed by specialist.

    [03/05/17, 15:19:02] Gigantic Solutions: What type of campaigns do you create on accounts?

    [03/05/17, 15:21:26] mario: We do various verticals like mobile skin diet

    [03/05/17, 15:21:49] Gigantic Solutions: Does your campaigns get approved in google when you submit ads?

    [03/05/17, 15:23:44] mario: Sure

    [03/05/17, 15:24:06] mario: At times, nope. But we just resubmit and then they do

    [03/05/17, 15:24:09] mario: ad texts always

    [03/05/17, 15:24:40] Gigantic Solutions: Okay

    [03/05/17, 15:25:07] Gigantic Solutions: We provide accounts which will reduce cpc and clients can self manage the campaigns and accounts.

    [03/05/17, 15:25:30] Gigantic Solutions: We charge an setup fee and account maintenance fee based on spend and we charge 5% on campaign budget.

    [03/05/17, 15:27:09] mario: So what would be the total if we spend 30k and/or 60k in 1 month?

    [03/05/17, 15:28:06] Gigantic Solutions: If you spent an amount of 30k in a month, You have to Pay 30k + 5% fee of 30k which is 1.5k

    [03/05/17, 15:28:47] Gigantic Solutions: From time to time, your limits will get increased as you pay the campaign fee regularly

    [03/05/17, 15:30:47] mario: So that 1.5k includes all the fees?

    [03/05/17, 15:31:06] mario: For example, to how much will the limits be increased to?

    [03/05/17, 15:31:15] Gigantic Solutions: There will be two fees, which is inital setup fee and monthly campaign fee

    [03/05/17, 15:31:28] Gigantic Solutions: It will start with an amount from 2k and it will increase upto 20k

    [03/05/17, 17:48:27] Beast NW: ok sir, I will talk with mario and get you back

    [03/05/17, 17:48:41] Beast NW: and how fast will you deliver account upon order?

    [03/05/17, 17:51:19] Gigantic Solutions: Will get delivered in real time.

    [04/05/17, 15:19:12] Gigantic Solutions: Currently we have an account available ready to use with 2.5k to be spent.

    [04/05/17, 15:36:16] mario: Sorry I’m traveling but will get back to you this evening

    [04/05/17, 16:05:00] Gigantic Solutions: okay

    [05/05/17, 14:02:57] Gigantic Solutions: Hello there, How are you doing. Currently we have an invoicing account which can spend upto 100k per month

    [05/05/17, 14:03:10] Gigantic Solutions: If you are interested, do kindly let us know.

    [05/05/17, 15:12:14] mario: Hi, we’re definitely interested but not at the moment, maybe in a few days or the weeks. We got some problems with the campaigns now which we’re aiming to fix

    [05/05/17, 16:58:57] Gigantic Solutions: If you dont mind, could you explain what kind of problem you are having

    [05/05/17, 16:59:24] Gigantic Solutions: We have internal contacts with google, and if you need help getting campaigns running for longterm, we can help you

    [05/05/17, 17:02:12] mario: So we had 1 banner on multiple accounts, all of a sudden most of them spent 2/10 of usual (say 500 day to 50 day) and the only one spending at full got banned

    [06/05/17, 16:34:07] mario: Hey guys, can we talk here about setting up the account?

    [06/05/17, 16:34:24] Beast NW: hey there

    [06/05/17, 16:34:36] Gigantic Solutions: Hello

    [06/05/17, 16:34:48] Gigantic Solutions ha inviato un contatto mario a questo gruppo

    [06/05/17, 16:34:53] Gigantic Solutions: Ajay, how much do you owe to this person

    [06/05/17, 16:35:52] Beast NW: around $730

    [06/05/17, 16:36:35] Gigantic Solutions: @ rikbrum, can you confirm if the amount is correct

    [06/05/17, 16:39:47] mario: Yes, after fees it’s correct

    [06/05/17, 16:40:06] Gigantic Solutions: ok, thank you. so ajay, you need to create a virtual card, and we will instruct you by end of day

    [06/05/17, 16:40:13] Gigantic Solutions: and provide here, after we confirmed everything is good

    [06/05/17, 16:40:50] Beast NW: Ok, let me know.

    [06/05/17, 16:41:37] Gigantic Solutions: ok, we will inform you, stay for update.

    [07/05/17, 07:43:57] Gigantic Solutions: Ajay, please update here the issue, and why you have sent only $560 worth virtual card

    [07/05/17, 07:44:14] Gigantic Solutions: i will be waiting for your message and at the same time, @ rikbrum as well.

    [07/05/17, 08:03:11] Beast NW: virtual-card.PNG

    [07/05/17, 08:03:46] Beast NW: I didnt had enough money to upload, most of my money is strucked in neteller and they are verifying, and it takes couple of days

    [07/05/17, 08:04:09] Beast NW: I have refunded most of the part, and rest part as soon as account is verified, i will refund back.

    [07/05/17, 08:04:29] Beast NW: I will be unavailable until tomorrow morning, so i have given the card details again and i see, it is been charged.

    [07/05/17, 08:13:23] Gigantic Solutions: Ok, please do update to your client as well. I can confirm card is been charged, so just talk to your client and sort this out

    [05/05/17, 17:02:35] mario: Hi there

    [05/05/17, 17:02:53] mario: In regards to Adwords internal help, if I pass you accounts IDs will they be able to tell the exact reasons?

    [05/05/17, 17:04:00] Gigantic Solutions: send me customer id's please, or if you can send logins, i can get you assisted

    [05/05/17, 17:04:47] Gigantic Solutions: Which country is the account located at?

    [05/05/17, 17:04:57] mario: IT

    [05/05/17, 17:05:04] mario: It’s very strange, all same CPCs

    [05/05/17, 17:05:12] mario: this was just an initial one so that’s probably the reason for the ban

    [05/05/17, 17:05:19] mario: But why others stopped spending?

    [05/05/17, 17:05:25] mario: 678-830-0307

    [05/05/17, 17:05:46] Gigantic Solutions: If it is from india/uk, i can definetly assist you, because we have the team who work inside and they have contacts with google billing

    [05/05/17, 17:06:24] Gigantic Solutions: Can you please explain in detail regarding the problem?

    [05/05/17, 17:10:26] Gigantic Solutions: Has your campaign got banned

    [05/05/17, 17:10:28] Gigantic Solutions: ?

    [05/05/17, 17:10:37] mario: The account, not campaign

    [05/05/17, 17:10:53] Gigantic Solutions: And when you get suspension,you get an email

    [05/05/17, 17:10:55] mario: But it’s been weird all over the accounts, they weren’t spending anymore or spending 1/10 of usual

    [05/05/17, 17:11:13] Gigantic Solutions: Have you used the same banner on all over all the accounts?

    [05/05/17, 17:11:20] mario: yes

    [05/05/17, 17:11:29] Gigantic Solutions: is it same size and same banner?

    [05/05/17, 17:14:31] mario: yes

    [05/05/17, 17:14:41] mario: But we didn’t had problems with that in the past

    [05/05/17, 17:14:47] mario: maybe they reported one

    [05/05/17, 17:14:55] Gigantic Solutions: its because it was reported

    [05/05/17, 17:14:57] Gigantic Solutions: and they banned it

    [05/05/17, 17:15:12] mario: Sure but why the other accounts spend 1/10?

    [05/05/17, 17:15:14] Gigantic Solutions: and so it was affected to other accounts

    [05/05/17, 17:15:21] mario: yes that’s the same I’m thinking of

    [05/05/17, 17:15:27] mario: But usually the ad get disapproved

    [05/05/17, 17:15:30] Gigantic Solutions: what is your account type?

    [05/05/17, 17:15:35] mario: or all acc go down

    [05/05/17, 17:15:37] mario: Just personals

    [05/05/17, 17:15:44] Gigantic Solutions: the accounts should not get suspended, the ads should get disapproved

    [05/05/17, 17:15:52] Gigantic Solutions: the accounts get suspended only if major violations

    [05/05/17, 17:16:11] Gigantic Solutions: They give two warnings before they ban permanent

    [05/05/17, 17:16:30] Gigantic Solutions: Ah! personals are very hard to stay alive

    [05/05/17, 17:16:50] Gigantic Solutions: What is your daily budget on campaigns?

    [05/05/17, 17:17:44] mario: Yes yes I know all that stuff, but I’m still not sure it’s because they reported the ad

    [05/05/17, 17:17:51] mario: do you think that’s the reason the other accounts are getting low spent?

    [05/05/17, 17:18:06] Gigantic Solutions: it was because the ad might get reported

    [05/05/17, 17:18:12] Gigantic Solutions: and google is not allowing to run

    [05/05/17, 17:18:19] Gigantic Solutions: or it is rarely running

    [05/05/17, 17:18:25] Gigantic Solutions: on other accounts

    [05/05/17, 17:18:37] mario: And why they banned the only account running at full budget?

    [05/05/17, 17:18:54] Gigantic Solutions: When they ban you, did you got any email?

    [05/05/17, 17:31:07] mario: not yet, have to check again

    [05/05/17, 17:32:11] Gigantic Solutions: Ok, you should work always on business accounts

    [05/05/17, 17:32:15] Gigantic Solutions: if you have high spending campaigns

    [05/05/17, 17:32:30] Gigantic Solutions: so that you will have internal support and also campaigns can get unsuspended.

    [05/05/17, 17:32:35] mario: emai lis just general policies mail

    [05/05/17, 17:32:37] mario: As usual

    [05/05/17, 17:32:55] Gigantic Solutions: Okay, if you work on the accounts we provide, and if the campaigns got banned, i can get it unbanned

    [05/05/17, 17:33:07] Gigantic Solutions: as we have communication with internal support

    [05/05/17, 17:33:18] Gigantic Solutions: If you have high spending campaigns, it will be possible

    [05/05/17, 17:33:32] mario: I believe it but billing and policies supports are separated

    [05/05/17, 17:33:39] Gigantic Solutions: yes i am aware

    [05/05/17, 17:33:43] Gigantic Solutions: i am talking about policies

    [05/05/17, 17:33:54] Gigantic Solutions: previously i had deal with cpa clients

    [05/05/17, 17:34:05] Gigantic Solutions: who has campaigns which has like 50k-100k per month

    [05/05/17, 17:34:07] Gigantic Solutions: in budget

    [05/05/17, 17:34:16] Gigantic Solutions: and they have policy issues, we fixed it

    [05/05/17, 17:41:02] Gigantic Solutions: The only problem would be that, the accounts need to be changed every month

    [05/05/17, 17:41:02] mario: I have some diet we can try, alotught I really wanted to put in this Spain campaign

    [05/05/17, 17:41:22] Gigantic Solutions: you can try banned campaigns in our accounts, and if they get banned, we will get it unbanned and get it run

    [05/05/17, 17:41:50] Gigantic Solutions: however every month, there should be change of account, that is must.

    [05/05/17, 17:42:36] Gigantic Solutions: If its get policy issues, we will take care.

    [05/05/17, 19:18:54] Gigantic Solutions: are you still there?

    [06/05/17, 14:12:14] Gigantic Solutions: Hello

    [06/05/17, 14:13:22] mario: Hey, sorry but our campaigns aren’t doing fantastic at the moment so we don’t need another account at the moment

    [06/05/17, 14:15:06] mario: Please let’s keep in touch and see if we can do some collaboration in the near future

    [06/05/17, 14:15:12] mario: I’m sure we can

    [06/05/17, 14:17:19] Gigantic Solutions: alright, if you want to save cost in future

    [06/05/17, 14:17:23] Gigantic Solutions: you can contact us anytime

    [06/05/17, 14:18:31] Gigantic Solutions: If you just can burn huge budget in couple of days, we can work out in an way

    [06/05/17, 14:18:38] Gigantic Solutions: Although the account will be reported as unauthorized

    [06/05/17, 14:18:52] mario: How much is huge budget for you?

    [06/05/17, 14:19:04] Gigantic Solutions: If you can burn up like 10k,20k, or even 30k in 5 days

    [06/05/17, 14:19:07] Gigantic Solutions: after you burn up

    [06/05/17, 14:19:12] Gigantic Solutions: we file case as unauthorized

    [06/05/17, 14:19:21] Gigantic Solutions: So client get free credit

    [06/05/17, 14:19:28] Gigantic Solutions: and we get billing removed

    [06/05/17, 14:19:32] Gigantic Solutions: Only campaigns will be banned

    [06/05/17, 14:19:56] Gigantic Solutions: You just need to change domain names

    [06/05/17, 14:20:03] mario: lol got it

    [06/05/17, 14:20:06] mario: We have our own farm of Adwords

    [06/05/17, 14:20:11] mario: so we have like 1 domain per account

    [06/05/17, 14:20:16] Gigantic Solutions: ok that sounds good

    [06/05/17, 14:20:35] Gigantic Solutions: And we report that someone stolen account and used unauthorized

    [06/05/17, 14:20:40] Gigantic Solutions: so google will make no problem to agency

    [06/05/17, 14:20:46] mario: 1494073240.png

    [06/05/17, 14:20:47] Gigantic Solutions: they will just suspend campaigns

    [06/05/17, 14:21:04] Gigantic Solutions: do you pay real money to the campaigns?

    [06/05/17, 14:21:08] mario: yes

    [06/05/17, 14:21:18] Gigantic Solutions: ok using this method, you might get some huge credit

    [06/05/17, 14:21:28] Gigantic Solutions: actually this is kind of greyhat method

    [06/05/17, 14:21:29] mario: We’re always willing to learn new methods though

    [06/05/17, 14:22:19] Gigantic Solutions: Ok, i see. using this method, we get our accounts back

    [06/05/17, 14:22:22] Gigantic Solutions: but you will get huge credit

    [06/05/17, 14:22:31] Gigantic Solutions: this only works if you can burn up huge

    [06/05/17, 14:22:40] Gigantic Solutions: so make maximum before its reported

    [06/05/17, 14:22:40] mario: so I won’t ever pay that’s what you’re saying?

    [06/05/17, 14:22:44] Gigantic Solutions: yes

    [06/05/17, 14:22:48] Gigantic Solutions: you wont ever pay

    [06/05/17, 14:22:50] Gigantic Solutions: we wont ever pay

    [06/05/17, 14:22:57] Gigantic Solutions: and ips will be changed

    [06/05/17, 14:22:58] mario: that’s interesting

    [06/05/17, 14:23:10] Gigantic Solutions: The reason why we do this is because if we go whitehat way

    [06/05/17, 14:23:11] mario: So like 6k/day of spent for a week?

    [06/05/17, 14:23:13] Gigantic Solutions: we hardly make 5%

    [06/05/17, 14:23:19] Gigantic Solutions: if using this method

    [06/05/17, 14:23:21] Gigantic Solutions: you get for free

    [06/05/17, 14:23:27] Gigantic Solutions: we can charge you 20

    [06/05/17, 14:23:29] Gigantic Solutions: 20%

    [06/05/17, 14:23:40] Gigantic Solutions: so we make good profit

    [06/05/17, 14:23:41] mario: true

    [06/05/17, 14:23:50] Gigantic Solutions: and google wont bill either, because we know our ways

    [06/05/17, 14:23:55] mario: How much do your agency spend per month in total? (Wh + bh)?

    [06/05/17, 14:23:56] Gigantic Solutions: we stay under radar

    [06/05/17, 14:24:08] Gigantic Solutions: they are very huge, however we only do like 5-10%

    [06/05/17, 14:24:13] Gigantic Solutions: from whitehat ways

    [06/05/17, 14:24:32] Gigantic Solutions: like we inform, someone used our account and we didnt used the campaign

    [06/05/17, 14:24:37] Gigantic Solutions: and we know our ways

    [06/05/17, 14:24:48] Gigantic Solutions: The account can spend even upto 100k

    [06/05/17, 14:24:53] Gigantic Solutions: These are high invoicing accounts

    [06/05/17, 14:25:10] Gigantic Solutions: Initially it will only cost you 1k, and after you burn up for 5 days @ 6k/day

    [06/05/17, 14:25:17] Gigantic Solutions: we report that it is unauthorized

    [06/05/17, 14:25:22] Gigantic Solutions: they just suspend campaign

    [06/05/17, 14:25:45] Gigantic Solutions: The only hard part is getting legit clients for this, that is why we always look to work with new people

    [06/05/17, 14:32:37] Gigantic Solutions: If you can spend 5k/day atleast, in 6 days it will be 30k

    [06/05/17, 14:32:43] Gigantic Solutions: so you dont need to pay any bill for it.

    [06/05/17, 14:33:19] mario: we definitely can, let me look at what we can put on it in terms of campaign and get back to you

    [06/05/17, 14:33:49] Gigantic Solutions: Ok, since we have only one invoicing account, if you can get back, we can grab that and do it

    [06/05/17, 14:34:05] Gigantic Solutions: And it will be delivered in minutes upon order.

    [06/05/17, 15:58:46] mario: Can you by any chance also see the websites behind the anonymous.google placements?

    [06/05/17, 15:59:02] mario: Like 24ab84563a254abd.anonymous.google

    [06/05/17, 15:59:30] Gigantic Solutions: Well, i dont handle that part

    [06/05/17, 15:59:40] Gigantic Solutions: The partner has access to them

    [06/05/17, 15:59:43] Gigantic Solutions: and he has connections inside

    [06/05/17, 15:59:57] mario: Interesting, so can he possibly do that?

    [06/05/17, 16:00:36] Gigantic Solutions: yeah

    [06/05/17, 16:00:41] Gigantic Solutions: but they dont tell for free

    [06/05/17, 16:00:43] Gigantic Solutions: They charge

    [06/05/17, 16:01:48] mario: How much do they want?

    [06/05/17, 16:02:01] mario: We just need good contacts to improve our business

    [06/05/17, 16:03:19] Gigantic Solutions: If you can afford 250€, you would get direct contacts

    [06/05/17, 16:03:24] Gigantic Solutions: that is for internal contacts

    [06/05/17, 16:03:32] Gigantic Solutions: and if you need direct support, that would be expensive

    [06/05/17, 16:03:45] mario: What would I get for 250€?

    [06/05/17, 16:04:18] Gigantic Solutions: You would get an agency support who has internal contacts, and he gets you whatever information inside the campaigns, or website information, or their budgets, competitors budgets

    [06/05/17, 16:05:10] Gigantic Solutions: And if you want someone inside google, it will cost you xxxx

    [06/05/17, 16:05:23] Gigantic Solutions: That is only useful if you have big budgets like 100k-200k a month

    [06/05/17, 16:06:28] mario: So that's per month or?

    [06/05/17, 16:06:49] Gigantic Solutions: per month

    [06/05/17, 16:07:04] Gigantic Solutions: if you want someone inside google and can pay like xxxx per month in their fee

    [06/05/17, 16:07:15] Gigantic Solutions: but for 250€, you get information and you get access with agency

    [06/05/17, 16:07:17] Gigantic Solutions: and collaborate

    [06/05/17, 16:07:41] mario: What would the Google insider get me that is more than the agency one?

    [06/05/17, 16:08:21] Gigantic Solutions: He can work for you for own and can run for you campaigns, and he take care of anything, he will also use techniques to run them

    [06/05/17, 16:08:37] Gigantic Solutions: Even restricted campaigns now a days run in google, for big companies

    [06/05/17, 16:08:49] Gigantic Solutions: As they have contacts inside google

    [06/05/17, 16:13:44] mario: Interesting so he would also get access to accounts?

    [06/05/17, 16:13:50] mario: We will surely collaborate

    [06/05/17, 16:14:13] Gigantic Solutions: yeah otherwise if you want to save the cost, better take invoicing accounts, and along with that you get support

    [06/05/17, 16:14:17] Gigantic Solutions: not only you get accounts

    [06/05/17, 16:14:20] Gigantic Solutions: but you get direct access

    [06/05/17, 16:14:23] Gigantic Solutions: but per month you can take only 1

    [06/05/17, 16:15:11] Gigantic Solutions: And the support also have access to accounts

    [06/05/17, 16:16:11] mario: So how do we start with that account where we can spend 5/6k a day without paying it?

    [06/05/17, 16:16:35] Gigantic Solutions: So you can just order and initially it wil cost you 1k for account, along with that you get direct support access, and then you can start running campaign right away

    [06/05/17, 16:16:48] Gigantic Solutions: and then after spending 6 days

    [06/05/17, 16:16:53] Gigantic Solutions: you just need to pay % to the support

    [06/05/17, 16:19:50] Gigantic Solutions: And before giving a trial to account, you dont need to pay total amount

    [06/05/17, 16:20:08] Gigantic Solutions: if you just pay 350€, you can get campaign running right away

    [06/05/17, 16:20:19] Gigantic Solutions: and after spending day 1 on campaigns, can pay rest

    [06/05/17, 16:20:28] Gigantic Solutions: The total initial cost will be 1k€

    [06/05/17, 16:24:38] mario: So I pay 1k, I can spend 5 or even 6k day from day 1 for at least 6 days and then I just pay 20% of the total spend?

    [06/05/17, 16:24:51] Gigantic Solutions: yes, exactly.

    [06/05/17, 16:25:01] Gigantic Solutions: and you must be able to spend atleast 30k in 6 days

    [06/05/17, 16:25:07] Gigantic Solutions: if you spend more, its more good

    [06/05/17, 16:25:12] Gigantic Solutions: maximum time is 6 days

    [06/05/17, 16:25:26] mario: Ok what's your relationship with Ajay? Because I already sent him 770$ but he didn't deliver so we can add the amount to that?

    [06/05/17, 16:26:27] Gigantic Solutions: Well ajay is just an customer for us, who buys account, but if he didnt deliver you and you had his pending amount, out of 1k, after ajay confirms to refund to us, and can manage in his orders, we can deduct from 1k, so you do not need to pay rest amount

    [06/05/17, 16:26:31] Gigantic Solutions: This is only after ajay confirmation

    [06/05/17, 16:26:55] Gigantic Solutions: 1k€ equals to 1100$

    [06/05/17, 16:27:06] Gigantic Solutions: so initial cost is 350€

    [06/05/17, 16:27:21] Gigantic Solutions: that will be 380$

    [06/05/17, 16:27:46] Gigantic Solutions: 770 +380$ = 1150$, so if ajay could confirm us that he will manage to adjust that payment

    [06/05/17, 16:29:48] mario: Ok I'm sure Ajay can confirm that

    [06/05/17, 16:30:23] Gigantic Solutions: Ok, so initally it will cost you only 350€, and after you pay that, and after the transaction has been confirmed, the account will be delivered to your provided email by the partner

    [06/05/17, 16:30:27] Gigantic Solutions: It will be in about 45 minutes

    [06/05/17, 16:30:34] Gigantic Solutions: And please inform ajay to respond in group

    [06/05/17, 16:30:45] Gigantic Solutions: and confirm that rest payment, he will deduct that

    [06/05/17, 16:30:53] Gigantic Solutions: And can you run campaigns right away?

    [06/05/17, 16:31:01] Gigantic Solutions: So today we will see how much you can spend.

    [06/05/17, 16:34:21] mario: This is the targeting of the campaign, I think it has space to spend 5k or even 10k/day

    [06/05/17, 16:34:23] mario: 1494081262.png

    [06/05/17, 16:35:07] Gigantic Solutions: This is good

    [06/05/17, 16:35:12] Gigantic Solutions: so initially 2 days try to keep 5k

    [06/05/17, 16:35:16] Gigantic Solutions: and then increase it to 10k

    [06/05/17, 16:35:19] Gigantic Solutions: in the rest 4 days

    [06/05/17, 16:38:49] Gigantic Solutions: ajay confirmed it is $730, can you confirm if its correct

    [06/05/17, 16:43:23] mario: yes, I sent more but he had problem between BTC and fees so it’s fine

    [06/05/17, 16:43:39] Gigantic Solutions: ok, yes. so after running campaign you dont need to pay rest

    [06/05/17, 16:43:43] Gigantic Solutions: so it will be only 20%

    [06/05/17, 16:43:48] Gigantic Solutions: after the 6th day

    [06/05/17, 16:43:49] mario: Got it so I pay around 1K + 20% of all I spend?

    [06/05/17, 16:43:58] Gigantic Solutions: yes, exactly. That is all required to spend

    [06/05/17, 16:44:12] Gigantic Solutions: But you need to get started today any campaign

    [06/05/17, 16:44:24] Gigantic Solutions: And leave it to run

    [06/05/17, 16:44:35] Gigantic Solutions: If you dont have real campaigns, try to run any small campaigns, doesnt matter

    [06/05/17, 16:44:47] Gigantic Solutions: And time will be upto 12th

    [06/05/17, 16:44:51] Gigantic Solutions: before it gets disabled

    [06/05/17, 16:45:02] Gigantic Solutions: And vps will be shutdown

    [06/05/17, 16:45:18] mario: I’ll put the campaign however I’m not sure how much time they will take to review the image ad

    [06/05/17, 16:45:28] Gigantic Solutions: if they dont approve in 2 hours

    [06/05/17, 16:45:31] Gigantic Solutions: contact me

    [06/05/17, 16:45:34] Gigantic Solutions: i get it reviewed

    [06/05/17, 16:45:41] Gigantic Solutions: max 2-3 hours

    [06/05/17, 16:45:54] Gigantic Solutions: After that do let me know the campaign name, ad group name

    [06/05/17, 16:46:20] Gigantic Solutions: Kindly change all passwords once you get the access

    [06/05/17, 16:46:22] Gigantic Solutions: including vps

    [06/05/17, 17:08:38] mario: Sure, got it

    [06/05/17, 17:32:47] Gigantic Solutions: ok

    [06/05/17, 17:50:46] Gigantic Solutions: How soon can you order out?

    [06/05/17, 18:18:19] Gigantic Solutions: are you there?

    [06/05/17, 20:27:11] mario: Hey man, was out of desk

    [06/05/17, 20:27:28] mario: I'll be available next hour, how do we start on this?

    [06/05/17, 21:38:25] mario: let me know how we should proceed

    [06/05/17, 22:37:21] Gigantic Solutions: ok

    [06/05/17, 22:37:32] Gigantic Solutions: are you available still

    [06/05/17, 22:39:05] Gigantic Solutions: Is it possible you can get started today?

    [06/05/17, 22:44:58] Gigantic Solutions: And to proceed, so you just need to order, and within 45 minutes you get delivered, so you just need to pay up 350€, and give your email details here, and within 45 minutes you will get account delivered

    [06/05/17, 22:45:14] Gigantic Solutions: and then you have to start campaign and spend up budget.

    [06/05/17, 22:53:20] Gigantic Solutions: You can start off with 5k-10k initially

    [06/05/17, 22:53:29] Gigantic Solutions: And spend before 12th.

    [07/05/17, 01:16:44] mario: Hey, as I said I wasn’t at the desk

    [07/05/17, 01:16:49] mario: Where should I pay?

    [07/05/17, 01:16:57] mario: Before 12th of May?

    [07/05/17, 01:17:26] Gigantic Solutions: You can pay through bitcoins, neteller.

    [07/05/17, 01:17:33] Gigantic Solutions: 12th of pay you have to spend on campaigns

    [07/05/17, 01:17:47] mario: Neteller is better

    [07/05/17, 01:17:47] Gigantic Solutions: on 13th the account will shut down

    [07/05/17, 01:17:56] mario: Ahh so from now till 12th? damn

    [07/05/17, 01:17:59] mario: which timezone?

    [07/05/17, 01:18:10] mario: Send me your neteller

    [07/05/17, 01:18:12] Gigantic Solutions: it will be gmt + 5.30

    [07/05/17, 01:18:23] Gigantic Solutions: Is it possible you can do bitcoins?

    [07/05/17, 01:18:34] mario: No sorry had too much trouble with Ajay

    [07/05/17, 01:18:57] Gigantic Solutions: If it is bitcoins, it will be instant, so within 45 minutes it will be done, if it is neteller, it will take time

    [07/05/17, 01:19:04] Gigantic Solutions: is your neteller account verified?

    [07/05/17, 01:19:07] mario: nope

    [07/05/17, 01:19:10] mario: Not verified

    [07/05/17, 01:19:22] Gigantic Solutions: So are you aware that you cannot do more than $100

    [07/05/17, 01:19:25] Gigantic Solutions: for unverified?

    [07/05/17, 01:20:34] mario: not aware

    [07/05/17, 01:21:01] mario: I had so many problems with Ajay, he asked me to add BTC constantly because of fees etc

    [07/05/17, 01:21:16] Gigantic Solutions: Let me be clear, once you sent 350, there will be no other fee

    [07/05/17, 01:21:19] mario: Paypal?

    [07/05/17, 01:21:20] Gigantic Solutions: and i will tell you exact fee

    [07/05/17, 01:21:27] Gigantic Solutions: and there will be no other fees or changes

    [07/05/17, 01:21:42] Gigantic Solutions: No only neteller and bitcoins, because that would be easy to pay to partner

    [07/05/17, 01:22:03] Gigantic Solutions: apart from 0.25 BTC, there will be no fee

    [07/05/17, 01:22:10] Gigantic Solutions: and account will be delivered in 45 minutes

    [07/05/17, 01:22:19] Gigantic Solutions: and only next fee will be on 12th

    [07/05/17, 01:22:38] Gigantic Solutions: so on 12th end, the account will be checked for total spend

    [07/05/17, 01:22:39] mario: Sure, 0.25 is 392 at actual rate so 20% more

    [07/05/17, 01:22:49] Gigantic Solutions: it is 350 euro

    [07/05/17, 01:22:54] Gigantic Solutions: no fee

    [07/05/17, 01:23:00] Gigantic Solutions: which market rate you are checking?

    [07/05/17, 01:23:04] mario: ah got it ok

    [07/05/17, 01:23:16] Gigantic Solutions: And there is no additional fee. so 0.25 is exact

    [07/05/17, 01:42:30] mario: Where should I send and when will you send the account?

    [07/05/17, 01:42:38] mario: Can we start at 5k from the start?

    [07/05/17, 01:42:58] Gigantic Solutions: 15ek4oUP5nR7NeN5f2mP4fmhBcXMwTpDaf

    [07/05/17, 01:43:03] Gigantic Solutions: and it will be delivered in 45 minutes

    [07/05/17, 01:43:05] Gigantic Solutions: to your email

    [07/05/17, 01:43:10] Gigantic Solutions: yes, you can keep 5k budget at start

    [07/05/17, 01:43:18] Gigantic Solutions: and increase upto 10k if it can spend 10k

    [07/05/17, 01:43:38] mario: And I will pay just 20% of the total?

    [07/05/17, 01:43:41] Gigantic Solutions: so you can start campaigns right away

    [07/05/17, 01:43:44] Gigantic Solutions: yes

    [07/05/17, 01:43:47] Gigantic Solutions: 20% after spending

    [07/05/17, 01:43:50] Gigantic Solutions: at the end of 12th

    [07/05/17, 01:43:52] Gigantic Solutions: 12th

    [07/05/17, 01:44:05] Gigantic Solutions: we will calculate how much spent

    [07/05/17, 01:44:13] Gigantic Solutions: and on 13th the account gets suspended

    [07/05/17, 01:44:17] Gigantic Solutions: and you have to pay 20%

    [07/05/17, 01:44:33] mario: wire is fine?

    [07/05/17, 01:44:36] Gigantic Solutions: So right away you can start keeping 5k, and increase upto 10k

    [07/05/17, 01:44:40] mario: For the 20%

    [07/05/17, 01:44:44] Gigantic Solutions: Yeah wire should be fine, since it will be big amount

    [07/05/17, 02:00:37] mario: sending

    [07/05/17, 02:00:46] Gigantic Solutions: okay

    [07/05/17, 02:02:58] mario: Sent

    [07/05/17, 02:03:07] mario: [email protected] you can send acc info here

    [07/05/17, 02:03:07] Gigantic Solutions: what is your email address?

    [07/05/17, 02:03:14] Gigantic Solutions: okay i will note here

    [07/05/17, 02:03:49] mario: Thanks, let me know any special instruction if needed

    [07/05/17, 02:03:51] Gigantic Solutions: I will inform you once received

    [07/05/17, 02:03:58] Gigantic Solutions: well do not login from your pc

    [07/05/17, 02:04:09] mario: so, from proxy or what?

    [07/05/17, 02:04:11] Gigantic Solutions: they will give you vps

    [07/05/17, 02:04:32] mario: Ahh, so I will login into VPS with an HMA should that be fine or need stronger?

    [07/05/17, 02:04:48] Gigantic Solutions: hma is fine

    [07/05/17, 02:04:56] Gigantic Solutions: you dont need any stronger one

    [07/05/17, 02:05:00] Gigantic Solutions: becaue vps will have own ip

    [07/05/17, 02:05:12] mario: yeah I mean to not get tracked by VPS providers

    [07/05/17, 02:05:22] Gigantic Solutions: vps providers are anonymous

    [07/05/17, 02:05:25] mario: They will go after domain eventually

    [07/05/17, 02:05:25] Gigantic Solutions: so they protect everything

    [07/05/17, 02:06:16] Gigantic Solutions: just get whois protection for domain

    [07/05/17, 02:06:59] mario: yeah we have

    [07/05/17, 02:07:05] Gigantic Solutions: Then it should be good

    [07/05/17, 02:07:06] mario: Not sure if they can go after the hosting

    [07/05/17, 02:07:12] Gigantic Solutions: if anymore special instructions they will let you know

    [07/05/17, 02:07:16] Gigantic Solutions: No, they wont go

    [07/05/17, 02:07:52] Gigantic Solutions: Where do you get hosting

    [07/05/17, 02:09:37] mario: DigitalOcean

    [07/05/17, 02:09:45] Gigantic Solutions: ok that should be fine

    [07/05/17, 02:09:51] mario: But I can get an anonymous one through BTC, just have to transfer everything which is quite annoying

    [07/05/17, 02:10:01] Gigantic Solutions: so it is better if you can get one

    [07/05/17, 02:10:04] Gigantic Solutions: although they wont go

    [07/05/17, 02:10:47] Gigantic Solutions: after hosting

    [07/05/17, 03:01:02] mario: got news?

    [07/05/17, 03:01:28] Gigantic Solutions: the transaction has been confirmed just before

    [07/05/17, 03:01:37] Gigantic Solutions: it will take about 45 minutes more

    [07/05/17, 03:04:02] mario: ok

    [07/05/17, 03:04:28] mario: Asking because here is 3AM

    [07/05/17, 03:04:32] mario: can you make it as quick as possible?

    [07/05/17, 03:05:08] Gigantic Solutions: i will try my best, but otherwise you can do it morning, so date will be changed

    [07/05/17, 03:05:14] Gigantic Solutions: so you will have time till 14th

    [07/05/17, 03:05:18] mario: Ah better

    [07/05/17, 03:05:21] mario: can we do it like that?

    [07/05/17, 03:05:34] Gigantic Solutions: yeah we can

    [07/05/17, 03:05:36] mario: So I’ll go to sleep lol

    [07/05/17, 03:05:40] Gigantic Solutions: if you take account after 12 hours

    [07/05/17, 03:05:41] mario: ok amazing, talk tomorrow morning

    [07/05/17, 03:05:48] Gigantic Solutions: yeah ok

    [07/05/17, 03:05:52] mario: if you take account after 12 hours

    What do you mean?

    [07/05/17, 03:05:54] Gigantic Solutions: i will inform then

    [07/05/17, 03:05:55] mario: 12 hours from now?

    [07/05/17, 03:05:58] Gigantic Solutions: yeah

    [07/05/17, 03:06:19] Gigantic Solutions: that should be more better i guess

    [07/05/17, 03:06:27] Gigantic Solutions: so you get a day time more

    [07/05/17, 03:06:30] Gigantic Solutions: and enough time to create campaigns

    [07/05/17, 03:06:32] mario: Yeah better

    [07/05/17, 03:06:35] Gigantic Solutions: by that time you will be awake

    [07/05/17, 03:06:49] mario: I’ll get back here in 8hrs or less

    [07/05/17, 03:06:59] Gigantic Solutions: alright

    [07/05/17, 03:07:08] Gigantic Solutions: talk to you soon

    [07/05/17, 03:07:14] mario: Talk soon

    [07/05/17, 04:40:57] mario: I will need the account in 6/7 hours because then I'll be on a plane

    [07/05/17, 04:41:49] Gigantic Solutions: ok

    [07/05/17, 04:41:55] Gigantic Solutions: hold for 5 minutes

    [07/05/17, 04:42:02] Gigantic Solutions: let me confirm

    [07/05/17, 04:58:05] Gigantic Solutions: are you still there?

    [07/05/17, 04:59:58] Gigantic Solutions: ?

    [07/05/17, 05:02:37] Gigantic Solutions: Hello?

    [07/05/17, 05:04:57] mario: dude it’s 5AM here

    [07/05/17, 05:05:04] mario: Let’s setup this when I wake up

    [07/05/17, 05:06:16] Gigantic Solutions: There is an issue with ajay, can you contact him asap?

    [07/05/17, 06:54:56] Gigantic Solutions: let me know when you are available.

    [07/05/17, 08:06:39] Gigantic Solutions: The total cost paid is $385 + $560 out of total cost which is $1100.

    [07/05/17, 08:07:41] Gigantic Solutions: The total amount paid is $945, the remaining amount is $155. As soon as it is paid by you/ajay, immediately it will be delivered. They confirm the setup is done already. I hate the change in plans, when ajay confirmed before, and at the time of completion, he didnt gave what its planned.

    [07/05/17, 08:09:06] Gigantic Solutions: So once 0.1 btc is added, within 10 minutes, the email will be sent. The payment address is same. So the team will be aware even though i am unavailable here, So once it is sent, you get an email within 10 minutes. And if you need support, just reply to the email which they send for campaigns/support. That is the contact of the support as well, so if you need any more information, you will get it.

    [07/05/17, 11:05:07] mario: Man this is complete madness

    [07/05/17, 11:05:12] mario: Ajay always has problem

    [07/05/17, 11:05:26] mario: I added the money 2 times last time, then at the end he didn't deliver anyway

    [07/05/17, 11:06:08] mario: This all sound like complete madness to me, we started for an account at 385, then I added 300 more, then another 100 more

    [07/05/17, 11:06:13] mario: And now another problem

    [07/05/17, 11:06:56] Gigantic Solutions: Ajay always had issues with us previous for other orders

    [07/05/17, 11:07:02] mario: And you hate change of plans? What do I have to say? Everyday is a change of plan here

    [07/05/17, 11:07:04] Gigantic Solutions: this guy ia an complete bullshit

    [07/05/17, 11:07:08] mario: Complete madness

    [07/05/17, 11:07:25] Gigantic Solutions: Yesterday night he confirmed in front of you

    [07/05/17, 11:07:29] mario: He is he sounds 12 years old

    [07/05/17, 11:07:33] Gigantic Solutions: that he will give

    [07/05/17, 11:07:51] Gigantic Solutions: Previously other client also had issues with him

    [07/05/17, 11:07:57] Gigantic Solutions: he took 7 days to solve

    [07/05/17, 11:08:16] Gigantic Solutions: even he caused us issue before

    [07/05/17, 11:10:10] mario: Good you understand, I keep adding money with him and delaying plans

    [07/05/17, 11:10:49] mario: I'll have a plane soon so it makes sense for us to do this when I land

    [07/05/17, 11:10:59] Gigantic Solutions: Also try to claim the remaining mioney with him

    [07/05/17, 11:11:04] Gigantic Solutions: if you can do it asap

    [07/05/17, 11:11:06] mario: And honestly he has the rest of my money

    [07/05/17, 11:11:10] Gigantic Solutions: it would be more better

    [07/05/17, 11:11:10] mario: He's not replying

    [07/05/17, 11:11:20] Gigantic Solutions: this is because of the availability

    [07/05/17, 11:11:31] Gigantic Solutions: and tomorrow the team will be away

    [07/05/17, 11:12:23] Gigantic Solutions: That woule be 0.11 and that finishes the problem and they send instantly in few minutes

    [07/05/17, 11:12:35] Gigantic Solutions: so keep it with you and do when you are ready

    [07/05/17, 11:14:07] mario: I don't find it fair, I hope he refunds, I'm keeping adding money.

    Anyway will you be here in 8hrs from now? I'll land more or less at that time

    [07/05/17, 11:14:54] Gigantic Solutions: we have big time difference. is it not possible you can do it now? so the job gets done.

    [07/05/17, 11:15:10] Gigantic Solutions: and I am sure he has to refund or else he will face problem

    [07/05/17, 11:15:21] Gigantic Solutions: i am glad that atleast he did 560

    [07/05/17, 11:15:38] Gigantic Solutions: however what he has done is unfair.

    [07/05/17, 11:16:10] Gigantic Solutions: now that if order gets completed we can be sure that they complete in time.

    [07/05/17, 11:16:17] Gigantic Solutions: next time do not keep mess with ajay

    [07/05/17, 11:16:23] Gigantic Solutions: or deal with him.

    [07/05/17, 11:16:48] Gigantic Solutions: just make an direct contact always with me. for now if this order gets done that would be relief.

    [07/05/17, 12:04:04] Gigantic Solutions: are you still there?

    [07/05/17, 12:04:18] mario: I am buddy

    [07/05/17, 12:04:27] mario: I will make a direct contact with you for sure

    [07/05/17, 12:04:41] mario: But now I can’t, I have to travel to the plane in 25 min

    [07/05/17, 12:05:01] Gigantic Solutions: and when will you be back?

    [07/05/17, 12:05:11] Gigantic Solutions: so i will plan to be available at that timr

    [07/05/17, 12:05:14] Gigantic Solutions: time

    [07/05/17, 12:05:19] mario: 6hrs from now more or less

    [07/05/17, 12:05:34] mario: At 18 Rome time

    [07/05/17, 12:05:41] Gigantic Solutions: ok

    [07/05/17, 12:05:50] mario: we can activate at that time

    [07/05/17, 12:05:51] Gigantic Solutions: i will be available at that time

    [07/05/17, 12:06:05] Gigantic Solutions: make sure it is 0.11. That is final amount

    [07/05/17, 12:06:14] Gigantic Solutions: ok sure

    [07/05/17, 17:23:16] mario: Hey man, I’m on

    [07/05/17, 17:23:21] mario: what’s the final amount at current rate?

    [07/05/17, 17:24:36] Gigantic Solutions: 0.11

    [07/05/17, 17:25:00] mario: Ok is there any chance you can activate the account past your midnight? So we’ll have a day more I think

    [07/05/17, 17:25:24] Gigantic Solutions: well if you can send now, i can talk to them and get somehow activated by midnight

    [07/05/17, 17:25:28] Gigantic Solutions: and get you delivered at midnight

    [07/05/17, 17:25:34] Gigantic Solutions: and i will try to get you a day more

    [07/05/17, 17:25:43] mario: yeah I mean which hour is it where you are?

    [07/05/17, 17:25:49] mario: Cause otherwise we get Day 1 = few hours

    [07/05/17, 17:25:51] mario: I’m sending btw

    [07/05/17, 17:26:19] Gigantic Solutions: ok once you sent, let me know, and it is gmt+1.30

    [07/05/17, 17:26:25] Gigantic Solutions: and account get reset at gmt

    [07/05/17, 17:26:37] Gigantic Solutions: so once sent , let me know, and i will try to get it activated at gmt time

    [07/05/17, 17:26:45] Gigantic Solutions: so you get a day more

    [07/05/17, 17:27:07] mario: Ok wallet 15ek4oUP5nR7NeN5f2mP4fmhBcXMwTpDaf ?

    [07/05/17, 17:27:23] Gigantic Solutions: yes

    [07/05/17, 17:27:25] Gigantic Solutions: that is correct

    [07/05/17, 17:31:10] mario: sent

    [07/05/17, 17:31:31] mario: have you got time for a quick call now?

    [07/05/17, 17:31:54] mario: Would like to clarify some doubts about this + possible future business

    [07/05/17, 17:33:00] Gigantic Solutions: can we have call conversation tomorrow

    [07/05/17, 17:33:02] Gigantic Solutions: today i am out

    [07/05/17, 17:33:08] mario: sure no worries

    [07/05/17, 17:33:15] Gigantic Solutions: sure, we will take time to talk and if you have doubts, you can clarify

    [07/05/17, 17:33:15] mario: What time works for you?

    [07/05/17, 17:36:20] Gigantic Solutions: 3.00 pm gmt time

    [07/05/17, 17:36:24] Gigantic Solutions: is that fine?

    [07/05/17, 17:45:38] mario: yes noted

    [07/05/17, 17:46:29] Gigantic Solutions: i will talk to them and will know shortly

    [07/05/17, 17:46:32] Gigantic Solutions: ajay messed too much

    [07/05/17, 17:46:53] Gigantic Solutions: are you online for few minutes?

    [07/05/17, 17:47:05] mario: Yeah man honestly I’m not the one to put it on people but it was absurd, never experienced something like this

    [07/05/17, 17:47:07] mario: yes I’ll be

    [07/05/17, 17:47:43] Gigantic Solutions: actually it was supposed to be morning

    [07/05/17, 17:47:47] Gigantic Solutions: however will let you know shortly

    [07/05/17, 17:48:11] mario: Yeah I mean just set that up to run as many hours as possible

    [07/05/17, 18:08:54] Gigantic Solutions: Well if it runs for 20 days is it profitable?

    [07/05/17, 18:09:19] mario: Lol yeah, if we pay 20% is profitable for sure

    [07/05/17, 18:09:58] Gigantic Solutions: no, actually the account which i told you about yesterday, i said you they get suspended on 12th, they said that, but if there is an account which runs for 20 days

    [07/05/17, 18:10:08] Gigantic Solutions: and each day if we spend 20k, is it profitable in total 20 days?

    [07/05/17, 18:10:14] Gigantic Solutions: so we will have whole 20 days

    [07/05/17, 18:10:22] mario: that would be even better

    [07/05/17, 18:10:34] mario: and you’ll get more money out of the spent

    [07/05/17, 18:12:18] Gigantic Solutions: The problem right now is we made too much delay, there was only one account available, and ajay made mess and messed deadline. But they proposed in other way. But the more problem is, every 2 days, the payout needs to be done. That means not after 20 days, and moreover for this, every 2 days, the 20% spent will be need to paid, because they are not allowing after total 20 days

    [07/05/17, 18:12:23] Gigantic Solutions: really this ajay has messed up completely

    [07/05/17, 18:13:18] mario: So it’d be

    Spent Day1

    Spent Day2

    Spent Day3 - I pay here Day1 and Day2

    [07/05/17, 18:15:35] Gigantic Solutions: That is why i said you in afternoon to do it fast, because there was only one account available, and the initial cost was also low, but anyways you were on flight, so nothing can be done for that. But i got an better idea, and also you will have agency contact direct for that. The advantage here is that, they had another one which can run for 20 days for sure. That would be more profitable and better for us. But here already ajay messed up once, now i don't want to elaborate you by telling more issue. But the problem is clear, there is an higher one which can spend for 20 days. And they suspend on 27th of may 2017.

    [07/05/17, 18:15:54] mario: No man

    [07/05/17, 18:15:56] mario: I can’t pay more

    [07/05/17, 18:15:58] mario: This is a joke

    [07/05/17, 18:16:10] mario: No way I’m paying more upfront

    [07/05/17, 18:16:26] Gigantic Solutions: Yes i do understand. That is why i was way more clear on this. So you don't waste your time and i don't waste time

    [07/05/17, 18:16:47] mario: I can pay more frequently the 20%

    [07/05/17, 18:16:58] mario: But you won’t see a cent more upfront

    [07/05/17, 18:17:51] Gigantic Solutions: I wont have problem nor i am not going to expand on it. As far as you have paid me 0.3598 and i have paid them same, and i will get it refunded by them the same without any fee.

    [07/05/17, 18:18:01] Gigantic Solutions: So, do let me know your address, and i will forward

    [07/05/17, 18:18:13] mario: so you’re refunding and we won’t do anything?

    [07/05/17, 18:18:25] Gigantic Solutions: Well if you have any doubt on that

    [07/05/17, 18:18:27] mario: (hiddenBTCAddress)

    [07/05/17, 18:18:30] Gigantic Solutions: you can approach them directly

    [07/05/17, 18:19:09] Gigantic Solutions: Ok, 0.3598 will be refunded.

    [07/05/17, 18:19:22] Gigantic Solutions: Will inform you once done.

    [07/05/17, 18:20:21] mario: Ok

    [07/05/17, 18:21:32] mario: Can you do it now?

    [07/05/17, 18:21:51] Gigantic Solutions: Actually i do have paid them as soon as you paid, i already said you these accounts are provided by agency

    [07/05/17, 18:21:57] Gigantic Solutions: so i ordered upon you confirmed yesterday

    [07/05/17, 18:22:04] Gigantic Solutions: It was not my fault though

    [07/05/17, 18:22:09] Gigantic Solutions: but i will do get it refunded

    [07/05/17, 18:22:12] Gigantic Solutions: that is my responsibility

    [07/05/17, 18:22:23] mario: I thought you were the agency but ok

    [07/05/17, 18:22:24] Gigantic Solutions: And without any fee, i get total refunded

    [07/05/17, 18:22:30] Gigantic Solutions: I don't provide accounts

    [07/05/17, 18:22:42] Gigantic Solutions: The one who provides them, i did got it, those are the partners

    [07/05/17, 18:23:01] mario: Ok, just send those BTC back

    [07/05/17, 18:23:05] Gigantic Solutions: I should have said you 1200 yesterday for that 20 days account, and 20% on fee and 2 days payout, but i wanted to give you low cost

    [07/05/17, 18:23:11] Gigantic Solutions: but nevermind, yes

    [07/05/17, 18:23:12] Gigantic Solutions: i will get it

    [07/05/17, 18:23:22] Gigantic Solutions: and whatever ajay sent it, it will be void, so it will be returned

    [07/05/17, 18:39:57] Gigantic Solutions: merchant-withdrawl.PNG

    [07/05/17, 18:40:23] Gigantic Solutions: They sent it, should be soon, it takes couple of hours though as they use mixer

    [07/05/17, 18:40:49] Gigantic Solutions: for security

    [07/05/17, 18:41:04] mario: Ok I’ll let you know when it arrives

    [07/05/17, 18:41:18] mario: what about the money I sent to Ajay?

    [07/05/17, 18:41:25] Gigantic Solutions: Alright, also in few hours, the card transaction will be void, and it takes 3-4 working days for ajay to get back

    [07/05/17, 18:41:29] Gigantic Solutions: yes, i already told them

    [07/05/17, 18:41:39] Gigantic Solutions: it is very unfortuante that i should have said 1200€

    [07/05/17, 18:41:40] mario: He sent you 560$ I think, plus he still owns me 200$

    [07/05/17, 18:41:42] Gigantic Solutions: that would have solved it

    [07/05/17, 18:41:46] Gigantic Solutions: yeah he gave card

    [07/05/17, 18:41:48] Gigantic Solutions: and it will be void

    [07/05/17, 18:41:52] Gigantic Solutions: the partner already initiating

    [07/05/17, 18:41:58] Gigantic Solutions: the merchant will void the transaction

    [07/05/17, 18:42:01] Gigantic Solutions: so ajay gets back them

    [07/05/17, 18:42:12] Gigantic Solutions: So all payments are clear from my side

    [07/05/17, 18:43:00] mario: ok let’s get this refunded then we can talk for one in the future

    [07/05/17, 18:43:23] Gigantic Solutions: sure, just in case even today if you can afford just 200€ more, i can get one for you instantly, and when i said it is instant, it would be

    [07/05/17, 18:43:38] Gigantic Solutions: but thats just in case if you are still interested

    [07/05/17, 18:43:50] Gigantic Solutions: And every 2 days as well, 20% will be same

    [07/05/17, 18:44:29] Gigantic Solutions: Apart from that, not even a single charge will be done, apart from all this. And right away in less than 30 minutes, you can create campaign.

    [07/05/17, 18:50:30] Gigantic Solutions: If you can really risk for this, may be before void itself you will get account, and we can get started right away. If you can get started for it, definetly its worth. Othewise the next time we have to do is on 5th of june 2017

    [07/05/17, 18:50:45] Gigantic Solutions: I already informed for refund though and they have initiated for bitcoin

    [07/05/17, 18:50:56] Gigantic Solutions: But if it is running and 20% a day is more benefitable

    [07/05/17, 18:52:23] mario: No sorry

    [07/05/17, 22:00:45] Gigantic Solutions: ok

    [08/05/17, 02:25:55] mario: the BTC still didn’t arrive

    [08/05/17, 10:18:17] mario: ?

    [08/05/17, 10:25:00] Gigantic Solutions: I will check and let you know

    [08/05/17, 10:25:04] Gigantic Solutions: usually it should take couple of hours

    [08/05/17, 10:25:09] Gigantic Solutions: will let you know

    [08/05/17, 10:25:18] mario: ok

    [08/05/17, 10:25:30] mario: Why is there always a problem in everything?
  2. Tim Roth

    Tim Roth Junior Member

    Mar 30, 2010
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    They scammed me heavily.

    They say they can't refund and keep asking for more money. They're also making me loose a lot of time, patience and I'm super angry.

    Please ban them from here.

    [10/05/17, 23:18:36] Gigantic Solutions: alright

    [10/05/17, 23:18:42] Gigantic Solutions: at that time 0.14 on escrow

    [10/05/17, 23:18:53] Gigantic Solutions: and once account delivered 0.14 to be released

    [10/05/17, 23:18:55] mario: Just keep the other money on hold and that's it

    [10/05/17, 23:19:12] mario: We'll talk on the 5th or shortly befor

    [10/05/17, 23:20:06] Gigantic Solutions: i cant keep other money on hold, as i already paid it

    [10/05/17, 23:20:07] Gigantic Solutions: otherwise

    [10/05/17, 23:20:11] Gigantic Solutions: i would have refund it

    [10/05/17, 23:20:12] Gigantic Solutions: in first place

    [10/05/17, 23:20:16] Gigantic Solutions: instead of having chat here

    [10/05/17, 23:20:29] Gigantic Solutions: I don't do business on just talk.

    [10/05/17, 23:22:02] Gigantic Solutions: will talk to you on 5th

    [10/05/17, 23:22:22] mario: Ok, I won't say that sending you 1k+ is just talk, but the opposite that I'm interested

    [10/05/17, 23:23:56] Gigantic Solutions: On 5th you will know, whether if its scam or genuine, until then you can consider as scam

    [10/05/17, 23:24:01] Gigantic Solutions: because whenever i want to make it solution

    [10/05/17, 23:24:10] Gigantic Solutions: it looks like i am bothering you with money

    [10/05/17, 23:24:46] Gigantic Solutions: I know you are potential, but when doing business, if we quarrel with this small money, businesses don't work, that is why on 5th i get you delivered, run for an time, get your money valued, and then close it.

    [11/05/17, 12:36:01] mario: Good

    [13/05/17, 14:29:18] Gigantic Solutions: Just to inform you that I cannot do total escrow on 5th, so on 5th, you will still need to add 0.07 and rest we can do on escrow,

    [13/05/17, 14:29:28] mario: Nah no way

    [13/05/17, 14:29:42] mario: why don’t you ask them to refund and just refund? What kind of policy is theirs mah

    [13/05/17, 14:30:03] Gigantic Solutions: alright, I have said what I can, rest its upto you, I have tried for refund, it failed, so like I said, if you risk to spend another 100€, you have to, otherwise I cannot do anything

    [13/05/17, 14:30:09] Gigantic Solutions: even if you do today, its still same

    [13/05/17, 14:30:09] mario: Il 10/05/17, alle 23:18, Gigantic Solutions ha scritto:

    > at that time 0.14 on escrow

    You’re always saying one thing then the opposite

    [13/05/17, 14:30:22] mario: Just refund

    [13/05/17, 14:30:40] Gigantic Solutions: i already said, i cant get refund

    [13/05/17, 14:30:44] mario: i didn’t place any “order” what kind of policy is that, if they can’t deliver they refund

    [13/05/17, 14:30:52] mario: link me the agency this is ridiculous

    [13/05/17, 14:30:53] Gigantic Solutions: so i have said you completely, you can decide yourself what to do

    [13/05/17, 14:31:09] Gigantic Solutions: [email protected]

    [13/05/17, 14:31:23] mario: Their agency is a Gmail?

    [13/05/17, 14:31:27] Gigantic Solutions: no

    [13/05/17, 14:31:30] Gigantic Solutions: the contact name is martin

    [13/05/17, 14:31:43] Gigantic Solutions: that is the one whom i got it, and like i said, i cannot give the details of where i get accounts

    [13/05/17, 14:31:58] Gigantic Solutions: even if you ask, still the deal has to go through me

    [13/05/17, 14:32:03] mario: ah and you also can’t get refunds if you deliver nothing, fantastic

    [13/05/17, 14:32:36] mario: Make a group chat with this martin

    [13/05/17, 14:32:54] Gigantic Solutions: why it matters? i have already said you they cant issue refund

    [13/05/17, 14:32:58] Gigantic Solutions: so why it matters

    [13/05/17, 14:33:02] mario: why they can’t it’s crazy

    [13/05/17, 14:33:15] mario: Make a group chat with this Martin

    [13/05/17, 14:33:35] mario: I’m pissed off

    [13/05/17, 14:33:57] Gigantic Solutions: No, why will you ask them? that's crazy, i have already said you have to risk 0.07, apart from that, i cannot do nothing beyond that point,

    [13/05/17, 14:34:05] mario: No you said

    [13/05/17, 14:34:13] mario: Il 10/05/17, alle 23:18, Gigantic Solutions ha scritto:

    > at that time 0.14 on escrow

    [13/05/17, 14:34:19] mario: then switched back to 0.07

    [13/05/17, 14:34:56] mario: You’re more of a joke than that Ajay

    [13/05/17, 14:35:09] Gigantic Solutions: i still said 0.07 and 0.07 on parts

    [13/05/17, 14:35:11] Gigantic Solutions: if you want

    [13/05/17, 14:35:13] Gigantic Solutions: check your messages

    [13/05/17, 14:35:14] Gigantic Solutions: history

    [13/05/17, 14:35:28] mario: that’s part of the history man

    [13/05/17, 14:38:40] mario: Just ask them to take 0.14 on escrow and will send now on escrow

    [13/05/17, 14:46:54] Gigantic Solutions: well see, honestly i will tell you, you just take 0.07 btc, and send it and give me 40 minutes, after 40 minutes, if it is scam, you will know if it scam, if it is genuine you know, you will start campaign, otherwise i don't say anything, definetly i am not going to take that money, as it doesn't make sense for me afterall taking 1100$ worth money and taking away 100$ woth, which doesn't make anything

    [13/05/17, 14:46:59] Gigantic Solutions: and i am not going to say all this time

    [13/05/17, 14:47:23] mario: i won’t even read unless it’s a yes to escrow

    [13/05/17, 14:47:34] mario: It’s not fair how you’re treating me and you know it

    [13/05/17, 15:25:38] mario: So man I’m getting pissed off and angry

    [13/05/17, 15:25:42] mario: if you want to make money fix this

    [13/05/17, 15:25:56] mario: If you want an angry customer or relationship, just tell me to go away

    [13/05/17, 15:25:58] mario: but take a decision

    [13/05/17, 15:26:28] mario: I’m not going to send you anymore money because I’ve trusted you enough for being a perfect stranger that constantly changes his selling proposition every day

    [13/05/17, 15:27:14] mario: So it’s up to you, either

    take escrow for the 0.07 or 0.14

    Put yourself 0.07 to them if it’s really necessary

    Let them refund me

    Refund me

    We’ll never talk neither do business again

    [13/05/17, 15:27:16] mario: Pick one

    [13/05/17, 15:27:22] mario: I’ve got enough of this

    [13/05/17, 15:45:39] Gigantic Solutions: alright, its upto you. i have said what i can, take one risk, and afford 0.07, and then you will know in around 1 hour

    [13/05/17, 15:51:50] mario: No it's up to you you've got my money
    [13/05/17, 15:52:17] mario: Either get me those money back or or find a way to deliver or go away
  3. BassTrackerBoats

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    Shitlist Request Approved

    @beastboy85 has been notified he has 48 hours to respond to this post.

    PS. Reminder to all who have current issues, keep it PROFESSIONAL. No name calling or other insults.

    Reminder to everyone else:

    Shit list rule #4:
    If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread.
  4. BassTrackerBoats

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  5. silenthatter

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    Oct 2, 2014
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    I have currently lost $1.6K. I'm positive beastboy85 and [email protected] are the same people. He is currently using the username "martinwings" who just opened an account on Wednesday, and replied to my thread where I asked if anyone is able to provide 250K views/day on YouTube.

    They ask you to pay them through Xoom and Remitly because of "some laws in India" and how PayPal isn't great for them there. He always makes you do instant wire transfers. After you agree on a payment number, they keep saying they need more money to fund the accounts otherwise they'll get closed. I kept wiring, because I believed he would ultimately refund me if he didn't deliver on what was promised. However, the only thing he's done is taken more money of mine.

    I have his address and associated bank info that he supplied me with and other information regarding transactions, if anyone is interested.

    He says his business partner is in the UK, but I'm sure its all horsesh*t. He pays another Indian guy named Nishant Sharma to fund his accounts. His skype is "nishantsharma93".
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