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    Hi all,

    First post - but been 'lurking' before my signup. Let me first applaud what a great resource this is. I'm a self-confessed noob, and am slowly trying to learn through the posts on here, and it's amazing to find everything needed step by step.

    I had a thought about an idea I'm working on and just wanted some thoughts on implementation. If this is a pointless post that can be dealt with with a search then apologies, but I wanted a bit of specific information on strategy.

    I'm good friends with a no doubt poker genius. He's soon to be on tv here in the UK and makes cash for fun at mid-stakes online. He has recently shown interest in coaching other players.

    He isn't big on marketing and I am looking at ways of monetizing this as a joint venture.

    Essentially, I will create his 'classroom' and take a cut of each players buy on fee. For example, say it was a $30 a week course - he'd take $20 per pupil and I'd take $10.

    I want advice on tracking down that client base. Would it be adviseable going to forums and tracking down players (difficult, as it seems I'll either be banned or everyone talks as if they are pro (everyone lies about how good they are) so I'm unsure who is a customer or who is genuinely a good player who would 'tell a mod' or whatever). A high ranking page drumming up business? Fake facebook accounts?

    I'm unsure how to play it and would appreciate some advice.

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    Sounds like a good market, try and find good keywords that aren't as competitive as "poker coach" or "poker training" ;)

    Will you be doing the website maintenance etc as well? If so, make sure that you are marketing correctly, creating good landing pages for organic and of course PPC visitors.

    When you are looking to do sounds good - you might want to target local Poker Groups - I know that there are local groups here who play Poker, so it's worth approaching the organisers and asking if you can visit one of their games (either alone, or with your buddy) to sell the players on the concept of coaching... something they might be interested in after losing a bit of money gambling:18:.