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Our target ? Destroy the elite. Our weapon? A coin !

Discussion in 'CryptoCurrency' started by ahilleas11, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. ahilleas11

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    Dec 3, 2009
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    Its globally known that Greece became the #1 target of the world?s elite .

    However its unknown that Greece in any crisis whether it was a financial one or a war bypassed these bad situations and with the resistance leaded its enemies on the defeat.

    As it has to do with history , humanity is again in danger . In a danger which does not only threats freedom but even our lives , too .
    Until now we have a global financial war but really soon the elite and the dominants will go on to the next level of war . To the real war . A war that will be named ?the great harvest? , by us . This has been already repeated in the past and and millions of people have been sacrificed for this reason .

    The political leaders globally play the role of the puppets and the Greek politicians are not an exception to that fact . We , the citizens , are called to find ways in order to change the history and the future that the elite decides its flow .

    They have created some borderlines inside us in order to disable the creation of a union between us and with their way of leadership we live separated each other and just care for our personal benefits .

    The elite does not care for money (the most ) but for power and authority . Its their drug actually . However ,in that way the create chains which are attached on our legs , on our hands and mostly on our brains . The era that people were slaves never passed away . It?s just the image that changed and the chains which became invisible but stronger .

    We , as Greek citizens , create the Greek digital coin in a way of union and resistance from our enslaved people , while understanding the trap of the personally interest we saw that the only way to create a common dream for freedom is the integration of our minds to the real ethics and values .

    We know that while we are in their net like clients we will continue to feed the monster that eats us . We know that we have to be free from the fake ,painted papers of money at any cost . We know that its an emergency for the global people to live on a new civilization , on a new culture with new values and respect on life .

    We invite you to come and explore us . We invite you to check our new coin in a view of global union non just for the personal interest , not just for the money , not just for the profit . It?s initially for the resistance . Its a significance of life and death .

    As long as we stay on their working gears and laws we will count more and more slaves , more and more lost lives . They talk for their benefits which exist just to separate us . We talk for a benefit that UNITES US .

    Join us ...



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