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    Hey there everybody. I'm posting this here because I believe that its most fit in ORM.

    Say I've got a client who, in the past 3 years, has only received 8 reviews on Yelp. There are a handful in the unrecommended reviews section, so those don't contribute to the star rating of the business. The rest are good reviews, but the ones that are shining are the bad reviews. Overall, its a 3 star rating on Yelp for the business.

    If somebody were to needed to help boost their Yelp rating, and needed to know a couple things about Yelp's review filtering algorithm/system, would you guys be able to help answer a couple questions?

    1) Done a fair amount of research on Apple's security policies; more so in the area of an app's capability to read and check a device's UDID/IMEI. So far, what has been found, is that Yelp is NOT allowed to incorporate the use of a device's UDID/IMEI to check if reviews from different accounts are being fraudulently posted from the same device.

    2) Pretty sure that, in the opposite sense of number 1's topic, Yelp DOES track and check the IP address that the review is posted from. If different reviews on different accounts are being posted by the same IP address, wouldn't those reviews be flagged and the account banned/reviews not sticking? Then again, what if the case is that the reviews are being posted from a cafe's wifi...not sure.

    I know it's a lot of text, but I'm just trying to start a conversation with anyone who knows a little something about this or that in regards to these topics. Trying to age and season a few Yelp accounts to be able to post reviews that stick, without these accounts ever being tracked to one another. I haven't really talked about the exact specifics that are in mind for bypassing Yelp's filter, so please PM if you would like to talk about this.
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    I like the line of thinking, but you might be over complicating it. If you're dealing with real businesses, getting their existing customers to leave a review shouldn't be too difficult.

    Do they collect email addresses in any way? If so, email a couple per day with an exclusive offer. Make the email personal, and follow up.
    Do they have phone numbers? Get their front office staff on the phone trading a review for something of value.
    Do they have mailing addresses? Send out postcards with an offer (Leave a review and bring this postcard in for...)
    Have front office staff ask for a review on check-in or check-out. If you have a minute (or "While you're waiting...") would you mind leaving us a Yelp review?

    Yelp and the FTC are happy to sue people for fake reviews so just get real reviews.