Looking to exchange 1 or 2 Yelp reviews

    Im interested in ONLY USA based accounts running off of USA based phones from normal people to exchange reviews. I have two good accounts over 2 years old (my wife and I) and will not screw them up by doing a bunch of spam posts, etc. I just cleaned up my Yelp Business pages after many bad...
  2. K

    Looking to buy aged yelp accounts

    Preferably at least 1 year old Must be US based accounts If they have a google or facebook account even better. Doesn't have to be elite or anything special, just aged. Feel free to contact me on telegram @Kremshnit Thanks
  3. R

    Yelp reviewer

    Looking for yelp expert reviewer who can guarantee for one year. I don't want replacement , I am looking for sticky guarantee
  4. P

    Yellp Reviews in Pennsylvania

    I am looking for bulk Yelp reviews that will stick and prefer they are located within Pennsylvania This is for our small business.
  5. ava_olivia

    Some Yelp tips I found to be working, tell me if they make sense

    Hi. Yelp can sometimes be super beneficial but I know that whenever I start a business profile with them, I get bombarded by their agents. At first, I gave at least $500 to a Yelp person to help me with their "ads". It was definitely useless but it was my first try and was curious about how it...
  6. chris19

    Looking for yelp elite review

    I’m looking to purchase yelp reviews with established Northern California (Bay Area Ca) based accounts. Reviews should stick for long and not get flagged and account will be reviewed before order is made.
  7. OaklandSwift

    Yelp Bulk Review Auto-Scraping: 100+ Locations

    I have about 100 locations on Yelp that I manage, with tons of reviews on them. We ask clients to post new reviews using the CRM software, and here's the problem: we have to manually check all the listings for new reviews EVERY DAY to determine if the client actually posted a review, so we can...
  8. A

    GMB + Yelp Reviews

    Hey all, Been a long time reader, first time registered user. I'm looking for some GMB and Yelp reviews for a single business in the US. Preferably all accounts will be created in the US and have some kind of history. Please let me know your menu of options. I'm open to other types of...
  9. johnnydio

    Looking to buy Yelp reviews (regular and elite) in the Texas area

    I’m looking to buy Yelp reviews ASAP I need regular and elite. They need to be in the Texas area, and they need to stick. Please don’t contact if you know they aren’t going to stick. Pm me please.
  10. freemann58

    Why are Fake Yelp Reviews expensive?

    Hi! I'm new in local SEO and still learning. When I read up on yelp and fake yelp reviews, I noticed that yelp reviews ( $30 - $60 ) are significantly more expensive than google reviews ($5 -$10$). Is it that much work to create fake reviews for yelp? Does yelp have so many security measures or...
  11. OaklandSwift

    Looking for local Yelp/Yelp Elite reviewers, regular basis

    I'm looking for local Yelp/Yelp Elite reviews that stick in the following cities: - SF and the whole Bay Area - LA, San Diego - NYC - Chicago - Austin & Washington We have a bunch of home services-related pages (handyman, tv mounting etc). Willing to pay after 14 days of the review staying...
  12. G

    [WTB] Yelp Elite Reviews

    Hey, I am looking to buy some Yelp Elite Reviews (and some regular reviews). The accounts MUST be based in any of the cities of Orange County, California (such as Irvine, Costa Mesa, Fashion Island, Tustin, etc). There must be a guarantee to replace them in case they get removed. I will pay...
  13. S


    Hi everyone looking for someone who does local Yelp reviews that stick Currently Need help Thanks In advance
  14. 5punk

    Need Yelp reviews for South California

    Hello, I'm looking for dripped Yelp reviews (3 per week) for a local business from aged accounts, geo IP should be South California. Reviews MUST stick and replacement guarantee must be provided. Looking for a long term relationship. Google reviews are secondary but please do provide...
  15. J

    Need someone to leave Yelp reviews that stick...

    Looking to hire someone to leave yelp reviews on a business in California that stick. DM with how much you charge and the process for getting started.
  16. ristoriel

    Yelp Proxies

    We are using semi dedicated proxies with storm proxies and blazing seo but still the IPs keep getting banned. We are only trying to view recent reviews and score. Any recommendations?
  17. W

    YELP | Review building for Canadian companies

    Hey guys, need to find a reliable person who can help me build yelp reviews and a series of businesses. Please send me email to further discuss details. Thank you immensely.

    Need Yelp Elite Reviews for Toronto, Canada area based business

    Looking for someone who is able to provide Yelp reviews from Yelp Elite Squad user accounts from the Toronto, Canada area. ***Users must be based in the Toronto, Canada area. They cannot be based in the USA. Please shoot me a PM with your rates and sample accounts if possible.
  19. G

    Looking for yelp reviews.

    If anyone can provide yelp reviews that are local to USA in particular California if possible. Please PM me if interested
  20. Joshgnh

    Yelp accounts

    Hi, I am looking for somebody who has a lot of Yelp accounts in LA. I don't need reviews but I have a different job. Let me know.