Oops bitcoin is losing momentum

I'm seeing multiple trend lines at the old ~$20k ATH range. Not sure if we're going there right now. But don't be suprised if we retrace to those ranges before we climb on.
It will go down, and it will go up again. And it will rocket again..

Broke through $40k again today, I'm thinking it'll go higher this next few days and do the all time high once again.
Yes so useful and it's pinned now
I was about to say that
BTC will not stop, its warming up to make All the time high again. Just wait and watch the show :)

To the Moon we go, I hope Eth starts picking up pace as well. I am glad I didn't make the last mistake I made back in 2018, I can say I am no longer a "Weak Hand" :D
BTC prices might fall but I think it wont go below $25k and then rise again. There are even rumours in the market that by end of 2021 BTC might touch $75k. We have to wait amd watch.

Whales have started dumping already, so expect a price down, probably a way of corrwction trend might be on its way, or like always whenever it went down and gave depression to many it came back and reached new heights and gave luck and lucre to many.

Just make sure you dnt loose the access to your bitcoins for any reason.
You mean BTC hodling is "risk"?

I think people like you, HYIP and other money-doubling ish wont be a risk to you...lol
HYIP brings back too much memories. I was 8 class and I saw it, deposited 10$ and got scammed. It was my early days on internet. I also got scammed by games like coin flipping hahaha. As far as bitcoin goes, It has bring fortune to some people. Not against holding it its part of internet business so i did not said that it is wrong to keep it. I was saying it from business point of view. It maybe 1$ soon or 500k$ as some are predicting it.
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