Oops bitcoin is losing momentum

Well I wouldn't panic at all at this point. That was obvious bitcoin will drop after a rally of raising.
To be honest I don't really understand people who entered when price was so high.
What a tin, to lose a wallet from bitcoin, in any case, you need to try to restore everything, you can always do it)) And about the fall of bitcoin, it's very hard to believe in it)) Maybe it's just a hype? So that people sell bitcoins, and then those who started this rumor buy bitcoin cheaper, and after that, over time, bitcoin will return its positions at a cost as before? Strategy or not ??
What 2018 Meltdown taught me were 2 important lessons.

1) Always buy on lowest point so you have more cushion to absorb this kind of volatility.
2) Panic selling will really destroy your investment, so I won't sell it even if it goes as low as $5k(Which it never will).
It seems everytime bitcoin takes a turn, a new thread poops up. People should know by now how volatile it is and shouldn't get surprised!
It’s rebounded back to $34k so not a dump as I feared, but too early too tell too
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