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    Hello BHW Community!
    It is a pleasure to finally have my own account here.
    I have been reading, or you may call it lurking on this forum on and off for about 2 years now and there is a story as to why it took me so long to make an account.

    I discovered this forum near the end of 2014 and read everything I could find soaking up tons of information in the first few months and then coming back from time to time whenever I wasn't busy. Not quite ready to start anything yet I decided to wait until the new year to start a new life in IM. I thought making an account on this forum would be a great start to that life, even more so if I made it right at midnight for New Years day. At the time however I was busy with life and the forum slipped my mind as the new year came. I only remembered a few days later into January. Now this is a crucial point in the story. Most of you if not all would think nothing of a few days. For me on the other hand those few days ruined everything because I enjoy small pointless things and need them to be perfect. I don't see it as a problem, but more of a quirk that makes me, me. So I held off on making the account until the next year. Which was today! This year I was sure to remember and here I am! Within 5 minutes of the clock striking 12. There probably isn't even a statistic anywhere that tells you exact time of account creation but I will always know, and that's good enough for me.

    It's not a very long story but I believe it tells a lot about me.
    Also to all those who believe that my quirk is dumb and inefficient I would agree, but I would also like to add that humans as a race are too. :p

    Oh, I might as well add some interesting facts here:
    • I speak fluent English and fluent-ish Russian . I forgot how to write the letters but if I have the alphabet in front of me I can write and I can read it at a slow to moderate pace. Basically, I know Russian. It's cool. Be amazed.
    • I can spend a ton of time on a single email/work of text trying to figure out how to make it sound good. (It took me 1 hour to make this post and rewrite it once.)
    • I am a bit of a perfectionist if you couldn't already tell.
    • There was a 50/50 chance I would feel uncomfortable with this post and delete the whole thing and just say "Hi" if anything because despite the fact that I am somewhat outgoing I have a shy side that thinks that nobody cares about what I have to say.
    • And finally, I tend to put too much work into the simple things and not enough into anything useful.
    Thank you for being here and I hope to get to know you all and learn from you over the years to come and maybe even contribute something in the future.
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    world wide web
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    pretty long intro dude!
    welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome aboard buddy