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Online Store Affiliate

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by qatomadonna, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. qatomadonna

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    Feb 4, 2016
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    Not So Soon. Lol
    Before I can start, I am not sure if anyone has done this but I've tried taking advantages with the resources I have and it works like dime.

    I started my earning by designing and selling tshirts, and later i started manufacturing it and registered a trademark of my brand. I am doing that for 3 years now and happy with the business in the Indian Online Stores. I have also been as an IMer for couple of years and I joined BHW recently and have been going through the journey's and methods which are like a great motivation.

    Now coming to what I did as an IMer and a manufacturer of the products, from the time started manufacturing tshirts i signed on all the online stores in India as a seller and started selling them depending on the store's popularity and the exposure. I got orders everyday and i was busy with the dropshipment and manufacture.

    Few of the methods here gave me an idea and I became an affiliate for the stores which I already was a seller obviously with a different ID. I got hold how the affiliate market for the stores worked and started promoting the products especially my brand sending them more traffic from social marketing and few microniche sites i invested on that in return helped me to sell more number a products a day and in return I was earning a percentage of promoting my own product.

    Here's the math.

    I manufacture the tshirts for around $2 and sell them for around $5 to 8$ on retail where i get a minimum of $1 to $3 cutting down all the expenses to be a seller.
    Then with the affiliate marketing i get 15 to 20% of the selling price of the tshirt. This actually made my business and income grow by atleast 1 $100 a day when converted to Indian currency the value is high.

    I hope this might give somebody a thought to think of something more huge being an IMer. I am planning to sign up as 3 more affiliates and promoting the products on the online stores which definitely will boost up my income.