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    Hey guys,
    new to this forum, straight droping a nasty question.
    Been reading and researching a lot on the formation of an offshore company.
    Especially when doing internet business it seems adviced to form a company and a bank account in an offshore areas as Seychelles, Belize, Hong Kong.

    Now let's get down to the facts, as far as I know it is not even possible to use a Belize/Seychelles Bank with a Belize/Seychelles Company Paypal, correct me if I'm wrong. What's left, Hong Kong. VAT 0%, Capital Tax 16,5% within the country, it seems to good to be true. Researching some on terms like "paypal hk freeze" gives at least one indicator here why it could be problematic.
    Wrote a mail to some quite serious offshore formation company to ask for advice on where to create such a company, that's what they responded:

    Usually it is not easy to deal with Paypal with an offshore company. Therefore we recommend third party gateways to charge credit cards directly and using Paypal.
    We would recommend the United Arab Emirates as jurisdiction for your company. ... due to the fact that the Emirates are usually not considered as tax haven.

    The whole Situation is a bit fuzzy, some of these companies seem to offer nominees to register for paypal, others don't,
    some setup companies but no bank
    others setup a company, a bank but don't offer nominees,
    the list goes on, i guess you get the point, finding a serious provider to form such an company for a decent price and having a good set of features at the same time is not easy. However, there is a set of serious "company formation companies".

    Now generally, what do you think about this? Are the emirates truly the best country for the formation of an internet company to use with paypal?
    Does you have experiences with the formation of either an offshore company or a company within the Arab Emirates and, most importantly, does it work with paypal or end up in a multi-lock-series?

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    you can try to other jurisdictions such ass Malta or Costa Rica, where you can set up a paypal account directly with them...
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    You may want to google
    'sovereign man'
    and see what you can find there...not sure BHW is the best place for this kind of info.