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Off Page SEO Plan – First Month Tire 1 Part I

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SEO Content Demon, Feb 17, 2014.

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    This is the SEO plan for first month for tire 1 backlinks.

    With this plan you will get

    8 Web 2.0 + 30 Bookarmk + 6 Social Networking + 300 Submissions + 5 Answer sites + 20 Guest Posts + 8 Image Submission + 8 PDF/PPF Submission == 385 backlinks that will have heavy diversity in terms of PR, platforms, anchor texts, nofollow/******** etc.

    If our onsite is strong then it will help you reach at least PR1 at the end of first month. Also, it's not the only work we will do during first month. It's only Tire 1 backlinks creation; I am developing Tire 2 backlinks creation strategy as well.

    Software Needed - HMA VPN PRO (for changing the IPs)
    So, here we go...

    Web 2.0 Properties (tire 1)
    8 Web 2.0 Properties development
    Properties Name - Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal, Tumblr, Weebly, Webs, Blog.com and Posterous
    Details - Each property will have an introduction article (250 words), an informative article (500 words - with a backlink to our website) and 4 general articles on topic (250 words - having backlinks to .gov and .edu sites on the same niche). Articles will be published within the duration of 15 days. Articles should be of high quality and 100% unique.
    Each property will have proper meta title, meta description, keywords etc (complete on page SEO).
    Each property will have image and videos.
    Each property will have About Us and Contact Us Page.
    Each property will be developed through a different mail id and a different IP.
    Each property will have a facebook and twitter profile and at least 50 bookmarks for quick indexing.

    Time Needed - 7 days and then more 15 days for articles publishing.

    Manually bookmarking of our main website on at least 30 leading bookmark sites with proper tags. While bookmarking keep 50% naked URLs, 20% Brand Name, 20% supplementary keywords and 10% main keywords as anchor texts.
    Time Needed - Going on regular basis - daily updates.

    Social Profiles Creation (tire 1)
    Creating profiles on leading social networking websites - Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Stubmle, Reddit and Pinterest with complete details including profile pic, profile description, bio, location, contact etc. Preferably with domain email. Apart from updates through our main websites, these profiles will publish worthy information on the same niche from other reliable sources as well. We need daily at least 2-3 updates on each of these profiles. In start, we will have to purchase some Facebook likes, tweets, Google Plus shares for social signals.
    Time Needed- Going on regular basis - daily updates.

    Blog and Feed Submissions
    Main Website
    We need at least 300 manual blog and feed submissions through high PR submission directories.
    Time Needed - 15 days

    Answers (Profiles) (tire 1)
    *You can purchase some Level 2 and Level 3 Yahoo Answers accounts or create yours. If you are creating our own accounts then you cannot give your URLs as reference until the accounts reach up to Level 2-3. Also, you have the option to rent someone to post our URL as reference link from Level 2-3 Yahoo Answers accounts.
    Apart from that you will be needing backlinks from other top answer sites like Wiki Answers, Answer Bags, Blurt It, Ask Wille and Yahoo Answers etc. At least 5 such websites.
    Time Needed - Ongoing - one answer backlink on every 15 days from each site. 70% reference URLs for inner pages.

    Guest Posts (Tire 1)
    For first month you will purchase 20 guest posts
    First Week
    3 Guest Posts - From PR0 and DA 25 blogs
    4 Guest Posts - From PR1 and DA 30 blogs
    Second Week
    3 Guest Posts - From PR0 and DA 25 blogs
    3 Guest Posts - From PR1 and DA 30 blogs
    1 Guest Post - From PR2 and DA 30+ blog
    Third Week
    2 Guest Posts - From PR2 and DA 30+ blog
    1 Guest Post - From PR3 and DA 35+ blog
    Fourth Week
    2 Guest Posts - From PR2 and DA 30+ blog
    1 Guest Post - From PR3 and DA 35+ blog
    Time Needed - 4 Weeks

    Article Submissions (tire 1)
    8 articles submissions on top article directories - Ehow, Examiner, Hub Pages, Squidoo, Ezine, Go Articles, Article Base and Buzzle within the duration of 30 days all 8 articles should be live with a backlink to our websites. 4 Nakes URLs, 2 Supplementary Keywords and 2 Main Keywords as anchor texts.
    Time Needed - 4 Weeks

    Infographic Image Submission (tire 1)
    9 image submissions on top image submission sites including Flickr, Photo.net, Dropshots, Davianart, Pbase, Postimage, Mentalto, Rapidshare and Focal Power. Here you have to develop our own infographic image with proper tags and titles. 5 Nakes URLs, 2 Supplementary Keywords and 2 Main Keywords as anchor texts.
    Time Needed - 4 Weeks

    PDF and PPT Submission (tire 1)
    8 pdf and ppt submissions on top websites including Isuuu.com, Slideshare.net, Scribd.com, zoho.com, mediafire.com, slideborn.com, 4shared.com and sliderocket.com. Again 4 Nakes URLs, 2 Supplementary Keywords and 2 Main Keywords as anchor texts.
    Time Needed - 4 Weeks

    High PR Press Release Submission (As Suggested by Shikind11)
    10 Press Release submissions on the sites including PR Log, PR.com, Newswire Today, PR Inside, PR Newswire, Businesswire, I Newswire, NPR, Betanews, and PR Leap. Best to give a naked URL in each of them as anchor. Some are paid however, some are free.
    - 2 Weeks
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    Excellent and detailed plan mate..

    You can also include paid PR and exclude feed submissions :)

  3. jamesbetfix

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    Dec 18, 2014
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    Great stuff SEO Content Demon. Any update on the Tire 2 backlinks plan?
  4. fathonezic

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    Sep 18, 2010
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    thank you very much for the plan