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    My apologies if this is being posted in the wrong section.

    I just have a simple question and/or some guidance request...

    One of my clients that I just finished designing their website has written a digital book in Portuguese in a great new niche market. It's sort of a mix between the spiritual & business world that I'm sure will sell like hotcakes in Brazil...(Brazil is a HIGHLY religious country where religion is pretty much the #1 business :p) He's already done some market research and the results were very promising. He's asked me for help (in exchange for 40 cents of every dollar it sells) and my job is to find out how to best sell this baby in a mass capacity

    There is a Brazilian Ebay which is obviously my first guess... but I was thinking of exploring other methods first and to see how profitable it could be...

    If anyone has had experience on marketing a NEW digital book in a non-saturated market and would not mind sharing ideas or suggestions, I would really appreciate it. I figured it'd be worth a shot to ask you guys first as I hit google for the next 2 weeks.

    I'm already working on a dedicated site/domain to sell this baby. And I'm also not looking for any resellers or anything.. This will be sold for about $6 bucks a pop, so no point in reselling.
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    I thought they spoke Spanish in Brazil.

    Oh well, put up a Portuguese domain
    and sell on Clickbank.

    Probably will do well in Portugal, too.