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    Cape Verde Island

    I am new on this forum and I am going to start an affiliate business with clickbank. However, I have a question that I could not find an answer to. I searched on clickbank help, google and also this forum.

    So. At a particular cb product, a customer can apply to an email list to receive some trials/informations from the vendor about the thing he is interested in. And in the email, there also comes a link, that is probably non affiliate which leads direct to the "buy page".

    And I am wondering...if a customer applies to an email list over my affiliate link, and after some time (a week or more) buys the product via link in one of the emails he gets from the vendor, do I also get the comission?

    Or do I get the comission only if the customer buys a product direct from my affiliate link?

    Thanks in advance ;)
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    you will get the commission as long as cookies are stored in his browser
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