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Newbies, Begin Here: Internet Marketing for the Newbies and Beyond

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Tosmekop, Feb 22, 2014.


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  1. Tosmekop

    Tosmekop Supreme Member

    Oct 24, 2011
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    Internet Marketing for the Newbies and Beyond
    Hello and Welcome to this BHW Thread,
    I sincerely hope you enjoy and learn a great deal from it.

    What's the purpose of this thread?
    The purpose is simple.
    I, along with virtually everyone else on BHW, began this Internet Marketing journey, just like you.

    We ALL start from somewhere. Think about when you were first born..
    - Did you know how to speak?
    - Were you walking?
    - Could you run?
    - Could you levitate objects, with the flick of your finger?

    Of course not!

    Internet Marketing works in a similar way.

    You begin at Point A, which is where you may be, right now, where you either:
    - Know nothing about Internet Marketing.
    - Know of some basic IM concepts.
    - Have read/heard success stories, and have a general understanding of how the results were achieved.

    Now here's one of the fun things about IM...
    Beginning at Point A, you don't necessarily have to go to Point B, or Point C, or Point D, in able to get to Point Z!
    In fact, you can take an endless amount of roads, in order to arrive at Point Z, which is your success and financial freedom!

    Before we go any further into this discussion, I want to point out some key things, that I believe will help you along the way, as you proceed with your journey towards Internet Marketing success.
    - What you're doing, could actually be 100% and working!
    - Often times, in SEO, when you go about doing things "correctly", your results won't show, overnight.
    - Keep doing what you're doing, and believe that it's working.
    - Don't stop and change your methods, just because you're not seeing the results you want, today.
    - Many people think they fail in Internet Marketing, but in reality, they simply give up before they succeed.

    I want you to read the above message. Then I want you to read it again. I then want you to read it, once more. Your next task is a bit more challenging... MEMORIZE IT!

    As a new or even longtime frustrated Internet Marketer, you may notice that you've purchased and downloaded all the eBooks from all the great "gurus", and have even followed the frequently given advice of "take action!". You've put in several long hours of taking action, only to see that your website is nowhere to be found in the search engines. It's frustrating.. It's tiring.. It's depressing.. May I be honest with you for a moment? IT FUCKING PISSES YOU THE FUCK OFF!!! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! YOU JUST WANNA BREAK SOME SHIT!!! ...AND SCREAM!!! AT THE TOP OF YOUR FUCKING LUNGS!!!! AARARRRARRGGHGHHGHGHH!!!!!!

    Calm down.


    Like I said earlier, what you're doing, even though you may not see the results yet, could in fact, be working!

    Don't allow yourself to give up so easily. If a title of an eBook tells you what you can do in 30 Days, by following their "simple system", you must also consider that 30 days ago, the author of that eBook may not have been where you are now, in terms of IM knowledge. Which means, whatever X amount of time they had to prepare (learning all that they've learned (over the days, weeks, months, or years), prior to creating the eBook), that time was invested. You, on the other hand, may just NOW be starting off. Remember what I'm saying, when you're on Day 82, and have tried everything inside the eBook, but not having the same results as the person that created it.

    Here's an interesting fact...

    Most people, when getting started in Internet Marketing, will NOT work a full 90 days, on a single method, until they get the results they want.

    Most people will give up, long before they reach 90 days, or they will simply try something else...

    Don't be that person!

    At BHW, there is a wealth of great information, which I'll get into, a bit later.. For now, I want to plant a seed in your brain.

    Search BHW until you find a method that really catches your attention.
    Search BHW until you find a second method that really catches your attention.
    Figure out a way, ON YOUR OWN, to integrate BOTH methods together.
    This will now become YOUR method.
    Every free moment you have available, for the next 90 days, you are to WORK YOUR METHOD.

    If you can honestly say that you've worked your method as hard as you possibly could, and for 90 straight days (which VERY FEW people actually attempt & complete), you should see some results. If, for whatever reason, you've given it an honest effort, for those 90 days, and absolutely no results were found, dump that method and try something new, using that same exact process. Work this new method even harder, because by now, you can also integrate some aspects from Method 1 into your new Method 2, as you begin picking up momentum. By the end of all this, you'll be at 180 days, and if you don't see results at this point, Internet Marketing is NOT for you. I hate to sound harsh, but I have NEVER met ANYONE that's followed my advice on this, completely, and without result.

    Most people will be taking all the right actions, but rather than going all out until they reach that first 90 days, they simply give up.
    Often times, I see people that I believe give up, right before they allow themselves enough time to succeed.

    If you build a McDonalds in the middle of nowhere, and for your entire first month, not a single customer walks though your doors... Would the solution to your problem be to build a Burger King, right next door?

    Of course not!

    If you build a McDonalds in the middle of nowhere,
    If you build a new website, and you're getting no visitors, the solution isn't to just build another website.
    I'm sorry, but it's not.

    Find who likes burgers, and bring them to your McDonalds!
    Find your target market, and bring them to your website!

    So to get more people, I should just build a ton of backlinks, right?
    Short answer: No!

    There are times where you'll want to do things like this, but as a person that's new with Internet Marketing, I'd highly recommend you to stay away from this approach. It will hurt you far more than it will help you, at this point. There's simply much you'd still need to learn about backlinks. McDonalds is a reputable business that's achieved international success. Your website can do this, too! Building a large amount of backlinks, without knowing what you're doing, can cripple your chances of achieving such levels of success, because it can, and often will, make the search engines either push your website into the abyss of search results, referred to as the "Sandbox", or they can simply remove your website, all together.

    Have you ever used a search engine? Have you ever gone to page 8,326, to find the page you were looking for? No?
    Well, how would you like your website to be on page 8,327?
    THAT'S the Sandbox. It's a bad place to be. Don't just start accumulating a ton of backlinks, without a solid understanding of how and why backlinks work. Even if your plan is to buy a ton of them from a person that gets great reviews on BHW or anywhere else. Odds are, the people leaving the great reviews, are also the people that know HOW to use the services to their benefit, rather than to their demise.
    NOTE: That doesn't mean you should Spam PM these people, asking them how they used the services.
    Use the BHW Search Function, located here:

    For example, running a search on the term, "Tier", you will see one of the results I have found, which will begin to explain things, such as Tier Structure, which is something to consider when building backlinks, when that time comes.
    From using the search tool, this is what I found, less than 30 seconds later:
    Now I did edit their posts a bit, to make them more newbie-friendly, but they did a great job of laying out this dimension of "Tiered Link-Building" (creating backlinks).

    Getting back on the subject of giving up, too quickly...
    The thing is, we're often mislead by the titles of eBooks, as they are often called, "How I $32,420.22 in 5 Days, using 3 Simple Steps!", or some other, very similar, bullshit title!
    The title's only purpose, is to cause you to remove your credit card, to make a purchase!
    I bet part of that $32,000 dollars, was your purchase!

    Have you ever considered the fact that the largest sums of money being made online, are from selling ways to make money online?

    But here's the thing... Not all of this information is bad. The problem, is that as a newbie, you may not know how to distinguish the real from the BS!

    So how do you do it?

    If it's a method that interests you, use it as the first or second addition to YOUR METHOD, that we discussed earlier. 90 Days. Remember? Do it.
    You don't need to ask anyone, or wait for a response, or wait for other responses after the first response didn't tell you what you wanted to hear..
    Just do it. 90 days. This is the surefire way of knowing whether or not it will work for you.
    What works for me, may work for you. But what works for me, may NOT work for you.
    What works for you, may also work for me. But what works for you, may NOT work for me.

    Find 2 methods that interest you. Combine them into your own. Do it. 90 days.

    If it works, then the next step, is to give back to the community. Teach someone what you did to succeed, because I guarantee you that someone will be online, just as you are now, feeling exactly like you feel now, thinking the same thoughts that you're thinking now, and YOU have the power to change this!
    HOWEVER, if whatever you tried, didn't work for you, it's not your job to discourage others from trying it, by telling them about how it will never work. Remember, what doesn't work for you, may be the very thing that works for them.

    The BHW Community is made up of some really great people, and I want you to know that you've come to the right place!

    Know HOW to use the search function, so you don't ask questions that's been asked, several times, before!

    For example, when I need specific results, the first thing I'll do, while at:
    For example, when I need specific results, the first thing I'll do, while inside the Advanced BHW Search Tool, is click the arrow in the box, where it says "Search Entire Posts", and change it to "Search Titles Only".
    The reason I do this, is because I'm looking for specific discussions, geared towards whatever it is that I'm looking for. And then I begin my search, as broad as possible.

    For example, without quotation marks, my first search may be, "Bing".
    If there were more than 3 pages of results for "Bing", I'd narrow my search..
    But at least with the initial search, I can see all the topics about Bing, quickly.
    If I don't find what I'm looking for, I'll then go to "Search Entire Posts", and make my search more specific.
    For example, my "Search Entire Posts" search may then become (without quotes), "bing traffic".
    After you've honestly put up a great effort to find what you're looking for, using the Search Function, then create a thread about it.

    When you create your thread, include the words you'd like to be able to Title Search for, such as creating the thread, "Looking for Quality Bing Traffic Source".
    What this does, is it will tell your thread's visitors exactly what it is you want, before they even open your thread.
    It will also come in handy, three years later, when a new newbie, or even an oldbie, wants to find some information about some quality Bing traffic sources.
    Don't be afraid to let it be known, in your new thread, inside the original post (OP), that you tried using the Search Tool, but were unable to find anything about quality Bing traffic sources, or whatever it is that you're searching for. People like to see that you put forth the effort to find it for yourself. Doing this will cause you to not get flamed (ideally).

    When someone teaches you of where you can find these traffic sources, remember what I said about giving back to the community?
    If you see someone else looking for the same thing you were looking for, and you now have the answer, share it with them!

    Look, the bottom line is...
    You're at the right place.
    I just told you how to grow your business.
    I just gave you a step-by-step instructional on how to not allow yourself to become distracted.
    You have the BHW Search Function, literally at your fingertips, and it costs you NOTHING to use.
    You have unrestricted access to quite possibly one of the best online communities, of any genre on the internet.
    You have everything you need, in order for you to be able to succeed.

    In the BHW Marketplace, there are all sorts of great services provided, that can allow your business to gain the exposure it deserves!
    In the BHW Website, there are all sorts of great information, that can allow you to grow your business, yourself!
    It's all your choice.

    One last thing I want to leave you with...

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  2. Raccon

    Raccon Regular Member

    Dec 18, 2010
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  3. Tosmekop

    Tosmekop Supreme Member

    Oct 24, 2011
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    Very awesome video!
    It ALL begins with your BELIEF SYSTEM!
    BELIEVE you can do it, and I will guarantee you that once your actions begin to consistently follow your BELIEF, you WILL see results!
    It starts with BELIEF!

    Try this:
    WRITE (using a pencil or a pen or a marker or a crayon or a paint brush or any other instrument to physically WRITE) your 3 LARGEST reasons for why you got started with Internet Marketing.

    Every morning when you wake up, READ THAT SHEET OF PAPER.
    Every time you begin to work on whatever IM project you have set for yourself, READ THAT SHEET OF PAPER.
    Every time you feel you need inspiration, READ THAT SHEET OF PAPER.
    Every time you find yourself feeling bored, READ THAT SHEET OF PAPER.
    Every evening before you go to sleep, READ THAT SHEET OF PAPER.

    Even once you have everything on that sheet of paper, READ THAT SHEET OF PAPER.

    Change your belief -- Change your world.
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  4. Stoner

    Stoner Junior Member

    Feb 4, 2014
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    This is probably one of the best threads I've read in a while, thanks for the motivation!
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  5. Tosmekop

    Tosmekop Supreme Member

    Oct 24, 2011
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    Thank you for that! If you got any value from it, then just know that I wrote it with YOU in mind!
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  6. Asurai

    Asurai Newbie

    Feb 22, 2014
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    Very well written and very inspirational post! I feel my motivation rising even though I've not yet had much success! =D I will not give up and keep your words of wisdom in mind!
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  7. funkybunker

    funkybunker Supreme Member

    May 14, 2013
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    Silicon Valley
    Wow, thanks man. It's so good to remember that just because a road hasn't been paved yet - doesn't mean you can't be the first.
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  8. Tosmekop

    Tosmekop Supreme Member

    Oct 24, 2011
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    Please do. Always remember that your journey may not always be the fastest and easiest path. Perhaps that's why so few people actually achieve their dreams -- they give up.

    For example, my stepmother, just today, told me she quit her job, because she wants to do what she's always wanted to do. My response to her was, "Good for you! Do what makes you feel good!"
    I know she's not young, but there's no age limit on reaching your dreams.

    So very true! I was speaking with someone on Skype about that, just this morning!
    I won't give out the guy's name, and I'm sure he meant no harm by his statement. In fact, he probably felt he was doing everyone a favor by warning them, when he said to not get involved with Forex, because while he hasn't personally tried it, he's heard of a LOT of horror stories about people losing a lot of money.

    Here was my response:
    [9:58:32 AM] Tosmekop (BHW): Not good advice. If everyone shared this mentality, Internet Marketing, as a profession, would not exist.
    [10:03:31 AM] Tosmekop (BHW): In this business, there are millions of reasons for why you shouldn't get started with IM. MILLIONS. All you really need, is one reason to push through. That ONE reason can mean ALL the difference.

    I don't think Forex, as this was the topic of discussion, would still be operational if people weren't making money, by using their system.

    Now I'm not saying to ignore warnings.. In fact, I'd tell you to NOT ignore warnings.


    Well because once someone warns you, you may then use that warning as a tool for what to look out for, rather than as a reason to avoid getting involved.
    Do your own research, make your own decisions, and get your own results!
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  9. Nirmal

    Nirmal Regular Member

    May 11, 2013
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    Thanks for the great thread!
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  10. Tosmekop

    Tosmekop Supreme Member

    Oct 24, 2011
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    Just received the following PM, and I feel I could share it with you guys, as well. Hopefully, it will help someone.

    Hello, and thank you for reaching out to me.
    As I'm sitting here, thinking about how I might be able to offer you some assistance, I can't help but feel that you are not alone, with these thoughts that you have.
    I will help you, by providing you with the answer that makes the most sense to me, personally.
    And then I will help others, by sharing this discussion on my thread that's geared towards helping the novice with getting started in the world of IM.
    I'll keep your username private, and it's up to you, whether or not you wish to reveal yourself.

    Now, back onto the topic at hand...
    Internet Marketing is great because it doesn't matter whether you have a business, don't have a business, had a successful business and lost it all, or never had a business and never intend to have one!
    Internet Marketing is great for ALL people!

    It seems that your concern is that you've had a business, and due to a soiled partnership, what once was successful, became somewhat of a tragedy.
    Am I getting this correct?
    First off, I'd like to personally pat you on the shoulder, and let you know that this misfortune isn't the end.
    That said, let's get down to it!

    Before thinking about Adsense, Amazon, ClickBank, etc...
    Before thinking about Youtube, Pay Per Download, Pay Per Install, etc...

    FIRST, figure out what you want to be involved in.

    2 things you may consider:
    -Something you're currently interested in, now.
    -Something you have an interest in, and wish to learn more about.

    Each has their benefit, and either route, would make you an expert on the subject, so long as you MAKE IT YOUR GOAL TO BECOME AN AUTHORITY!

    Let's say you have a desire to learn about everything regarding eye care.
    Break it down into several niches:
    -Corrective lenses
    -UV Sunglasses
    -Lasik surgery
    -Contact lenses
    -Optical diseases
    -Optical vitamins and suppliments
    -etc, etc, etc...

    Each of these niches can further be broken down...
    -Corrective lenses:
    - corrective lenses for the elderly
    - corrective lenses for babies
    - reading glasses
    - sports goggles
    - etc, etc, etc...

    Once you have your primary focus of interest, get yourself a good keyword research tool, and find good BUYERS KEYWORDS for your niche. You can search BHW for good keyword research tutorials. There are plenty of them, here!

    Once you have this in mind, you'll often find that if you started broad enough, you will find Adsense ads, Amazon items, ClickBank items, etc.. all marketing products in your niche.

    The first thing, however, is to start with content, so these networks won't deny you.
    Fastest way to get going, is to install Wordpress (again, tutorials can be found on BHW).
    Get the WP plugins you'll need (again, can be found on BHW).
    Find a great theme for your site (again, can be found on BHW).

    Start building QUALITY content.
    People have services for building GREAT content. Don't slack on this.
    Failing to use great quality content AND/OR failing to conduct proper keyword research, can be very detrimental to your website.
    There are great resources for both these things, at BHW!

    As for marketing, don't spend to much time worrying about whether to use Youtube, SEO, Facebook, etc.. for marketing.
    Why not use them all?
    And of course, all these things can be found, here at BHW!

    I wish you the best of success, on your journey.
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  11. R3negade

    R3negade Registered Member

    Nov 4, 2013
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    Great thread Tosmekop!! This thread is a goldmine for any newbie out there
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  12. Tosmekop

    Tosmekop Supreme Member

    Oct 24, 2011
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    I appreciate that! As long as it's helpful for people, I'm happy.
  13. nutserious

    nutserious Power Member

    Jul 27, 2010
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    Awesome thread! Just what I needed!
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  14. CrystalBlue

    CrystalBlue Newbie

    Oct 30, 2013
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    Kudos to you! Great thread, which i think is helpful not only to newbies. :)
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  15. twist13

    twist13 Junior Member

    Jan 2, 2014
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    This thread is like Aladdin's cave full of riches. Inspiration, motivation, dedication, help and everything else for all the newcomers to this forum, but also for the old ones. Thank you for this useful thread and the dedication to write it!
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  16. bandorsson

    bandorsson Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    May 11, 2010
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    Link Building
    It will motivate many newbies. Great Post. Useful share.
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  17. iproweb

    iproweb Power Member

    Jul 16, 2013
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    Under the Sea
    Thank you! It gives me motivation and high hopes about making money!
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  18. WildBlooded

    WildBlooded BANNED BANNED

    Oct 17, 2013
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    Thanks a lot mate, very nicely wrapped up post.
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  19. Tosmekop

    Tosmekop Supreme Member

    Oct 24, 2011
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    I appreciate all who have gotten value from this. Remember, IM will be as easy or as hard as you believe it to be.
  20. Serhio

    Serhio Newbie

    Jan 31, 2014
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    Thank you for your moral support !!!