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    Welcome to the viper gaming network we are a network under equal media tv and also apart of the company named viper gaming.We are a multi channel network which means we accept any youtube channels of any sizes big or small.

    VGN News
    - Our weekly summary newsletter that highlights the latest perks, products, promotions and discounts, which we have organised for our partners, as well as special monthly features!

    A VGN Branding Pack - Brand your channel using our branding pack which includes logos, thumbnails, banners, overlays and more!
    Sponsorship Opportunities and Exclusive Discounts ? VGN have acquired sponsorships from several companies to provide discounts to all our partners, such as discounts to products from KontrolFreeks, G2A (Biggest digital games marketplace), NoScopeGamingGlasses and more. As well as this, our partners have access to sponsorship opportunities via the partner dashboard. More deals are being negotiated and will be added once they have been finalized.

    Top-Notch Support via our dedicated support Skype account and support email; we created them to do one thing and one thing only, and that is to provide support to our partners.

    Viper Promotions - Tweet at us with your videos and we will retweet and favourite your videos on our Twitter accounts! Partners who send in their videos to us on our Skype will get a like and comment from our larger channels which are also linked to our twitter accounts which helps maximize the efficacy of the promotion.

    Get Featured - You can submit your gaming content, music, graphic designing, vines, on our Network Hub Channel.

    Forums ? To help facilitate cross promotion, collaboration and to get a more feel of our Community! (soon to be launched). For now, we have setup dedicated Skype Group Chats for our music partners and GTA 5 partners. We will be launching more dedicated group chats soon; ideally we aim to have our forums set up in order to make collaboration and chatting more smooth and practical, and easier to manage.

    These are but some of the many exclusive perks we have to offer; we're always innovating and expanding our services to help you develop and grow your channel faster. On top of all of this, our partnership program comes with:

    ✔A 60 ? 90% Revenue Share (receive more revenue as your channel grows).
    ✔A No Lock in Contract (the ability to leave anytime and for any reason; simply give us a 30 days notice).
    ✔Earn 15% More Revenue by using your Partnership Referral link which gives your fans and viewers the opportunity to become a Prestige Partner, as well as earn you additional money.
    ✔Full Channel Ownership and Transparency.
    ✔A No Minimum Payment Threshold - If you earn $1, you will be paid that $1.
    ✔A Partner Dashboard (New customized Dashboard is in the works).
    ✔Access to AudioMicro, Epidemic Sounds, Position Music and our vast music library embedded in our dashboard.
    ✔Game Sessions! - Many of our staff are Gamers so we?ll gladly play and host game sessions with you.

    so why not partner with our network to begin your youtube success?

    Join us today by Contacting us on skype (send message for skype contact)

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    Would be interested in joining, send me a message on skype: dj.mike88
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    Grey text on a black background? Sorry, but not worth reading.