New here, new website, new earnings. Let's Go!

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    My name is Julian and I'm starting this thread to keep me motivated, exchange opinions and get some help.
    I've lurked this forum for a long time. Taking ideas, getting some good advice from other members and learning new things everyday.
    My IM journey started back in 2015 with Fiverr and I've made good money.
    I decided to kill my account on fiverr and open my new website.
    Right now I am building a website. More specifically a website with t-shirts, hats, etc.
    The website is 90% done. I've added my products and I am making 10 designs every day.
    I'm using printful to print my products.
    The target audience is young&hip, streetwear fashion.
    I will need a dropshipper who has bomber jackets, jeans and sneakers.
    So if you know a website or someone from where I can get them let me know.

    I will advertise it on facebook and instagram.
    My instagram has 2k followers and I post every day 2 photos. I'm getting a decent likes and 50 new followers every day.
    If the website is finished, next week I will start advertising on facebook.

    The goal?
    To make the first sale.
    The main goal here is to make $1000/month.
    I will try and update this thread as much as I can.
    Any advice about advertising on facebook will be much appreciated.

    Julian :)
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