New Google update - Maverick


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Jun 15, 2018
A new update has been made yesterday.
Any fluctuations?
Yesterday one of my sites has been made double of traffic compared to today.
Sem rush sensors and all major SEO sites confirm the update.
Will see in the next days / weeks.
movie sites got hit

I would like to disagree with that statement. That's not how the Google algo works. Movie sites maybe hit but the movie SERPs are still there and haven't disappeared, nor have the users inputting those search terms/keyphrases. If a site took a hit, its traffic is now going to another site or a Google SERP feature.
no change on my money site; however, one of my PBN's suddenly got ranked #23 for a particular keyword that I was tracking for that PBN and had no previous ranking position on it. so all in all still quite, but I am sure give it 48 hours and we will all notice changes...


My reaction :
As of right now, I am seeing new keywords on my tools show up under my websites. So far, so good, guys.
My traffic increased by 50% not sure if it's just by the update or the links that were indexed in the last couple of days.
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