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Aug 11, 2009

I would like to present my new Clickbank product, which have just been approved by CB - Ebook How To Get A Job In A Time Of Economic Recession. This type of product have a huge demand at the momemnt, for example this is a few examples of keywords in Google and their Global Monthly Searches counts:

job search - 4,090,000
new job - 823,000
resume writing - 368,000

I am planning to use only SEO for this product, so you will have no competition against me in the Adwords or other PPC networks. Moreover, I am willing to help all affiliates, who will decide to promote my product, currently I have these affiliate resources:

-468x60 banner
-Ebook cover picture
-Keywords list (~600 keywords) and short list of main PPC websites
-2 sample advertising email leters
-Articles directory list of ~50 most popular free article directories

However, if you need any other resources or help (for example, you are looking for a cheap landing page design) I will be happy to help you - just write your needs in this topic or send PM .


Affiliates page:
not sure if you're being serious with this or not, but since you paid to have it listed in cb i'll assume you're serious...well i would suggest that you redo the sales page and be objective about the entire process.

eg. adding a headline without grammatical errors would be nice, space out your content on page, fix grammar etc
Thank's for advices ;) Currently I tested website with IE8, Firefox and Chrome and had no errors with content spacing, so maybe you can be more specific about spacing problems?
Talking about grammatical errors, I will try to review text, but, since English is not my native language, I really could left grammatical mistakes, sorry about that :rolleyes:
"Advices" sounds very awkward to the native English speaker, since "advice" is already plural. It's just like how people say "women" not "womens". You should correct that since you are going to lose a lot of trust from English speakers.
Again, I really appreciate your help ;) But I think that I won't be able to solve the word ''advices'' problem - I use this domain because I registered it ~6 months ago and I have lower chances to get sandboxed in Google for black SEO, for example using scrapebox and making a lot of backlinks.
Please, please tell me this is a joke? This is a joke, right?

If it's not, then you have a TON of work ahead of you if you think anybody in their right mind would even consider promoting this...let alone the fact that you will probably never make a single sale with this.

I'm not trying to be condescending, I'm being honest here.

-Needs a total sales page redesign

-Needs a new domain name (wtf "advices"?)

-Needs a completely new sales letter. Nobody is going to even try to read that broken
English...if they can't read your sales page, why the hell would they read your ebook?

-The sales letter needs to be formatted and spaced.

-Need a totally new ecover.

-I'd recommend hosting your video somewhere besides Youtube, try Vimeo or Viddler.

-Needs a totally new headline, and split test it.

-Split test your prices, $19.99 seems rather steep...try $17 to start, or if you want more people to promote it, try $27 or $ affiliates get a nice commission and beef up your sales letter so people feel better and more convinced about their purchase.

-Change the product name and include a picture on the checkout page for God's sake - calling it "A guide how to get a job in a time of economic recession" will not net you a single sale.

Sorry to be so brutal here...but really man, this is awful..there's no beating around the bush here.

I'd recommend getting a native English speaker and copywriter to do your sales page, and help you out with the whole process here. Then hire a professional designer to design your page, then affiliates might have something here worth promoting.

Good luck.
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