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Need Wordpress Automation Wise - Black Hat Methods / Tools - Multiple Sites to be made

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by RayMayLaidPipeDay, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. RayMayLaidPipeDay

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    Oct 30, 2016
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    I need a range of work donelet me try to summarize, if you are good then we can find full time work for you for sure. Understanding of marijuana niche would be really helpful.

    1. I need someone who is skilled in wordpress and also has an understanding of black hat tools and botz. The goal is to take a newsmag theme news site, then basically i have a bunch of domains and original content. I would want to clone that newsmage news site, and essentially change the logos, content, social media, seo tags, and then if possible have an automated way to submit to google and bing webmaster.

    2. The idea is that I could give you the new domain, the original content, and any extra information and seo descriptions of the new site, and categories on there, then you could create a quick logo, social media ccounts, website with the original content, if possible email, and we could automate this process (including even maybe puting it on webmaster tools for bing and google) to do 1-2 sites a day. You dont have to be able to doa ll this but let mek now what you can do i have other resources we can use to do some manual work.
    3. Basically i need someone who has worked with scraped data and can put it in a directory format for many sites in a way that looks good, and i can have it customally spun to by real people to make for unique content.

    4. Clone websites and also create taxonomies and regional pagination in a quick and automated fashion, and then again we can have my other resources manually re-do the necessary aspects to make it unique and put in original content that i have created and that is actually of high quality.

    5. Another thing i was hoping to do is have someone create a script for me where i can take lets say 200 domains for a niche, and put in a template that enters in information based on the name of the site and uses images and content from a randomized pool so its unique every time, and it can be done ina a very basic blog format (this is kind of seconadry to the thigns i mentioned above).

    Let me know. I am a serious guy so if i find someone skilled enough this can turn into full time gig no problem. I would require a copy of an ID , NDA , etc after we decide to start working together as with BHW you have to be cautious, however this can be done after a trial period where we get to know one anothers work and personalities to ensure we want to work together.