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Need Video Upload Bot for Video Sites?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by BigBadWolff, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. BigBadWolff

    BigBadWolff Regular Member

    May 8, 2009
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    I am looking for a video upload bot that will upload to video sites. Any
    suggestions on any desktop bots that will do this. or even if a coder or someone
    knows how to build one?

    I knew about niche monarch but i dont think he updates that service any more.
    Share your thoughts if you have any suggestions that actually work right now.

    I already know about traffic geyser, their too bloody expensive and not worth
    it. I know about senukex, but they removed it from there bot now. Help please.

  2. onelifeaway

    onelifeaway Registered Member

    Dec 5, 2008
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    I am one of the creators of the Video Marketing Robot V2 that does exactly what you want and more.

    For the past year and a half we have been constantly updating and upgrading our software and continually improving it. Right now we are into version 2.
    We have over 100 video sharing sites and 100 more are on there way as well as other improvements.
    Along with our software we invite you to weekly webinars where we discuss new tactics on video marketing as well as other information.

    Our current members who use VMR are more into marketing and building a long term, profitable business through video marketing without spamming. If you need a good video software with dedicated support, check us out...
    We would love to have you join us!