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NEED Urgent Help!! ALL YouTube Players help solicited.....

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by King Beast, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. King Beast

    King Beast Newbie

    Sep 8, 2017
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    Hey Unknown Strangers!

    Lets just cut the crap and get to the point.

    A month ago i started a YouTube Channel.... You know with that 10,000 views threshold and stuff..... so i downloaded VidIQ...... For newbies like me it was just great!! I learned a bit of SEO,,, playing with keywords and thumbnails,,,,,,,,,,,, , but the main feature that i liked was it "USED" to point out the MCN of a particular video.... For those of you guys that dont know what that is..... in simpler words, it used to point out if a particular video has Copyright Claim on it or not.......... This was my own revelation after days of research and trying my luck!!!

    I was soo spellbound by it that i immediately put into effect on my channel the content that had no copyright claim since even those users cant claim it.... as it had huge bits of editing..... And this was my humble beginnings in the world of Online Revenue. To this day I have made 555 USD and still counting with 7000 organic subscribers. In One Month. And with Over 1.5 Million Views

    But then from about two weeks, VidIQ has removed or is not showing the MCN option for any videos. I tried SocialBlade but SocialBlade shows only the CHANNEL MCN and not the video MCN. Video MCN would be much useful as it will help us to know before even uploading IF we will get a copyright claim or not.

    Now during my expedition to find the answers to my problems, i came across this wonderful forum of generous online gold mine of information. So i thought what better way to make a start here than to tell other newbies my own experience on how to make money with a little bit of smartness.

    BUT for all this to work WE all need expert advice on how to find the mcn of a video or the copyright claim on an already uploaded YouTube Video?????? Can anyone pls help!

    If someone points out a viable way out.... i would be glad to point out my own exact way where you can Atleast make 500 usd per month for the use of others.........