1. T

    Monetized in only 5 months. What now?

    Hey guys. So I started a YouTube Channel about 5 months ago in the making money online niche because I had many video ideas and much motivation. One video started to blow up and got 10 k views that’s where my most subscribers came from. As soon as I hit 1k I bought watch time from a smm panel to...
  2. josephitodo

    Which video editing app is best for this

    Hello Kindly help recommend a slideshow maker app that i can use on my mobile Android device to create a video on YouTube like this one
  3. TrueMan

    How to bypass audio copyright on YouTube

    If anybody can help? Please
  4. Neilrichardson

    Looking for the best YouTube video converter!

    Hello, friends. Hopefully, you are well and good. This is my first post here and for a reason. Guys, I'm looking for the best YouTube video converter for my personal requirements. Although I found some suggestions (here), I don't know if these are the best r not. Have you any other suggestions...
  5. A

    Youtube + Cpa

    Hi , all try for some time youtube + cpa but to no avail. Today I did all the book and nothing . I made a fur video , I searched good keyorduri , I posted comments , and I put 1000 views on the video. Absolutely all for nothing. Do you have any idea what else I can do?? Excuse my English
  6. Mr Positive

    ⚡ Guide ⚡: ✅ How to earn from your videos without uploading them to YouTube ✅.| ❤️️$10 Only ❤️️

    Hi this is possibly the shortest BST ever. I am selling a Short guide (single page) on how to earn from your existing videos without the need of using YouTube. Yes, you read it right you can earn without uploading them to YouTube. This guide contains names of two platforms for you to register...
  7. rajsinhahyd

    One month shorts channel - This is the status

    How to monetize it? I got an offer from a buyer for 50 Dollars. Can I sell it for that price.
  8. Saif14

    good smm panel for boost youtube video

    hi guys can any one recommend good smm panel for boosting cpa video in youtube i try many panels but they are very slow
  9. Saif14

    question in cpa with youtube aged account method

    hi guys i have been work in youtube aged account method i bought aged yt acc and i have made cpa video then i upload it to yt then i go to the smm panel that i use, i bought HR views and likes and comments i get the likes and comments but they tell me that they send views in 24 h so my...
  10. georgejennings

    How to qualify for the YouTube Shorts Fund

    How to qualify for the YouTube Shorts Fund
  11. lokabosi1


  12. Aiden55

    Which is the fastest way to monetize YouTube channel?

    I am starting up a channel on YouTube and I'm looking for the fastest way to monetize this channel. Any suggestions or tips for beginners would be greatly appreciated. (Niche: health)
  13. Online Vulture

    YouTube Content ID claim method - A journey to prove if it's still worth it

    Hello everyone, Been here a while and never started a journey. I have had many in the past few years, but never got around to documenting them. I have mainly made my IM income through YouTube and AdSense, but times change and so do the rules. Hence why I am trying this method. I also run...
  14. R

    Hello, I am looking for a YouTube Live Streaming Ranking Expert.

    I paid over $50,000 for all panel sites. I have some knowledge. Find the right experts.
  15. N

    VPS for Social Media Account

    Hello, I hope this is the right place for this discussion: In a lot of threads it seems to be common advice to use a vps for your social media accounts. Especially if you have multiple accounts. This way, Google/Facebook/... won't recognize the connection. The requirements for such an vps...
  16. Mr Positive

    YtPro & Mr Positive | ⭐️ DFY Faceless YouTube Videos⭐️| ✅ Professional Keyword Research✅| ❤️Attractive Thumbnails❤️|⚡️ Engaging Script W...

    Team: @YTPro & @Mr Positive TAT: 21 Days From Ordering. Contact us: Payment Options: BTC, Payoneer, PayPal, Wise.
  17. H

    ISO Adult Actress's

    Can anyone recommend a site where I can hire Adult actresses to make some scripted videos for me.
  18. A

    Which name sounds good? Name suggestions

    Looking to launch a personal blog/ YT channel and social media accounts. Which name sound best (see poll)?. Also wondering whether it's better to use my name or to opt for a name related to the blog content?
  19. B

    Youtube Lyrics Channel Monetization

    Will Lyrics YouTube channel monetize?
  20. Fam

    MCN is asking me for a written permission

    Hii friends.. Hope you are doing well Let's get to the point, I applied for a MCN and they rejected me because I don't own the content of my channel. But they said if I have permission from the content owner, they can consider my channel for approval. This is the email response - Is there...