[Need] to bump negative keyword suggestions from Google Instant

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    Jun 19, 2012
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    Our company is looking for a knowledgeable professional to bump a ?company name + scam? suggestion from the second position whenever a user types our d/b/a name into Google. We have worked with reputation management ?experts? in the past who have claimed to use ?proprietary methods? for removing negative suggestions, but none of them have been able to follow through. Now that mTurk, fiverr and other crowdsourcing services are no longer highly effective at influencing suggestions (and since Google has begun infiltrating those services to discover which companies are attempting manipulation), is anyone aware of tactics that can actually WORK?

    We would love to find someone to undertake this task on a mostly pay-for-performance model, and would be willing to pay handsomely for sustained success. The goal is to remove the ?company name + scam? suggestion out of the top 5. Please reply or send a PM if you are interested and think you can help.