reputation management

  1. indianmojojojo

    Test our new ORM: Online reputation management service - Whopping 50 reviews for each member who qualify

    We need people to test our services and post reviews on our upcoming BST. We could use these reviews and case studies to build our sales thread. We'll write and post 5–10 reviews on these review websites that pop up when people search for your brand or website on Google. 50 reviews in total...
  2. indianmojojojo

    Buy Reviews for Facebook reviews, Host Advice, and Trust Pilot reviews | Review copies | Custom texts | Drip-feed | 18+ GEOs

    We are happy to restart review business on BHW again for Facebook, Host Advice and Trust Pilot Mojo' Facebook Reviews: 60-Day Guarantee: A Flat price of 4.5 USD per review No Password Required Just need your Place or Page Link USA, UK, CA, AU, EU and 18+ more...
  3. GringoMonkey

    My Online Reputation Management SaaS, Your Sales

    I have an extra business that I do not have enough time to handle sales for. It is an internal B2B SaaS that helps businesses with their online reputation through review management. Basically it enables businesses to ask for reviews. If the client leaves a 1-3* rating it is emailed to the...
  4. timmytwosteps

    SERPwoo alternatives for ORM?

    Hi all, I hope 2023 is treating you all well. Title says it all really. Work a lot in reputation management (ORM) and have been using SERPwoo for a few years - wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere? Does anyone have any alternative suggestions for software that is able to monitor all...
  5. dbs00 Collect Real Reviews from Your Customers on Autopilot. Get more REAL Reviews, More Sales How much is 1 real review worth to you? How many reviews did you manage to gather so far? How much easier would it be if you didn't had to rely on employees? How would your business be if you had double or triple that number of reviers? Just print some QR codes and...
  6. M

    Platforms for paid articles wanted

    Hey guys, We are looking for a list or overview of websites that publish positive articles about our company in return for payment. The sites should be in Germany and German-speaking. Price-wise, we are very flexible. Anyone who can help us, gives us tips or knows a site is welcome to get in...
  7. speedie

    [HAF] I need Reviews from this websites

    Hi guys, I am buying 50-100 reviews to boost the star ratings of my pages on these websites: Google My Business HotelPlanner I will pay $3 per review. The review must stick.
  8. H

    How can I setup One-Click "Allow" options to manage Google Business Profiles? (example inside)

    I want to easily allow business owners to allow me access to their Google Business Profiles/GMBs. I've come across an example below, which was a one-click button to "allow" access. Everything else I have seen it requires the businesses to manually allow access through their settings. How...
  9. G

    Looking for reputation manager to help me "push" down negative google search results/images

    Hello, A few years ago, my life was in turmoil, and I was making some really bad decisions (substances, man). Anyway, I've gotten clean, and all that, and now have an awesome job - but a friend of mine showed me that I still rank very highly for something wrong I did a few years back in the...
  10. D

    How to bypass the Yelp reviews filtering system by the best way?

    I post reviews for my client on Yelp here from India. I wanted to know what is the best way to post reviews on yelp that bypass it's reviews filter system? I posted few in past few days but most of them were removed. I tried different VPN (Which will be the best VPN for Yelp by the way?) but...
  11. BHopkins

    What's Working In ORM Right Now (June, 2020)

    It’s been some time since I’ve posted a strategy guide and I wanted to give you some real and practical tips on what is working right now (June, 2020). These are in no particular order. EMD’s Exact Match Domains (EMDs) are ranking as well as they ever have been. Some content, a couple pages, a...
  12. Tecnoloquitos

    Reputation management services

    Hello I have a client who needs to burry 1 bad news from googles first page. or even better delete the article. paypal payment only
  13. Andrew_tech

    Need Reviews

    I need someone who can post positive reviews for a company on and glassdoor
  14. K

    Reputation management

    In need of someone to help me with online reviews and reputation management. Need experienced person.
  15. timmytwosteps

    Reputation Management - Content Sources?

    Does anyone have (or can point me in the direction of) a list of publications/blogs/sources that work well for posting content in ORM cases? Or tell me how best to find/identify them? Cheers!
  16. C

    ORM Expert Needed - Bad Media Articles (Strong Links)

    Hi, First time poster, long time lurker. I'm looking for an ORM Expert who knows what they're doing. My brother has recently been released from custody (drugs charges) and wants to get on with his life but is finding it difficult to get a job. He has about 5 or 6 news articles on page 1 of...
  17. D

    How remove articles or links

    Hi Guys i'm looking for a help , someone ( i don't know who yet) to damage my business reputation, linked many directories to one articles that the press wrote about my business but is not a good article, this article was in the the 3rd page and now is in the 1st page , no only in the 1st page...
  18. C

    Hire a Fan Base

    (Sorry for my bad English) Is there a service out there that offers the support of fans on social media? Like a farm of members that can defend or support a narrative? This is for a reputation management client I have.
  19. timmytwosteps

    Online Strategy Surrounding Upcoming Business Lawsuit

    Broad question, looking for ideas/strategies and suggestions: What would you do (online) to protect and prepare yourself for an upcoming business lawsuit? How would you: - protect online revenue - prepare for potential keyword searches - offset potential reputation damage -...
  20. S

    Any successful ORM strategies?

    Anyone have ORM strategies / successes for corporate clients?
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