Need Strong Coder to Recode Submission Form on Site

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by ramtripper, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Hey bhw,

    Im looking for a strong coder who can make a solid submission form on my site.

    Mine is currently weak and relies on a php form which redirects back to the page where the form was submitted.

    The "thank you" is just a popup box made from javascript and after ok is hit, the site page goes to the formsubmit.php which redirects back to the page it was on.

    I dont like this for a few reasons:

    Can't track conversions as there is no thank you page and the form exists on multiple pages.

    If person doesnt press ok on the js thank you button or wait till site is fully loaded after redirect, info doesnt get sent to me.

    Im having trouble making fields required, so no fields are required :suspicious:

    I cant make the form dynamic, like if a person does something wrong (of course this will require the fields have requirements) like not type @ or . in email field, the form will have a msg that immediately notifies the user (popular feature in web 2.0's).

    These are features I want and need to increase and track my conversions. You can name a price and i'll be glad to pay aslong asitsreasonable.

    msg me here or pm me plz if youre interested. Thanks!
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    Have you checked the ones available at code canyon?. They have very cool customizable ones with on-the-fly ajax validation, php backend etc. Just search for "ajax php forms" or similar, most of the top rated ones cost between $3-$7 and work nice "out of the box".
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