Need someone to install Kaltura CE

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    Sup wit it blackhatters,

    I am willing to pay someone to install Kaltura CE. When I read the install guide located here:

    It it all sounds like Chinese to me. Im not even sure if this will work with my host, a reseller account with Hostgator.

    If this needs to be hosted on a virtual host as I suspect, I am thinking of purchasing one of these dedicated vps packages here:

    However when looking at the packages it gives you an choice of operation systems to choose from and since i know nothing about what os the Kalura guide is referring to, it would be best to have a look at that as well. Apparently a cpanel is also an option and extra cost per month at at this dedicated vps hosting. I believe if I am just using one of their hosting packages strictly to host my videos, I will not need a cpanel, right?

    Thanks, and look forward to your reply.
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