Need some one to explain clickbank to me

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by YoungGrasshopper, Oct 19, 2012.

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    Hey guys so I used clickbank before but then I kinda forgot about it until recently, I logged in and I have some sales. I just need someone to explain what all the columns mean under reporting and paychecks. For example for me under the debit column some of the sales show $1.00 does this mean the person got a refund? Another thing under the allowance it just shows $0.00 but for some the $0.00 are crossed out, what does that mean ? I would post a screen shot but I tried it and it comes out really small, Il try it again. The reason Im asking is Im looking to get back into clickbank as my account is still on CDR and I would like to try and get that money out. I figured Id just get back into it and not stop this time so I can scale it up :)
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    Because you haven't logged in for a while, they have started taking away from your account. First they start taking a dollar away from your account every pay period and then it increases more if you still aren't active. When you get your next sale, this will stop.

    CDR means that you haven't me the requirement to receive a check yet. You have to have 5 different credit card sales.