Need some help with Java JApplet - See post for offer

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    Hi everyone,

    This year I have rediscovered my passion for Java and feel I have become recently proficient at it; however, for the life of me I can't seem to get my JApplet working...

    What I am wanting is to have an object's image move in the JApplet - which has a background image. I am using buffered graphics and a Swing timer to try and get it moving. I have been able to get something similar working, but that involved using an inner JPanel class, which I have ben requested not to use. Basically, I want this image to move within the width/height dimensions of the background image - and also get more than one moving in there as well. If I can get this working, the rest of my project will be eqasy enough to complete.

    If you're able to help, the most I can offer you at the moment is a domain name from NameCheap that costs USD$3.50 or less (I have a NameCheap balance), and USD$3.00 via PayPal. I'll send you my project files, and an Illustrator file showing what I hope my finished project would look like.

    Thanks in advance! :).