1. Bozuyuk

    a software language for getting started

    i want to learn software languages, what language should I use to get started, Python is usually recommended to understand its logic. What are you suggesting?
  2. Cleanhustle

    Looking for someone to create an autoresponder

    Hello, I am looking for someone that can create an autoresponder for a spanish website, The project is simple add account/proxy and must respond to incoming messages and also shows how many will be sent and from which account. Thanks.
  3. Cleanhustle

    Looking for someone to create a autorepsonder

    Hello, I am looking for someone that can create an autoresponder for a spanish website, The project is simple add account/proxy and must respond to incoming messages and also shows how many will be sent and from which account. Thanks.
  4. Z


    i really want a cpa landing page to promote content locker so my question is what i have to learn in order to create one? i know nothing about java, css or html etc
  5. Z

    Who can change more underlying data for Android Qualcomm?

    I can change Qualcomm's underlying data, IMEI, BTMAC, WFMAC, SN, meid! But after I made the changes, I tried to register an app and was still detected to register in bulk. Is there any more data that can be changed?
  6. T

    [I can pay] [Only serious please] Virtual Camera in android ?

    Hi, sorry if I am not in the right section its my first post here, and i'm french so sorry for my english too :) I'm searching for creating a virtual camera in android, like OBS Virtual cam on windows, but on android, i explain: I need to replace the camera output stream to a virtual output, so...
  7. S

    OPEN AI Request/Response problem

    I am constantly getting an error when requesting data from the Open API GPT using Java, even after I create a new API. String openaiApiKey = "My API"; String model = "text-davinci-002"; String prompt = "Write an article based on the following article: " + article; String...
  8. Nikhil Shah

    Java function

    In Java, how can I "return" the swapped value of two integers from a function? class Solution{ static List<Integer> get(int a,int b) { a=a+b; b=a-b; a=a+b; //**What will be the return statement?** } } Is it necessary to return an object of some kind, containing...
  9. hreflang

    How to get 300,000 query search from google in 1 seceond for SEOs :((

    I want to creat google keyword rank tracker service for SEOs as a product. Now, If i have 100 user per month and they want to check 100 keyword daily per plan i should be able to do 300,000 Google searches per month. None of the apis worked for me and can't support this amount of searching. How...
  10. Badarod

    [JOURNEY] Mobile Apps Revolution

    Hi everyone I hope you all doing good , i'm posting this thread to help myself to get motivated to do what i habe to do in my business life. first of all i'm an android developer (java+android studio) i'm making money bybm developing a source code m, generating a lot of apps from it ,publishing...
  11. O

    Best languages to learn

    Hi, all i’m interested in getting started with coding. I am fascinated about how bots work. For example, Instagram bot, web bots etc. also website development is also something i want to get into. What languages do you recommend?
  12. O

    Electron not formatting UI correctly

    Hi all, I’ve purchased an instagram bot off a freelancer from BHW. Everything works perfect but the UI layout is all wrong. The developer says that it’s because the electron for jarva isn’t working. I used npm install electron --save-dev to download electron and it downloaded fine, is this the...
  13. davidsmurf

    Running a VM inside Android

    I'm coming up with ideas to fully automate a cellphone, I was able to do it connecting to my computer via adb. But now I want to do something more practical, running the entire automation from phone without the need for a computer. I tried doing this by building an APP, but unfortunately you...
  14. A

    How Does Clojure's REPL Maintain State in Java?

    Hello Everyone, I read online that Clojure uses the ASM library to generate JVM Bytecode, I also saw that Clojure has a REPL. I assume each line of code executed by the REPL is compiled into a Java class using ASM by this java compiler and then that class is loaded to execute the code. If this...
  15. Tiaxxx

    Push notifications in the Chrome browser.

    The Chrome Browser asks for approval to push notification. It is this little box that says: "[site name] wants to show notification Allow/Block" Could there be any way to automatically force such acceptance on website? Or possibly to facilitate acceptance in some other way? I am looking for...
  16. davidbuttler

    What are the java development tools a freelance developer should use?

    As a freelance developer, you should be able to create applications that are secure, robust, and portable. There are several licensed and open-source java development tools available in the market. Below are a few tools you can use: Eclipse: The tool runs on a cloud and is an open-source...
  17. davidbuttler

    Is there a future for Java development?

    India has become a popular destination for Java developers due to its wide array of applications. With Java, developers create tools, games, applications, software, and much more. Many Java programmers are slowly incorporating parts of syntax from newer languages into their code. Even if they...
  18. S

    Backdoor - Reverse TCP Connection From Android Apk / Java - Bash Script

    Hello guys, I rarely post in a forum, but this time I am forced to do it... the problem is weird... I am developing an app for android and now I need to make a reverse tcp connection through a bash or sh code, or otherwise, execute a bash script saved in some .sh file in file system. The...
  19. kimsin

    Display JSON data with Bootstrap 5 from Fetch API

    Dear All, I need someone to show me how to display fetched JSON data from the API endpoint to a Bootstrap 5 website. The structure is as follows: - Menu --> Categories --> Products --> [ List of Products ] Each product contains id, image, name, description and price. I can display all...
  20. D

    Looking for help to code my website!

    Hello! Im looking for someone that could help me with my website. I got the website template bought from internet, its a restaurant template with food ordering and delivering. i do have a lot of food in my menu. If im right website is runing on java,php. So i got some items wich comes with more...
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