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Need ideas or suggestions on how to monetize...

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by ninoclown, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. ninoclown

    ninoclown Newbie

    Feb 23, 2012
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    PhD Student
    Hey everyone, I have a collection of sound effects/bytes that I'd like to use in some sort of mobile app which I can monetize.

    I was thinking of some sort of ringtone/sounds app, but not sure if that's possible. All the ringtone apps I see are how to make your own ringtone.

    Is there a way to create an app that the user downloads and with the push of a button or two installs the sound bytes into the user's ringtones folder?

    Without going into detail of what the sounds are, I'll just say they are related to a celebrity and I know there is a giant market/following for them. I'm also not here to discuss any legal implications lol...let's just say for the sake of argument, I have permission to use them.

    Thanks for any advice!!