havent used it in years really why not?

google capcha are old know?

there a free one called exevil if you got xrunner that can do them i fort?
I'm on mobile so I won't look for the link, but GSA isn't planning on solving recaptcha 2.

Recaptcha V3 just came out... Hopefully the breakers are planning upgrades
v3 dam what are they?

is that when we got to continue finding diffrent picture captcha what said ,and then it verified?, is that v3
Do registration on one dating website/
Well, verify which captcha tech you need, see if there's a bot that supports it. Trial if there's one, if not, pay for a month to check results.

I really feel it's dehumanizing for people to do captchas... I'd avoid it if I can... And by not using it, hopefully I can drive the price up
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