captcha breaking service

  1. A

    free Ai captcha api solver

    Everyone these days, many of us need a tool to solve the captcha, so I searched the Internet until I found this site on one of the sites, and this site provides free captcha api, and I have brought you the api code. this the site you will need to download this tool...
  2. B

    [Free Review Copy]✅Free Trail with 1$ ⭐ NextCaptcha ⭐ The Next-Gen Captcha Solving Service | ReCAPTCHA V2-ReCAPTCHA V3 | ReCAPTCHA Mobile | FunCaptcha

    ✅Free Trail with 1$ ⭐ NextCaptcha ⭐ The Next-Gen Captcha Solving Service | ReCAPTCHA V2-ReCAPTCHA V3 | ReCAPTCHA Mobile | FunCaptcha | HCaptcha NextCaptcha: The Next Generation Captcha Solving Service is here . Welcome to experience hassle-free verification with our efficient and reliable...
  3. J

    Looking for help getting past google captcha

    I'm not sure if i'm posting this in the correct section..please forgive me if i am. I have thousands of emails i have to check and i have to also extract everything in those emails. the problem is google only lets you log into so many gmail accounts on the same ip address etcetc and if i use a...
  4. K

    Looking for cheapest captcha solver service

    Hello Everyone I am looking for captcha service primarily for hCaptcha and funcaptcha, can someone tell me what are the best captcha service and affordable also I will use them for web scraping and account creation
  5. N

    CapMonster.Cloud — Automatic captcha recognition service. Сaptchas: $0.3/1K ; reCaptchas: $0.6/1K

    For further questions please email us at: [email protected]
  6. M

    Services to avoid ReCaptcha

    Are there any services / proxy providers, that can emulate real user and avoid ReCaptcha? Captcha solving services is not an option, captcha shouldn't appear at all
  7. E

    Could anyone can do a bot for Youtube about page email scraper

    I need youtube influencer business email for developing... I will give the about page and the bot need to break captcha then give back the email address. Waiting for reply. Of course this is an paid work!
  8. Sandie2018

    Best captcha service in 2019

    Hi everyone, What in your opinion is the best captcha solving service in 2019? Thanks
  9. mancunian

    Supreme Traffic Bot - Support available? - Cpatcha doesn't work

    Anybody out there know how to get support for Supreme Traffic Bot as they still have not replied to my support ticket. STB does not work properly with captcha services ( I have tried a few) and so that massively reduces the number of clicks it can perform when searching Google. The software...
  10. Newbeeto


    hey blackhaters!!! can anyone plz help me on how to get rid of the annoying" :poop:I am not a robot:poop:" verification captcha??? I will be soooooo grateful :D:D thank you all
  11. KORO22

    Need help with Google CAPTCHA.

    What kind of service or software do you use to solve CAPTCHA from Google? Сracking of the CAPTCHA become quite difficult
  12. serpentofthelight


    **DIRT CHEAP CAPTCHA SOLVING SERVICE** Only $0.39 for 1000 Solved CAPTCHAs! Success rate of +90% About Us Cheap Captcha is one of the most competitive CAPTCHA solving services. We're revolutionizing the CAPTCHA Bypass business by offering a dirt Cheap service while meeting high quality...
  13. Alex456

    All In One Sollution - Backconnect, Dedicated, Shared Proxies + Captcha OCR

    Thread shut. Seller has links with multiple other accounts and has set up various sales threads disguised as competitors. This is not acceptable - I would advise you to avoid this service. --------------------------------------
  14. SEOmate

    2captcha $3.00 gift codes giveaway!

    Hey guys, everyone know everything about our service, we are captcha breakers! we have developed new method of a recaptcha solution, so we can give $3.00 gift codes to test the new method of a recaptcha solution with your softwares and bots. 20 gift codes availabled. Post there and i'll PM with...
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