Need Help with EXCEL Formula :D

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    Your smart - figure it out.
    I am trying to customize my CSV in Excel for a CPA offer spread.

    I have downloaded the CSV from network and need to subtract/divide the column that is currently containing my payout. I need to take the multiple each unique cell in the column so that my payout to my members is 50% less the total. Make sense???

    Example: My payout in cell 1 = $1, My payout in cell 2 = $2

    After formula..... Their Payout in cell 1 = $.50, Their Payout in cell 2 = $1

    IS this possible to take an entire column of 3K offers with different # and have each cell uniquely divided on it's own?

    Hope this makes sense! Thanks:D
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    If I understand correctly it sounds like you want to divide a cell by %50 but want to have the cell with the original data also be the cell with the new data. This cannot be done as far as I know. The data cell you are referencing cannot also be the cell you are putting your formulas in.

    I am going to assume that the reason you want to do this is that you dont want to mess up the original format of the csv you opened so you can just paste it in a sheet and get your answer without moving things around.

    Here is how you can do that.
    On a seperate tab on the sheet click in the upper most left of the sheet (a1) and press (=) without the brackets. Then go to the front tab that has your date and click the same cell(a1). This will pull cell (a1) from tab one into tab 2. Now click the lower right of the cell (The plus sign will pop up on (a1) in tab 2 and drag it as far to the right and bottom of the sheet to mirror all of your data on tab 1.
    Now keep in mind that you will still have to open your csv file in excel then copy and paste that data into the excel sheets first tab you created.

    Ok that is step one and is actually easier then it sounds. Step 2 is the formulas.

    In tab 2 click the cell you want to divide by %50
    A B
    1 CompanyA $2

    You will put this formula in cell b1 =SUM(Sheet1!b1/2). This will pull your payout from tab 1 (b1) and divide it in half and put it in tab 2 cell (b1). You can then copy this formula by pulling it all the way down to the bottom. Now whenever you you put your sheet into tab 1 it will update tab 2 on its own.

    On a side note. Keep in mind that your csv is a text file and cannot have tabs so you need to save this excel sheet as an excel sheet and the csv file will only be used to update this file. They cannot be the same file.

    I know this is detailed but I wanted to try and answer your questions before you ask. If you need any more help just PM me I am actually real good with excel and dont mind helping out another BH in need.