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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by shoaklirx, Jul 4, 2013.

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    Hi all, can someone help me solve this problem, if it can OFC.

    Im getting sales from somewhere but im noob with tracking and i want to know from where the sales are coming.
    in the Analytics it shows only the ID of the product , but if i want to know from which site or blog or YT video the sale is coming i cant track it .... so i can improve, to earn even more $$$.

    Im realy lost here lol....

    Im sorry if here is not the place for this thread.
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    use some link tracking service (with link shortner) on all of your links, that will help you know how many clicks you're getting from each place.
    Still you won't be able to get an exact match for every sale but it can help...
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    Add a clickbank tracking ID "TID" to your hoplinks. give every link a unique tid and keep a spreadsheet where and how you've used them.
    Something like YTC015L002K021 could stand for Youtube Channel 015, language 002, keyword 021

    Or you could get your own domain and use that to redirect links to hoplinks with a php script and do some tracking at the same time.
    I use a script that writes some basic stuff to a daily rotating logfile. vendor, HTTP_USER_AGENT, HTTP_REFERER, IP, etc. ect.
    You can also use 'dynamic tids' that way, change the TID in the hoplink to match the HTTP_REFERER before redirecting for example. (strip out any non alphanum chars first)