Need help with a microniche website please!:(

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    Aug 27, 2011
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    Ok so this week I've build a micro niche website with wordpress.
    What I did:
    I found a keyword with 50.000 exact searches and a competition of 24.000(intitle-inurl)
    I found another 5 keywords (as categories) with about 2000 exact searches and 4000-6000 competition each.
    I've written 5 articles + 1 article for the main keyword
    I put my main article as a static page
    I got an . c-0-m domain ,aprox. exact domain just added 1 in front like this:
    1Keyword . c-0-m

    I need some advice!!!
    1)Is the main keyword ok or it's to much cometition
    2) The site is new ,how many backlinks should I build?how and when?I was thinking on going to fiverr.
    3)Need some offsite SEO advice,social bookmarks?

    I am asking all this because the sites is in google since 3 days and ZERO visitors:(

    Any help is greatlly appreciate it!