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    A little background on myself: So for the past 2 years I have been part of what used to be a pretty big EDM blog named FromDJs4DJs.com. We were ranked one of the top 40,000 websites in the US and 3 on google PR. Unfortunately the founder of the site stopped caring and the site has gone to shit.

    I have been doing some research into starting a new website. I would start it off as an EDM site presenting todays new songs, featuring house, electro, trance, progressive, minimal, dubstep, drum and bass, trap.. etc. and then maybe move into other genres. But what I need help with is implementing system like eBay/Craigslist tailored for people buy new and used DJ equipment as well as selling niche oriented merchandise. I would want to have an auction/ buy it now feature where I would take anywhere between 5-10% commission.

    I'm going to be using wordpress and have been running into some trouble into what plugin can actually do this for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.