Need beta testers for new webmaster tool

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    I am here looking for a little help from the members of this forum.

    basically I need Beta Testers!

    In a nutshell my company is about 90% finished building a new software tool that we hope will save web professionals the world over from getting ripped of from bad clients ever again. (heres

    Out tool is called Site Bandit and we are hoping it will change how the web community deals with ?problem? clients once and for all.

    most web professionals eventually get a client that suddenly decided not to pay you? (Usually after you already did all the work on their website / project?) You know the sort of thing; they either ignore you completely or come out with some vague excuse why you shouldn?t get paid. This is usually accompanied by them locking you out of your own work by changing all ftp / hosting passwords on their site. Or they pay you, you hand over the work and then the check bounces or they pull the old credit card dispute routine and get their money back anyway?all while keeping your work?

    Sound familiar?

    Here at IMC we certainly have had our share of issues with clients and decided to build a tool that would tip the balance BACK in our favor, even after a client changed all hosting, FTP passwords etc to lock us out.

    That is why we created Site Bandit. Basically if your client locks you out of the site, disputes a credit card to get his money back or some other attempt to not pay for work you did, our Site bandit allows you to easily ?undo? all the work you did, simple as that, no FTP or back end hosting access needed. It?s all done via the front end.

    You just install our tool at the beginning of all new projects and hope you don?t need it. But if you do our tool lets you ?undo? or "retrieve" all your work done within your chosen date range?yup, just tell the tool when you where working on the site / project, then select what you wish to remove (files, database, or both) and hit ?undo? and that?s it, anything you worked on is gone.

    Now doing this will probably get your ?clients attention and (big surprise) NOW he suddenly gets in touch asking why the site / project is all messed up and how does he get it all back?

    Well here is the real beauty of our SITE BANDIT tool. Just before our tool ?retrieves? the items you?ve selected, SITE BANDIT also backs all those items up, zips them and lets you download them for safekeeping. So just wait for the phone to ring with your elusive client suddenly very willing to pay you.

    After your outstanding balance is paid simply access the SITE BANDIT tool again and use the ?restore? feature which is basically a simple file upload that allows you to restore the back up zip file as if nothing had happened and viola your client is back up and running, and more importantly you have been paid and can move on.

    So we are looking for beta testers from all parts of the web development spectrum to test our tool and tell us what you think, likes, dislikes, stuff we could add to improve it etc.

    For your time and effort we will happily give you a full copy of Site Bandit and fingers crossed? you will never need it.

    I don?t want to disrespect the forum and posts URLS, So I guess PM me and I will put you down as a tester