Need an education in e-Cigs.

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    First off, let me say I do not smoke tobacco, so I know nothing about it or e-cigs.

    I have a local client who uses e-cigs. She is so happy with it that she has decided to sell them online.

    I will be honest here, I tied to talk her out of it. She does not have the SEO budget for such a niche.

    She has decided to go ahead, creating a payment portal for friends and family to buy products. She plans to run the site on a word of mouth basis to let it age and gain steam. At some point she will push it as an IM site. I get the SEO.

    it falls to me to do the keyword research, find a domain name, and build the site.

    Can someone point me to a good primer about this market?

    I have done a lot of research, but mostly I am reading stuff from people who are involved with e-cigs and I do not know what they are talking about.

    This is what I understand so far, if I am right.

    The e-cig s really just a device that you use to "smoke" some sort of oil. This oil is made in various flavors. I assume you "load" the ecig with oil, and light it, then take a puff.

    I have also read discussions on batteries (is that to 'light" it with?). something called "vape" or 'Vaping" which may be vaporizing the oil. If so why vaporize the oil, or is that what you have to do to smoke it?

    I also want to learn the nomenclature of an e-cig rig and the use, so I can write intelligently.

    Can someone help me out with a source of information, or some first hand advice?
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    I don't smoke but I do know a bit about e-cigarettes. The e-cigarette is a smokeless device which is used to deliver nicotine into the body and also as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The e-cigarette uses the battery to convert the liquid nicotine into a vapour form, which can then be inhaled. It is used in the same way a regular cigarette is used (inhaling), and has a little LED on the end to replicate the look of a traditional cigarette when it is inhaled. The nomenclature for an e-cigarette would most likely be "electronic inhaler", but other names you could use for the e-cigarettes are: electronic cigarette, personal vaporiser, and electronic nicotine delivery system, although I personally wouldn't use the last two, as most people wouldn't know what the product was if you did use them. Not that long ago, I remember reading an article mentioning how the FDA is making an endeavour to limit or prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes on the internet because teens had begun buying them over the internet (as they do not contain tobacco, they are not regulated by current tobacco laws), so you might want to look into that before you create a website that sells them.
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    The basic idea is that people start with an Ego device. Its basically a rechargeable battery wrapped in metal with a top that you screw the part that holds the juice. The part that holds the juice can be different. And then you have a charger, basically a USB cable with the same top as the thing that holds the juice.

    As people get more advanced they buy what is called a Mod. That is a metal cylinder that holds a rechargeable battery. These come in basically two types. Mechanical or with electronics inside.

    Next is when people get really into it they start building the parts that hold the juice.

    That is a basic explanation. For the juice holder, there is a dripping method which is dripping a couple of drops onto an atomizer. That is what gets hot and you breathe in that vapor. Or you can use a clearomizer. The clearomizer holds more juice and has some type of cotton or other type of wick with a bunch of coils to heat the wick up and the vapor happens.

    To really understand this you need to try one and see how it works. Its very confusing at first. But the simple idea is that you have a battery that makes the liquid heat up and turn to vapor.
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    The easier way is to use a two-piece ecig, which is simple to use. The "white" part of the "cigarette" is a battery. The "filter" part of the "cigarette" (called a cartridge or cartomizer) holds the liquid and the electronics that turn the liquid into vapor. The cartridge screws into the battery and you "smoke" it like a regular cigarette, which is commonly called "vaping." When the battery runs down, you recharge it. When the cartridge runs out of liquid, you throw it away and screw on a new one. The more complicated three piece ecigs with cylinders, etc. - which have you put the liquid in yourself - are more versatile, can be more powerful and can let you use a lot more flavors, etc. - but they're potentially messier, more intricate and not as simple as just opening a pack of cigarettes and lighting up. That's why much more business is done in two-piece than three-piece ecigs.
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    Why not just do an e-cig CPA :)
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    E-cigs light themselves when you suck on them there is no heat.
    Smoke comes out as you breath it in from the end of the e-cig.
    I was going to go into that niche too but haven't.
    I know a really good guy that finds niches with 4,000+ EMS exact match searches and is avail .net .com or .org if you want him to find a domain for you it would cost $20.

    That's what I paid for my latest domain with him he has many tools.

    You have to have some sort of budget if you expect to get paid for the work you put into the website.
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    I'm not an internet marketing guru, but as far as I understand you are not allowed to sell e-cigs on amazon and ebay, plus e-cig ads are not allowed by Google or Facebook.

    Would love to see some more info on the subject for sure! Wondering where a person would even start with an e-cig CPA campaign..