Need a graphic designer for our Custom product Box. Accepting Quotes.


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Aug 22, 2012
I am in need of a graphic designer to create the artwork that will go on our custom boxes for our products. My company owns a vape company and we make e-liquid. I am in need of the graphics that will go onto our custom boxes

I tried attaching the box template that you (the graphic designer) needs to design our artwork over., but I will have to PM it or send by email.

The artwork needs to be in High Quality for print. 1200 DPI or very high DPI for print is what I am looking for.
The images that you use in the design need to be of super high quality or you will need to draw out the graphics and then vectorize them in Adobe illustrator.

The box company we are going with says vectorized images will be of best quality so this is what I am looking for.

Our theme: The theme of the brand is a 1950's travel poster style artwork brand, that features different parts throughout the world. So the artwork should look vintage and retro and incorporate bright vibrant colors and images.

Details of Box #1:

Front Of box: Should display an image of 2 men carrying another man up a large hill in a cabana. I have attached a picture of an image that is what I am looking for. The image I attached could be used but I am not sure if the quality of the image is good enough so this may have to be drawn and vectorized in abode illustrator. The front of box should include our product name. (Product name is "Taste of the Orient"). It should include the nicotine level of the product. How I envision the nicotine level being displayed is on RULER with a little tick mark on the ruler at the correct number representing the nicotine level.

Right Side of the Box:
All our warning labels and a barcode. Will send details...

Left Side of the Box:
A image of a passport that has been stamped to look like someone has used it to travel around the world.
This section should also have our website address as well as images of social media icons: twitter, facebook, and instagram
Our logo (which looks like a stamp that you get on your passport) should be displayed on the passport image as well.

Back of the box:
The back of the box will be a piece of a world map that looks like it has been painted with watercolor. (the piece of the world map will match up with the other boxes so that when you place the boxes together you see the whole image of the world map)

THIS IS MY IDEAS FOR THE FIRST BOX. I NEED 3 CREATED. THE OTHER BOXES WILL BE THE SAME AMOUNT OF WORK. Please send me a quote as to what 3 designs will cost to create, The time it will take to create them and have them delivered to me, I need to have unlimited revisions or a reasonable amount, and if you can PM me your phone number or skype so we can chat and I can show you a box i have from a competitor of ours that will give you a better idea of what I am looking for.

Okay waiting on PMS with pricing.
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